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Monday, December 21, 2009

End of Year Bazaar in Ocarina "Marketing Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises"

End of Year Bazaar in Ocarina "Marketing Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises"

For your small business and micro or street vendors, take advantage of opportunities once the holidays end of this year to reach an unlimited profit.

Whatever type of business may be, whether works of art, food, fashion, or others could participate. Lusi Efriani, builder of SMEs under the auspices of the Riau Islands Apindo Tribune said, the potential benefit of SMEs actors very open.

"The reason the rent rates in the bazaar is quite cheap compared to big business booth at Ocarina. Rent USD 100 thousand per day, or approximately USD 900 thousand during the bazaar. Compare rent a big business in the same place, reaching USD 500 thousand per day, "said Louise last weekend.

Bazaar booth position dealing with children or a game park closer to the location of the parking lot. The visitors who go to the item and of course through the location of the bazaar. Each booth bazaar has 2 amperes of electricity facilities, access card entry and security 24 hours nonstop. According to Lusi, bazaars bersempena end of that year with the first anniversary Ocarina.

A number of important agenda for the exhibition will increase the number of visitors. Including opening and marching band competitions, nostalgic musical performances, poetry reading competitions, art performances "Asep Sunaryo", kite festival, magic show, music festival, rave party and the party of the new year.

Since the end of a long holiday for school children, the crowd at the object is definitely larger than normal days. Moreover, in Ocarina currently no new recreational facility, which is a busy water park visited every day.

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