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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shabu Factory Exposed scenario, Send Goods Experiment Container's Wear Company Prepare and Commissioners

Batam is still a promising field for drug syndicates. After the manufacturer raided shabu-shabu by Police Headquarters a few years ago, this time drug syndicates trying to build a new network.

The syndicate was planning to make the PT Inti Sarana Perkasa, Batu Ampar as shabu-shabu factory. But the effort was not successful, after a successful line of Tema Poltabes kissed the plan. Some principals had custody.

Tema Kombes Kapoltabes Leonidas Braksan MM explained Batam had missed with the operation of shabu-shabu factory last year. Despite the discovery of shabu-making plan is, ironically Batam still be the target of an international drug network.

"The plan if the container could be sent, they would send another but also drugs tucked inside. The results of the laboratory's items into 500 grams of the type of psychotropic drugs, "said Kapoltabes with three roses on the shoulders of this.

Sat Drugs Poltabes range Tema securing of 500 grams (half a kilogram) of shabu warehouse PT Inti. Officers secured the three suspects during each Yos (23), Udin (50) and Anton (19) in the Nagoya area.

Not only shabu-shabu weighing half a kilogram, the police also seized marijuana and 10 packs 35 ecstasy pills. Members of this syndicate certainly not small.

Police smelled there are other players in Batam. Sure enough, the development of the three suspects, police arrested the alleged Boy owner is unlawful goods.

He was pinned in the Hotel Rezeki Batam, Nagoya Room 206 Sunday (8 / 12) around 22:30 pm. Boy's hand from the police seized a packet of shabu.

"I can of this stuff from Rudi. He lived in Pekanbaru. I do not know of it in the can from where. I usually can stuff through him. We took his own stuff in Pekanbaru, "said Boy.

Signal Recognition Through Track Boy became the basis police continued to hunt for a big drug dealer in Batam. Know if the airport in Pekanbaru, the police immediately seek Rudi position.

Not easy to get Rudi, the police had to use IT technology (Science Technology) ie through HP's signals to know where Rudi's position at that time.

HP signal it shows that Rudy has been residing in the Lotus No. 161 street boarding room number 35, Pekanbaru. Drugs ranks immediately surrounded the location of the program kos suspects.

Rudi finally not move slightly when police raided his boarding house. From the police seized the suspect's hand 500 grams (half a kilogram) crystal powder suspected to contain psychotropic exactly boarding room under his chair.

"Rudi admitted that the goods he had been marketed to Batam in the can of AB Malayasia citizens. AB is what has been supplying the drug through his henchmen named Rudi, "said Aries visible Kompol andhi Drugs.

Company Documents Police shocked by the discovery of documents from Rudi's boardinghouse. S document contains the establishment of PT Inti Sarana Perkasa is located in Batu Ampar. In the documents the company engaged in shipping services import export goods. The company also produces mineral fertilizers as base material for use shabu.

"I can take care of all tasks for the purposes of purchasing goods from the AB. That's just my job. I know that this item will make plans to make a shabu factory in Batam. Anton is komisarisnya, if Udin Director of the company, "said Rudi bowed sluggish.

Rudi is an AB trust people to plan a shabu factory in Batam. To eliminate the police suspicions, Rudi had put Anton and Udin position in the document to sit as a Commissioner and Director of PT Inti Sarana Perkasa.

Rudi was also ordered to them to take a shipment of 20 tons of mineral fertilizers in the port of Batu Ampar. This in itself indicated fertilizer as a preservative shabu-shabu. "We raided shabu-shabu goods from containers at the port of Batu Ampar," said visible Drugs.

It turned out that this shipment without the master list and PT Inti Sarana Perkasa also for not having Kepabean Main Number (NIK). The company also has not operated since the director and was first arrested komisarisnya (Udin and Anton).
Delivery of this mineral fertilizer was only this network strategy for mengkelabui officer. For behind the sacks will be tucked a bag containing drugs and narcotics from Malaysia headed to Batam.

Nagoya City Walk, Bugis Junction Concept Present in Batam

Batam had never gone to appeal as a local option to invest. If the first general electronics industry, Batam is now also started to become the primary choice to invest in the field of services, retail, culinary, and entertainment industries. These investment trends shift rapidly and both responded by PT Supreme Dawn Development, presented by the Nagoya City Walk, which is designed with the concept of nuance mall shop area of the modern shopping centers to adopt the concept of Bugis Junction Singapore. This concept becomes more interesting of course because it is presented in the main area of business in Batam, the Nagoya

Built with Edutainment complete entertainment facilities, and outbound hall arena, the arena will be presented a lot of games that sharpen the brain and challenging, so that will make people addicted and reluctant to go home. Also according to Dani, as the manager of ST Marketing Nagoya City Walk, this property has advantages not possessed by other shopping centers. "Therefore we dare to positioned themselves, and brought the slogan or tag line Nagoya City Walk, The Excitement in Here (The joy of here)" said Dani.

Until now, Nagoya City Walk continues still in the design stage, and began to carry out development activities and planning the concept of entertainment. However, some national stand already expressed interest in the Nagoya City Walk both those in the entertainment, food franchises, clothing, and other products.

In line with Dani, the President Director (President Director) PT Supreme Dawn Development, Adhi Kusuma said, Nagoya City Walk drafted into an area of natural character with a mall atmosphere. However, in Nagoya City Walk more enjoy, quiet atmosphere, and provide revolutionary new style (lifestyle) for a modern shopping center. That said, the city will focus activities in Nagoya City Walk this.

Nagoya City Walk was built in the area of 4 hectares with two blocks of 114 units of shophouses. The second block of this shop, each one facing the street and another side facing the city wide walk 9 to 12 meters. Commercial, built with three levels, where the second floor lobby will be built shophouses three-meter wide that connects this shop.

Later in the middle of the Nagoya City Walk will be built to resemble Central-Dome Amphitheater with an area of about 1000 square meters. Central-Dome at this, can do various activities that can accommodate 1000 visitors. Like the concert event, product launch even weddings can be.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pacific Palace Hotel Batam welcome the new year 2010 with the theme "One Night In Hawaii"

To welcome the new year of 2010 will be here soon, Pacific Palace Hotel presents a series of themed events, 'One Night In Hawaii ". According to Ryan Damanik as Sales and Marketing Manager at Pacific Palace Hotel, this event will display the nuances of style Hawaian beach, and it will be held right in the hotel lobby area.

"The whole concept resembles the Hawaiian area, his term tropical Hawaiian-style party that will feature a myriad of events and games to enliven the event" says Ryan. Ryan also says, in 'One Night In Hawaii to be held on December 31 starting at 19:30 will also be enlivened by the Grand Prize draw of One Night Stay at the Presidential Suite Pacific Palace Hotel.

Not only that Pacific Palace Hotel also has developed a series of events to make the evening more change this year different from the others. "We'll bring Hula Dance, which is typical of Hawaii, then there is fashion Show, Live Band, Sparkling Wine, Games, Lucky Draw and Fireworks show, so it was complete to pamper guests who want to celebrate the turn of the new years eve this time more impressive "said Ryan.

For the price of One Night In Hawaii, Pacific Palace Hotel set price of Rp 227,500 + + perpax. And the price include the item mentioned above. Like last year, Ryan admitted, this year's celebration will also take place lively and got good response from the guests and the community. "I think the price is comparable to what we give" he said.

And by the turn of this year, Pacific Palace Hotel implementing rate relatively low price to both regular visitors and guest walking. Prices for Superior Room is set for Ro 498 thousand, including breakfast for 2 people. You want the new year 2010 was in Hawaii? Pacific Palace Hotel place.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All Night Long Celebration Party on E Groove With Sexy DJ

Not E Groove name if it does not bring anything new in the arena this year warning turnover. Welcoming the year 2010 the so-called tiger year, E Groove again presents a series of events that would certainly shake up clubber Batam. "To change this year, starting at 21:30 wib, E Groove will bring something memorable. Different sensations will be felt visitors to the turn of New Year's Eve later "says Hurricane.

According to the Typhoons, pickles which will be held Thursday (31/12) it will display the DJ Sexy DJ Velly and Nou Property Band from Jakarta. 'They certainly would make the evening more lively turn of the year to regale music skills they possess, because these two performers have been tested in terms of performance on the stage "added Cyclone.

In addition will also be present as usual Sexy Dancer that will be more warm atmosphere and Merapi Band, a local band that has had a place in the hearts Clubbers batam. All of these treat drafted in such a way so that visitors through the night with the turn of this year a deep impression. In addition, continued Typhoon, E Groove also will present a series of exciting games and Lucky Draw. Of course for visitors and a record will get a bill most surprise or shock from E Groove.

And last but not least pull the carpet was a promo given by E Groove is promo buy 2 get one for Whiskey and for Black Label, Jack Daniel's and Chivas are given a discount of 20 percent. With the promo is expected to Batam clubber will be better able to enjoy this new turn of the year together with friends and those closest.

For the clubber Batam, seemed to get ready to attend and follow the entertainment circuit in the mat 'All Night Long Celebration Party' on e Groove, besides E Groove which have been formed image One Stop Entertainment Party has prepared everything for the smooth event. E Groove who had just celebrated the birthday of the 3 November will still deliver high-quality treats for the Clubbers. One of them is 'All Night Long Celebration Party' on e dhdukung okeh Groove which sponsors such co batamevent.com, Batam Post, Coca Cola, Hotel 89, Sijori Mandiri and Radio FM Batam Business Sing.

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Years 2010 Party in Jurassic Pub, With DJ Mesty and Sexy Brazilian Dancer

Jurassic Pub is Located in Batam city mate, served to welcome the new year party in 2010 with the theme "Crazy Color" you who like colorful things you probably already know to where to celebrate New Year's Eve, the pub certainly jurasic ..! with the colorful atmosphere would have felt excitement and fun plus a DJ on her present Mesty originating from the city of Bandung, this woman famous DJ beautiful and sexy ... with expertise as a Disc Jockey you'll be carried away by the pounding music in his play.
Besides Jurasic Pub will also show Brazilan Dancers, Crazy Girls, juggling on the spot ... and also enlivened by the neo fantasy band and dj Jay. You curious ..?? try to enjoy the evening at the turn of the year Jurasic Pub, you must be happy. see u guy's happy new years .....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nagoya Hill Shopping Center in Central City Batam

Nagoya hill that was her name ... Nagoya hill is the largest shopping mall and a pride batam city at this time. Nagoya hill shopping mall located in the crowded center of Batam City community, the grandeur and beauty of his building Nagoya hill got a high appeal to everyone who came in batam both local and foreign tourists the country would not forget to visit this mall.

Nagoya hill is the most complete shopping in batam, in which there are many booths or outlets ranging from food, clothing, accessories, sports facilities, hardware, furniture, electronics center, and other mobile phone. Food Street is a collection of cafes and local restaurants and cafe franchise like KFC, A & W, Godiva Bistro located in the deep and the front of Nagoya hill.

As the largest mall in batam several leading retail mall is also present in this. Like the Sun, Studio 21, Time Zone, Hypermart is also available in addition to entertainment venues such as billiard center, karaoke centers, pub. Nagoya hill also has a magnificent atrium so that is always used for certain events such as exhibitions, contests and various competitions. The Mall is also available wireles for you who like browsing. You want to visit batam? be sure to visit in Nagoya hill .....

Pacific Food Court

Pacific Food Court located in front of hotel building with coastal atmosphere.

Pacific food court serve assortedly of food dish from various region in Indonesia and also from foreign countries.

It's very suited for you which wish to relaxing with friends, your business partner and also with your family at the same time enjoy the beauty of sunset and accompanying with music oscillation by local artist.

Pacific food court open from 04.00 PM until 02.00 AM local time.

Pacific Discotheque "Entertaintment Centre"

Pacific Discotheque is the biggest disco hall in sumatera island, it can fill up to 3000 peoples in hall, and also as the trendsetter for clubbing in town.

The most spectacular and the exotic design is now standing to offer world class facilities and services in ship on land hotel.

Located in the city central with an easy access to the place of interest and splendid sea view over Singapore.

Enjoy our Live DeeJay performance, spectacular laser show, exotic dancers, the great attraction from our champion of bartender, and many more.... you like disco? his place here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The uniquely shape building with the greek mythology interior design is now standing and determained to offer world class facilities and services.

The hotel is well located of the business district, with well appointed rooms including Superior, Deluxe, Executive and Suites.

You can also enjoy the facilities including Grand Ballroom, Neptune Executive Lounge, Athena's restaurant & coffee house, Health club swimming pool, Belladona Holistic SPA and the Beauty Salon and many more.


We offer the great acomodation with the International class facilities and the greek Mythology interior design, include Superior, Deluxe, Junior suite, Classic suite, Palace suite and the President suite.

Hotel Rooms Facilities:

* Airconditioning
* Coffee / Tea Maker
* Hair Dryer
* Mini Bar
* Non Smoking Rooms
* Private Toilet and Bathtub
* Securely Safe Deposit Box
* Telephone
* High Speed Broadband Internet Access
* LCD satelite Television
* Complimentary Breakfast

Hotel Facilities

>> Pacific Grand Ballroom

Pacific Palace Hotel providing Ballroom, where the Pacific Grand Ballroom is the biggest and the most luxurious ballroom in Batam. It is an ideal venue for various banquet events such as wedding, seminar and birthday parties. The main conference hall can accommodate up to 3000 participants with the best audio visual equipments. Banquet team will provide professional assistance to ensure successful events.


* Round Table for 3000 pack
* Square Table for 3000 pack
* 3 wide screen projector
* Audio Visual equipment
* Wireless Internet Connection
* Private Toilet

>> Meeting Rooms

Pacific Palace Hotel providing meeting rooms for your business with different style including Board of Director, Class Room, Hollow Square, T Shape, U Shape and Theatre for meeting, conferences, and seminars.

Meeting Rooms | Standard Facilities:

- 1 pcs projector at least 2000 lumen with VGA cable
- 1 psc standing screen projector moveable
- 1 pcs white board
- 1 pcs flipchart with additional 1pack flipchart paper
- 1 set sound system
- 2 pcs wireless microphone shure
- 2 pcs board marker
- 1 pcs Hotel note pad and pen / pax
- 1 bottle of mineral water / pax
- 1 pcs sign board in front of meeting room
- 1 pcs reception book and reception table
- Wireless internet access point
- Candy on the meeting table

>> Athena's Restaurant

Athena’s is our signature restaurant. You may take this best moment with your business partner, family and friends. Athena’s restaurant provides Western, Asian and local favorite food.

Athenas Restaurant also including wireless Internet connection facilities.

>> Golden Palace

>> Neptune Lounge

Indulge yourself with Samaria Acoustic entertainment while enjoying your beverage at Neptune Executive Lounge & Bar.

>> Health Club

Enjoy our outdoor swimming pool complemented with fitness centre, plunge pool, aerobic room, pool bar, sauna and steam facilities.

ADORABELLA Holistic SPA & Beauty Salon - Relax, refresh and rejuvenate yourself with our various treatments, including full body massage, foot reflexology, facial treatment, therapy and other services.

>> Pacific Food Court

>> Entertaintment

- Pacific Discotheque
- KTV/VIP Rooms

Reservation And Information :
Jln. Duyung Sei. Jodoh Batam Island Kepulauan Riau - Indonesia 29432
Telephone : +62 778 421111 Fax: +62 778 469799

Holiday Inn Resort Batam Promotional Rates ("From SGD 92")

Waterfront City
Batam 29422
Hotel Front Desk: 62-778-381333 | Hotel Fax: 62-778-381332

The Holiday Inn Batam is the only all suite luxury accommodation in Batam. Ideally situated just minutes away from the Waterfront City Ferry Terminal and a short ferry ride from Singapore.

The ultimate height of pleasure comes in the form of the Holiday Inn Batam's award-winning Tea Tree Spa. Sooth your mind and body with a selection of signature spa packages at one of 14 spacious Balinese-styled couple villas or individual treatment rooms.

Spread across 3.4 hectares of open space and lush greenery, each of our 235 premium suites features a private balcony and guests can choose from spacious one or two bedroom suites, all elegantly furnished and equipped to provide unmatched comfort.

When it comes to leisurely activities, guests of all walks of life are spoilt for choice at the Holiday Inn Batam. The Panda Kid's Club offers families a real treat.

The Holiday Inn Batam's selection of six restaurants and bars, offers a variety of cuisines from around the world. For the business traveller, the Holiday Inn Batam's multi-functional Meeting rooms complete with a variety of options for corporate meetings, functions, and events, supported by 24-hour business centre and a dedicated concierge.

Whether you are a family with children or a corporation with a team of employees, the Holiday Inn Batam has the facilities and activities to ensure that your trip is one you'll never regret making. Come experience world-class hospitality infused with traditional Indonesian island charm!

Room Facilities

* Air Conditioned
* Bathroom Telephone
* Iron
* Mini Bar
* Radio
* Kitchenette
* Room Service
* Wake-up Service
* Safe Deposit Box
* Hairdryers Available
* AM/FM Alarm Clock
* Sprinklers In Rooms
* Coffee Maker in Room
* 24 Hour Room Service
* Modem Lines in Room

Hotel Facilities

* Babysitting/Child Services
* Concierge Desk
* Cribs Available
* Currency Exchange
* 24 Hour Front Desk
* Parking
* Security
* Laundry/Valet Services

Dining & Entertainment

* Bar/Lounge
* Restaurant

Sports & Leisure

* Golf
* Outdoor Pool
* Outdoor Tennis
* Gymnasium
* Tea Tree Spa
* Snooker or Pool
* Panda Kids Club
* Fitness Center with Jacuzzi and Steam

Meeting Facilities

* Fully equipped Bussiness Centre
* Ballroom with meeting facilities

Check-in time 1400hrs
Check-out time 1200hrs

Holiday Inn Resort Batam is the only all suite luxury accommodation in Batam. Ideally situated just minutes away from the Waterfront City Ferry Terminal and a short ferry ride from Singapore. Holiday Inn Resort Batam is about 45 minutes by ferry service departing from Singapore Harbour Front Centre (formerly World Trade Centre) and 500 meters from Waterfront City International Ferry Terminal to Holiday Inn Bataml. Shuttle bus service from Waterfront Ferry Terminal available on every ferry timing. Just 35 minutes drive away from Batam Airport. Travelling time to Nagoya Town Centre and Batam Centre takes about 30 minutes drive.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I Hotel Batam- 2 Days / 1 Night Honeymoon Package "Deluxe Room" US$145.00/Night

With the fast-paced lifestyle that comes with today’s modern world, more and more people are looking for that ideal place to set their all-important meetings and conferences. I Hotel offers just that - a venue for corporate meetings and conventions with a relaxing ambiance.

Set in the scenic island of Batam, Indonesia, I Hotel is an integrated hotel and apartment specially designed for daily and long-staying business travelers in mind.

This modern hotel in Batam provides executive guests with comfortable and spacious accommodations including 4-star facilities for meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions (MICE)

Purely corporate, purely conducive

Fit for executives on the go, every room at I Hotel in Batam offers guests all the comfort they need while they are on business. Warm and inviting, the hotel boasts of 165 rooms, including suites and apartments equipped with modern amenities to ensure guests of a hassle-free stay.


Different choices for different lifestyles

More spacious than other hotel rooms in Batam, accommodations at I Hotel exude warmth, comfort, and serenity. Whether they choose to stay in a Superior or Deluxe room, Suite or Studio Apartment, Executive or Deluxe apartment, guests are assured that their stay will be as relaxing and worry-free as possible. I Hotel in Batam also has 12 one-room apartments and three (3) deluxe apartments. And as part of its value-added service, the hotel also offers long-stay rates that guests can avail.

With so many furnished rooms to choose from, there is no doubt that I Hotel is the best place for business travelers.

All I Hotel rooms have:

* Air-conditioning
* Coffee / Tea maker
* Daily newspaper
* Hair dryer
* Mini-bar
* Non-smoking rooms
* Private toilet and bath
* Room safe
* Telephone
* Broadband Internet access
* Flat screen 29-inch TV
* Coffee table and easy chair
* Bathtub
* Complimentary breakfast

Whatever’s your whim,ihotel has just the room to satisfy your need.

Superior Room

* 30 m²
* Choice of king or twin bed
* Complete with internet facilities
* Coffee / tea making facility
* Minibar
* In-Room Safe

Lowest Rate at
United States Dollar (USD) 70

Deluxe Room

* 38 m² of elegantly designed furniture with model
* Broadband internet access.

Lowest Rate at
United States Dollar (USD) 78

Breakfast for 2 is valid for single and double occupancy.

Rightly professional, rightly functional

Providing a wide range of corporate venues for business executives is what makes I Hotel in Batam unique. Conference facilities, large ballroom, two (2) meeting rooms, and wireless hotspots within the hotel are some of the facilities and services that we offer.offer.

Hotel Facilities and Services

Balancing work and play

I Hotel specializes in providing corporate venues for business travelers in town for meetings, conferences, or seminars. Two (2) meeting rooms equipped with the necessary facilities, as well as a ballroom with a capacity of 1,000 persons, are readily available for business guests to utilize.

This charming new hotel also understands the need for relaxation after a busy day at work. That is why I Hotel Batam has provided a wide array of leisure and entertainment choices for guests to choose from. Taking a dip at the swimming pool, savoring the delicious food at the hotel’s two restaurants, or singing a tune or two at the karaoke lounge can be welcome distractions for business guests.

We are proud to ensure you of your safety when staying at I Hotel, as we have installed state-of-the-art safety features, like smoke detectors, sprinklers and hydrants that are in compliance with international standards. You will also be able to use the lifts in case of emergencies, as all our lifts’ cables are fire-retardant.

All of our Passenger Lifts and Service Lift are all fitted with fire retardant cables, which enable them to work during emergencies. Our centralized fire system and CCTV, meanwhile, will ensure that you have a comfortable stay with us.

Additional Facilities

* Spa
* Gym
* Sports bar
* Coffee house (open 24 hours)
* Two lounges
* Wireless hotspots in the lobby and all F& B outlets
* Ample parking space (100 parking slots)

Services Offered

* Concierge
* 24-hour security
* Complimentary parking
* Aerobics classes
* 24-hour room service
* Monthly “Thank You” party for long-staying guests

ihotel View Gallery

Hotel Location

I Hotel is strategically located in the popular district of Nagoya in Batam, Indonesia. It is situated next to a brand new hypermarket and shopping center. The hotel is also near Nagoya Hill and a new ferry terminal in Batu Ampar. I Hotel is just six minutes away from the ferry terminal, 25 minutes from the international airport, 10 minutes from Batam Center, and 30 minutes from golf courses by car. This advantageous location makes the hotel the ideal choice for business guests.

I Hotel Batam is only minutes away from Batam, Indonesia's finest and most popular:

* Shopping Spot: Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre
* Commercial Districts: Nagoya Center, Batam Center
* Food and Entertainment Districts: themed restaurants, pubs, clubs, karaoke lounges
* Transportation Choices: ferry terminal, Hang Nadim International Airport, taxis

Location Address

I Hotel
Jl. Teuku Umar
Bukit Nagoya
Batam 29432

Location Map

Jumbo satay, is the mainstay Typical Culinary Batam, Supporting Visit Batam 2010

As the name implies, does offer Jumbo Satay specificity in terms of size of the satay. This culinary distinctiveness more special when it hit Jumbo Satay on the tongue. Satay Jumbo proved that not only special in size, but also has a distinct flavor that will not be felt from other satay.

Because only one in Indonesia, Jumbo Satay is a unique culinary Batam which can only be found and enjoyed in the city of Batam. Therefore, if the loss would be visiting the Batam but have not stopped by the Golden Land Simpang Pujasera Kara Batam Center, where the location Jumbo Satay

Owner and manager of Jumbo satay, Biesan presented with the special offer, be ready to succeed Jumbo Satay Visit Batam 2010 which relied on Batam City Government. Satay Jumbo will make visitors or domestic tourists and foreign tourists have visited do not regret this beloved city of Batam.

Jumbo Satay can rely on to pull in tourists visiting Batam, because the sate is international cuisine that in fact has been recognized by the world community. Jumbo Sate will provide sensation and special memento after the tourists coming to Batam "Sate may also known as the steak abroad. Satay Jumbo is from Batam and only available in Batam. We expect her typical can-Jumbo Satay can lure tourists come to Batam again. "Said Biesan, the creator of a brilliant idea this Jumbo Satay.

Jumbo Satay Biesan want to cirikhas Batam, therefore, as a manager, Satay Jumbo will not be opened outside the city of Batam. Whether it's own management or francise. In the future, Jumbo Satay will open strategic places in Batam. In order to reach more customers and Jumbo Satay characterized as typical culinary Batam.

End of Year Bazaar in Ocarina "Marketing Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises"

End of Year Bazaar in Ocarina "Marketing Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises"

For your small business and micro or street vendors, take advantage of opportunities once the holidays end of this year to reach an unlimited profit.

Whatever type of business may be, whether works of art, food, fashion, or others could participate. Lusi Efriani, builder of SMEs under the auspices of the Riau Islands Apindo Tribune said, the potential benefit of SMEs actors very open.

"The reason the rent rates in the bazaar is quite cheap compared to big business booth at Ocarina. Rent USD 100 thousand per day, or approximately USD 900 thousand during the bazaar. Compare rent a big business in the same place, reaching USD 500 thousand per day, "said Louise last weekend.

Bazaar booth position dealing with children or a game park closer to the location of the parking lot. The visitors who go to the item and of course through the location of the bazaar. Each booth bazaar has 2 amperes of electricity facilities, access card entry and security 24 hours nonstop. According to Lusi, bazaars bersempena end of that year with the first anniversary Ocarina.

A number of important agenda for the exhibition will increase the number of visitors. Including opening and marching band competitions, nostalgic musical performances, poetry reading competitions, art performances "Asep Sunaryo", kite festival, magic show, music festival, rave party and the party of the new year.

Since the end of a long holiday for school children, the crowd at the object is definitely larger than normal days. Moreover, in Ocarina currently no new recreational facility, which is a busy water park visited every day.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brief history of Kota Batam

Batam city was one of the city in Riau Islands province. Batam is an island strategically located because it is located in the international shipping lane. The city is also so close to the State of Singapore and Malaysia. Batam is one of the fastest growing cities in Indonesia. When it was built in the early 1970s the city was only occupied about 6,000 residents, but now has a population of 713,960 inhabitants.


Batam island was first inhabited by people called the people wilt strait since the year 231 AD. The island had a field Admiral Hang Nadim struggle against these invaders used by the government in the 1960s as a petroleum logistics base in Pulau Sambu. In the 1970s, with the initial purpose of making Batam as its Singapore Indonesia, in accordance Presidential Decree number 41 year 1973, Batam Island established as a working environment in industrial areas supported by the Industrial Development Authority Batam Island or better known as the Batam Authority Board (BOB) as a driver of development With the rapid development of Batam Batam Island, in the 1980s, according to Government Regulation No. 34 year 1983, Batam districts that are part of the Riau Archipelago district, upgraded to the status of the Batam municipality has the task of running the government administration and social and development conducted mendudukung Batam Authority. In the era of reform in the late decades of the 1990s, by Act number 53 of 1999, the Batam municipality administrative changes to the status of autonomous region of Batam City Government to carry out the functions of government and development by including Batam Authority Board


The town is part of Riau Islands Province has a land area covering 715 km ² or about 115% of the territory of Singapore, while the total area reached 1.570.35 km ². Tropical Batam with an average temperature of 26 to 34 bderajat Celsius. The city has a hilly terrain and berlembah. The land of red soil is less fertile.

City boundaries Batam:

* In the north border with Singapore and Malaysia
* South side is bordered by County Daik-Lingga
* East side borders on Bintan Island
* West side is bordered by County karimun

Ethnic Groups

Batam City community is a heterogeneous society composed of various tribes and groups. Some of the dominant tribes are the Malays, Minangkabau, Batak, Makassar, Java, Flores, Tionghoa and others. With the cultural guidelines and uphold melayu Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, Kota Batam be conducive to mobilizing economic activity, social, and cultural politics in society. Until the year 2006, Batam has a population of more than 700,000 lives and has a population growth rate was stable. In the period 2001 through 2005 have a population growth rate averaged 6 percent per year.


Islam is the religion of the majority in the city of Batam. Raya Batam mosque located in the middle of town, adjacent to the square, the mayor's office and the office of the Parliament became the symbol of religious Batam. Christian and Catholic religion is also shared by many Batam community, mainly originating from the Batak ethnic and Flores. Buddhism embraced by most Middle Kingdom. Batam has a monastery is supposedly the largest in Southeast Asia, the Vihara Duta Maitreya.


Indonesian (wilt) is used as the medium of day-to-day. Regional languages are also used by the residents who come from other areas, such as language Minang, Batak language, Javanese, Makassar, and also Tionghoa language. This happens because such is a lively place to meet various tribes


Batam city's economic growth is higher than the national economic growth rate makes this region hyper mainstay for economic growth nationally and for the Province of Riau Islands. Various sectors of the economic drivers include communications sector, electricity sector, water and gas, banking sector, industrial sector and over the ship, trade and services sector is the economic pulse batam city that not only is the public consumption Batam and Indonesia, but also a commodity exports to other countries . The existence of economic activities in the city is also in order to increase employment and welfare of the community. Municipality of Batam as the Batam city development officials together the House of Representatives and the City of Batam Batam Authority Board's participation in the continued development, is committed in promoting investment and economic growth in Batam, this is evidenced by the memorandum of understanding these three agencies, which then City development is expected to create a sustainable Batam. Batam, along with Bintan and Karimun now status as Special Economic Zones (KEK). With this expected to increase the investment in Batam that ultimately aimed to improve the welfare of society.

Government Mayor
In realizing the democratization of governance and sustainability in the city of Batam, in January 2006, held elections deputy mayor and mayor of Batam. Through the process of an orderly and safe, then the elected and the establishment of Drs. H. Ahmad Dahlan and Ir. Ria Saptarika as Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Batam period 2006-2011.
Area Subdivisions

Batam City consists of twelve districts, namely:

* District Batam City
* Sub Nongsa
* Sub Bengkong
* Sub Batu Ampar
* Sub Sekupang
* Sub Belakang Padang
* Sub headdress
* Sub Sagulung
* Sub Galang
* Sub Lubuk Baja
* Drum River District


City of Batam has many public and private schools ranging from elementary to high school level. State Universities in Batam is a Maritime University Raja Ali Haji (Umrah). In addition there are many private colleges such as Batam International University (UIB), University of Batam (Uniba), STIE Ibn Sina, STT Bentara Persada, University of Riau Islands (Unrika) etc..

Access to Batam

Access to the City of Batam can be done through the air and sea. Through the air, Batam can be reached through Hang Nadim International Airport serves direct flight route from many cities in Indonesia, like Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Padang, etc.. Batam also has four international ferry ports that connect it with Singapore and Malaysia

Barelang Bridge which connects the island and the island of Batam Rempang and Galang island

Batam City as a tourist town, serving various forms of tourism facilities and coastal marine tourism, arts and cultural attractions, shopping, tourism and economic conferences, and humanitarian travel. Supported by the availability of hotel and resort facilities with an international-class standards and the various events organized in the Calendar of Batam City Tourism Activities that are expected to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of domestic and foreign tourists visited the city in Batam.

Tourist attractions in Batam:

* Barelang Bridge (Icon City Batam)
* Former Vietnamese refugee camp on Galang island
* Beach Nongsa
* Beach Melur
* Beach Sekilak
* Beach Marina City
* Cape Pinggir (there is a statue of Goddess Kwan-Im giant)
* Various international standard resort facilities include a hotel, golf, etc..

Attractions Shopping:

* Complex Nagoya
* Complex Jodoh
* Mega Mall
* Nagoya Hill Mall
* Batam City Square (BCS) Mall
* Diamond City (DC) Mall
* Lucky Plaza (HP Sales Center)
* Mymart (Center for Computer sales)
* Etc..

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