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Monday, January 25, 2010

Thrive Billiard & Futsal Center, Extend Opening Hours

Pool is a favorite game of all circles, even for some of the billiard has become a lifestyle. Because of high demand by various segments of this society, no wonder why the place is always crowded billiard billiard fans attend from morning till night. In response to this, Thrive which has started operations four months ago, starting on January 20, 2010 opened at 12.00 am until 02.00 at night

"Previous open at 4 pm, now we are open early. Since the grand opening, a fan community response billiard game well enough, and because the facilities and services provided, some of which are already a member. To further maximize the service
for all people of Batam, we opened earlier operating hours of 12 o'clock in the afternoon, "said Bram, Manager Thrive Billiards & Futsal Center.

Thrive Billiards & Futsal Center is located at Jalan Yos Sudarso, side Pom Baloi gasoline pool is also impose packages at happy hour from 12:00 to 19:00 pm. With only Rp 100 ribu, players can enjoy the facilities Billiard Thrive with free soft drinks from Monday to Sunday. If it does not take Packages Happy Hour, tariffs for daytime Thrive provides cheaper rates Rp 28 ribu. Whereas for the night at 07.00-02 night Rp 33 Ribu. For the member will be given 10 percent discount.

Happy hour applies to areas of the hall with 12 tables facility, in addition to that there is room plus 1 VIP room with karaoke and darts games, there are three billiard room Lago, where all equipped with free hotspots. "We offer a package of individual and corporate, are also special prices for students and college students. Selangkapnya can visit Thrive, "said Bram. Players are also offered following the weekly event with registration of Rp 30 Ribu with the first prize winner Rp 700 Ribu, then, Rp 400 Ribu, Rp 200 Ribu and Rp 100 Ribu.

Not only can enjoy billiards facilities for soccer enthusiasts in the room aka futsal, Thrive also provide special pricing to students who only Rp 80 Ribu / hour at 08.00-17.00 o'clock. For general Rp 100 Ribu per hour.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Januari Glamour Party in E Groove Pub Batam

E Groove Pub started the year again for the event dedicated clubber on Friday (22/01) yesterday, the 'January Sexy Party'. "“Januari Glamour Party”, party and event Farewel nou property will be replaced by D 'Java, a band from Bandung that has formations 4: 1, means 4 vocalist vocalist girls and 1 boy" said Topan, Hotel 89.Selain band D 'Java already has a Cleaner flying hours,' “Januari Glamour Party” 'will feature DJ Goddess of Makassar.

Mat “Januari Glamour Party” will also be enlivened by a variety of promotion given by e groove like buy two get one for whiskey, while the black label, jack Daniel's and Chivas given 20 percent discount. "Surely it is a complement promo for Batam cluber who want to spend the night in an e groove" added Topan.

Meanwhile, for D 'Java, a band that will replace the Nou Property band, which has provided treats for 3 months in an e groove, is a band that has had a high flying hours and has appeared in a number of caf├ęs in major cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya . Bali and some areas in Eastern Indonesia.

Not only treat the music and DJ Performance, e groove that has existed for 3 years will also bring a variety of games and quizzes in the “Januari Glamour Party”. "Surely every event is organized by the e groove will be held a variety of prizes" says Hurricane.

“Januari Glamour Party” to begin at 21:30 and is supported by the LA light, tebs, Hotel 89, batamevent.com, Batam Pos and Sing FM Radio Batam.

Clipper Round The World Yacht Race 09-10, Batam Pit-Stop Stage 5

A total of 10 teams from various countries competed 'Clipper 09-10 Round the World', sailboat racing event which started and ended in Humberg, United Kingdom (UK). All ten teams with the crew of the 180 people covered a distance of about 40 thousand miles. The mechanism of this competition by Ricky Tjong, Deputy General Manager Nongsa Point Marina (NPM) Resort, held for 10 months with the start and finish in Humberg UK. "This year is the third time, which the NPM as one of the Pit-Stop, I hope this event continues to walk in the following years, and we should be proud of Batam can be used for Stage stops next" Ricky said.

On Stage to the fact 5 is scheduled to pass by the participants at the January 19th date, was forced to moved forward two days due to weather reasons that are not friendly. "Should the group with the number 10 team is scheduled to arrive diperairan Batam, precisely in the NPM on January 19 next, but with bad weather reasons brought forward to January 17 yesterday. We all participants was preparing for the next Stage to China which will start from NPM on Saturday (23/01).

Ricky added, biennial event 'Clipper Round The World' will be scheduled in the national tourism calendar. "This has got support from Batam City Tourism Office, so next year likely will be attended by Minister of Culture and Tourism" Ricky said. In Stage 5 with the NPM to the Pit-Stop, timCape Breton Island, participants from Canada, performed brilliantly. The team is commanded by a captain in January was successful Ridd finishing touches to Stage 5 in the strait to Singapore at 09.14 wib week (17/01).

Despite allegations of Cape Breton Island, successfully beat a tough team from Australia, the Australian Spirit, which touched the finish line at 09.29 wib or 15 minutes after the Cape Breton Island. Participants of the 3 who came to the finish line is the Lightning Bolt Jamaica Jamaican origin who arrived in Singapore straits at 12:59 wib, then followed by the 7 other participants. The whole team is back in yacht NPM to rest.

On the other hand, Turi Beach resident manager, Tommy Susanto who contacted via phone states, while in Batam, all participants who numbered 180 people will be staying at the Turi Beach Resort. During the six-day stay, the participants will be taken to several tourist attractions in Batam.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

20% Discount Until End of January at Julia Jewelry

Julia Jewelry, franchise outlets that provide a wide variety of white gold jewelry, give promo 10 percent discount all items, except the chain and the item labeled best buy. Besides Julia Jewelry is also still present a year-end promo 20 percent discount for certain items.

"Julia was introduced promo 20 percent discount, which was launched late last year, discount carpet was held at the end of last year and was extended until the end of this month" says Janet, Julia Jewelry Jewelry Advisor Top 100 Penuin.

Circuit Julia Jewelry jewelry collection have become more varied. Items such as wedding rings, bracelets, chains, earrings and various other jewelry is presented with the latest designs and models. White gold levels in Julia Jewelry has the best quality, ie 750 white gold. "This is the highest level for this type of white gold" said Janet.

For after-sales service, Julia Jewelry warranty and service forever "warranty service is valid forever and throughout Indonesia" said Janet adds.

Until now, Julia jewelry has 36 branches throughout Indonesia, in Batam Julia jewelry has 2 outlets are in the Top 100 Penuin and at Nagoya Hill. And by February this jewelry she plans to launch a new program that was prepared for the moment valentine ..

Palazo Garden, Buying House Furniture Voucher Up Can Rp.6.000.000

PT Taifu Development located in Palazo garden complex, Kampung Belian Hoedspruit give special promotion this month, the buyer housing Palazzo Garden in Batam Center. Purchasers get a voucher, which can be used to purchase various kinds of furniture to complete all their household needs. "Vouchers are available worth Rp 3 million to Rp 6 million," said Heriyanti, Marketing Palazzo Garden.

Knowing how much nominal vouchers that will be obtained, depending on how the payment from the buyer. Hard cash, direct voucher worth Rp 6 million. While for installment payments gradually 2 years and 3 years to get a voucher worth Rp 3 million. "Gift vouchers are very limited, could only find buyers at this January alone," explained Heriyanti.

Not only that, PT Taifu Development as the developer Palzzo Garden also offer other attractive. buyers can customize the layout of rooms within the house according to the wishes of buyers, for homes that are still under construction. For example, a house that has 3 rooms, buyers can order the developer to make a 4 bedroom. For the location of the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, color tiles, it can be made according to buyers wishes. Thus, at the time the buyer to inhabit the house, do not need to pay that much to renovate the house again.

PT Taifu Development seems talkative do not want to follow a minimalist design that is now being offered by other developers in Batam. Through their projects the housing Palazzo Garden, they show the style of Italy to house a large type which is currently entering the development stage. Heriyanti add all types are offered a two smallest types ranging from 91 to 220 types. Handover plan was conducted in July 2010. "The development we have carried out, especially for type 117 and 113 and some even have reached 40 percent," said Heriyanti, Friday (15/01).

Price starting from Rp 388 million for the purchase of 113 types of cash. Prices are already discounted by 20 percent of the price. As for the purchase with cash gradually by 15 per cent discount. "If the purchase by way of mortgages will be given a discount of 10 percent, while the down payment or a down payment (DP) is charged by 30 percent. Booking fee is only Rp 5 million alone, "he added. With these prices, PT Taifu Development as the developer and eliminate the cost SHGB AJB.

The appeal of housing in the area not far from Belian village is located in a very strategic location. Exclusive occupancy is only about 500 yards away from the Mega Mall shopping center, government center, police station, Masjid Raya Batam Center, and others.

Meeting of Ministers for Economic Affairs of Indonesia By Entrepreneur Batam, Bintan and Karimun

Status of Batam, Bintan and Karimun as the Free Trade Zone (FTZ), re-affirmed by the decision of the Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK). This is discussed in the meeting of economy ministers of the Republic of Indonesia with entrepreneurs Batam, Bintan and Karimun on Friday 15 January 2010. The meeting was attended by 5 ministers and ministerial-level officials.

These five ministers who attended the SOE Minister Mustafa Abubakar, Hatta Rajasa Economic Coordinating Minister, Marie Elka Pangestu as Trade Minister, Sri Mulyani as finance minister and chairman MS Hidayat as Minister of Industry and Gita Wiryawan as head of BKPM. One of the discussions in these meetings is on the release of taxable goods, VAT, and one decision that can be muffled fears of double the true tax season should be eliminated. This is as expressed by Gita Wiryawan as the head of BKPM.

Meanwhile, Marie Elka Pangestu, asserted, to import goods rather than new metal, the authority has been submitted to the regional body. "The authority to import non-new metal has been submitted to the Supervisory Board authority area, so they are set, the center stayed to watch and make periodic evaluation" the trade minister said.

At a meeting of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia with the Entrepreneur of Batam, Bintan and Karimun in Batam, also attended the Riau Islands Governor Ismeth Abdullah, he said that while not perfect, but the implementation of Bintan Batam Karimun FTZ has the people's welfare. Weight ratio of workers in the FTZ Batam Bintan, Karimun 1:2,2 says that he only meant one person working only carry two people. "It's quite healthy," he said.

From the investment side, the personality until now, the Government of Riau Islands Province of record 1290 foreign investors who invest in Bintan Batam Karimun FTZ, with a total investment of U.S. $ 2.5 billion. Even so, Ismeth said there obstacles in the implementation of Bintan Batam Karimun FTZ. "Bintan Batam Karimun FTZ going well, but needs refinement to improve competitiveness with other kasawan in Asia Pacific," said the Riau Islands governor.

Completion is expected in the year 2009 also PP.02 Regulation of the Minister of Finance No.45, 46 and 47 in 2009. Ismeth also requested further increase the determination of free ports in Bintan Batam Karimun FTZ. Minister of Transportation, said Ismeth, set free six-port in Batam, Bintan and two in one in Karimun. "It remains to be added, by setting free port in Tanjungpinang," he said.

Meanwhile, Coordinating Minister for Economy Hatta Rajasa said the government is committed to promoting Bintan Batam Karimun FTZ with the revision of the Act and PMK. "This is proven by so many Ministers are present here, an extraordinary commitment," he said. On the other hand, Sri Mulyani as finance minister said, related to upstream oil and gas exploration activities, will be governed by rules adapted in the corridor FTZ. Regulation of the Minister financial and No. 46 in 2009 also said the notices in the framework of the customs revenue and expenditure of goods from and to areas that have been designated as a FTZ area.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grand Opening Avrist Assurance Batam

As the economy tends to a positive recovery, in 2010 the insurance market growth predicted to grow by 20%. Included in Batam, which in the year 2009 its macro economic conditions are relatively stable instead. This is what encourages PT Avrist Assurance, an insurance company with independent concepts, which carried the slogan 'My Agency Is Number 1', planned to do for the grand opening of a branch office in Batam, on 20 January 2010. Also PT Avrist Assurancesendiri supported by strong financial strength. Non-audit financial statements as of June 30, 2009 showed total assets of more than Rp 6.7 trillion and solvency (RBC) of 354%. "This is a trigger Avrist to expand into other parts of regions in Indonesia" Said Trescia PT Wijaya office in Batam Avrist Assurance Complex Block C crown highway No. 7 Batam Center.

By prioritizing 'quality service' to customers, colleagues, and partners from all aspects and focus, commitment, consistent and responsible for the realization of innovative business strategically to advance the lives of all parties is one of vision and mission to be achieved by Avrist Assurance. "This is our commitment to improve services to customers Avrist" said the bachelor who loved this blue color.

On the other hand, who also Noriani Agency Avrist Assurance Manager Batam, stated, will many surprises and gifts in the upcoming grand opening. "Avrist but will provide information about products and services Avrist Assurance will also provide a variety of gifts and merchandise as well as lucky draw for an invitation dhadir" said Noriani added.

Furthermore, according Trescia, focus is currently being conducted by PT Avrist Assirance, especially for areas of Batam, is the service for the customers better. Superior products that offer post-rebranding (formerly AIA Indonesia-red), one of Prime Invest Avrist, unit-linked products or product protection combined with the investment and the only one in Indonesia. "In the upper middle segment, sells investment products, but for the middle segment more protection to the product. In 2010 we will do balancing between protection products and investment products, "said Trescia.

With the presence of PT Avrist Assurance in Batam, allowing people to choose a variety of insurance products that are reliable. Besides various Avrist products will be able to reach and provide services for all segments and levels of society

EF "English First" Watch Live World Cup 2010 with Ten-Five Program

EF EF is a provider of official English Language Training for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and one non-formal educational institutions that have been recognized throughout the world. Under the auspices of EF Education, EF EF has now become the largest language school in Indonesia and in the world. During the three days from Friday (08/01) until the week (10/01), EF Roadshow held at Nagoya Hill Batam, which provides various information products mengnai EF Education in Batam.

According to Julia Ratnawati as Country Marketing Manager EF EF Roadshow sidelines states, EF Education itself is the largest private education company in the world with ten subsidiary companies and nonprofit organizations engaged in all language learning, educational travel and academic degree programs. "Established since 40 years ago, so far has been spread over more than 50 countries of the world, while in Indonesia itself has no EF 70 schools in 25 cities around the big" said Julia Ratnawati.

Since its founding in 1965, EF's vision is to bridge differences in language, culture and geography through the provision of education with the best quality. Until now, the EF was still kept hold because the vision is always in accordance with its time. "Always, commitment to providing the best for learners progress in EF was the main concern in all existing EF throughout Indonesia, even the world," said Julia added.

Julia also stated, some time ago EF launched a program called Ten Five which aims to increase interest in English learning in children. The launching of the Five Ten program held at The Planet Futsal, Brass in mid-December last, and toned up by several prominent speakers, among them Seto Mulyadi and Choky Sitohang (Brand Ambassador Indonesia EF EF 2010).

Launch of Five Ten programs in order to commemorate 15 years of EF EF in Indonesia and 45 years in the world, EF Bahasa First, educational institutions international English language spread in 75 countries. The program was held in schools and EF EF EF EF archipelago since October 12, 2009 until March 31, 2010 in all over Indonesia.

The term Five Ten is one of the Ten Codes (ten code-Red) is commonly used by the U.S. Navy (Navy) to communicate. Five Ten (fifth code) itself has a meaning which means a relay or deliver again. Using the term EF invite friends held a program to join us, and gives a spectacular gift. During this program progresses, the EF provides a raffle prize of 50 Blackberry and exclusive merchandise for the 100 students who register in January. This program applies across EF in Indonesia. But the main prize of the most eagerly awaited is the opportunity to watch live the 2010 World Football Party of South Africa for 10 winners. Opportunity to get the greater reward if can invite other friends to join us.

Tuan Villa, New Icon 2010 Kek Pisang Villa

Kek Pisang Villa Batam, By-by specific Batam city was again made a breakthrough in 2010 by launching a new icon that is Tuan Villa. The goal of course to further confirm their existence as by the typical Batam, it is seen from Batam though not the banana-producing areas, but could be a banana kek souvenirs typical of popular Batam. "Batam is an island that is very strategic because it is located in the international shipping lane. So no wonder the island of Batam be one of the local tourist destination and tourists are quite popular abroad than the island of Bali. From this basic idea and then try to shoot us, and praise it so far we've managed to "Reveal Delyandri Denny, manager of Kek Pisang Villa.

Kek Pisang make a unique icon by the Batam, it is not an easy job. In addition to not producing bananas Batam, even more so as the owner Delyandi Denny is not a native-born Batam. But with hard work, and high commitment to quality and marketing, based cookies are the major banana, the admiration of many people including tourists. "Grandpa is it legit banana sweet and its texture is similar to but more dense cake. Delicious banana mixture to make delicious sensation on the tongue so that the mouth can not stop chewing "says Nisa, a buyer when answering batamevent.com between between the 'Son of Batam Gemilang 2009' on the DC Mall for the week (10/01).

Kek pisang over time many modifications have added butter, cheese topping, or chocolate spread. Now there are about 12 variants of banana grandfather sold with a sense of original, strawberry, cheese, chocolate fla, blueberry, mocha, etc.. Until now kek pisang be one by-the typical Batam island. For a small box of bananas valued kek USD 35,000.00 and for the package of gifts to fill a small box of 4 for Rp 140,000.00. As for big box valued USD 280,000.00 - with the contents of the box 8 kek pisang Villa.

With five outlets scattered across Batam, as in Nagoya, Windsor, Batam Center, Batu Aji and Hang Nadim International Airport, kek banana Villa, already covers 70 percent of Batam. Of the five outlets is kek pisang Villa recorded a total growth of 20 percent in 2009, compared with 2008 last year. "Thank God, we have given a better image for the year 2009 and through various promotion and support of various events are held either by government or by private sector and in supporting the Visit Batam 2010" Denny said he had just 2 ratings memenangakan held marketer award by one national magazine.

This year as well, Denny Delyandri added, Kek Pisang Villa, launched a new icon that is TuanVilla, where the icon will be used to support the penetration of products to a broader segment, "Every event is followed by Kek Pisang Villa, Tuan Villa will memeriahkannya by present to give a new joy, especially for the kids segment "said Denny ended.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Eat In Marrybrown Rp15 ribu Over One Year

Earlier this year at, Marrybrown fast-food restaurants from Malaysia to give a special promotion to the community and student Batam with member card free labeled vilage cards and student cards.

No special conditions for both these cards. "Consumers simply came to ask Marrybrown and our waiter. Vilage Card For Free, marrybrown give discounts of 10 percent. As for the Student Card, must show student card, and there was food in the package offered at a price of Rp15 ribu tax included, and can use the card repeatedly, over a year, "said Budi Arisandi" Marrybrown Manager.

Not only is it, to spoil the Batam City, every Saturday and Sunday, officers will also visit Marrybrown housing to offer this promo. "So apart can come straight here (Marrybrown), the community will also meet with our staff we offer this promo from house to house," he explained.

Moreover, for those of you who like to play in cyberspace, in the Marrybrown also provide Hot Spot facility provided free of charge. Marrybrown fore a few days spread over several countries will also be launching a value milk. "Every book listed in this menu, customers will get a free capuccino Hot. We are also currently being given promotion deals given the hot rice, the food menu is offered at a price of Rp10 ribu," he said with a smile.

Eating places are located in these countries were deliberately designed differently. Special dinner there is a place with a bench swing to relax, even there is also a play area (play ground) specially equipped with games such as bathing and slide the ball to be enjoyed by the children. For those of you who are curious can visit Marrybrown immediately in the ground floor Mega Mall, Batamcentre.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Video Naked girls Mukakuning Batam Supply From Mobile to Mobile

Enthusiastic factory workers to get videos Mukakuning girl who was bathing naked was not simply transfer it from bluetooth to bluetooth, but the workers are in particular the company is desperate Adam came handphone counters available in the area until Batuaji Mukakuning.

But unfortunately, most workers had to be right back with a face full of scowl and disappointed, because the video duration of four minutes three seconds could not be obtained over the counter Mobile "From the busy morning shower naked video search Mukakuning girl, but we are not selling porn videos , "said Alai, one of HP's assistant at the Mall Partners.

The same is expressed by Lusi. Shoulder-length haired woman Hanphone assistant at SP Plaza is also admitted since yesterday evening visited several men who asked for the naked shower video."Long time no sale of pornographic videos via mobile phone, like they used to be afraid raided," he explained.

Enthusiastic Mukakuning factory workers to get a copy of this video is quite large. Not even a citizen who called the editor to request a duplicate Posmetro video was obscene. As previously reported, the scene in the video Mukakuning girl who was in the shower naked is intentionally taken or recorded by a friend.

Video that allegedly recorded with the camera media Mobile's network is widespread through bluetooth from Mobile to Mobile (quoted from a newspaper Posmetro Batam)

Excerpts Video Bugil Mukakuning The Moving in Batam

"SUSTER KERAMAS", Civil Search Lost

Cast: Rin Sakuragi, Herfiza Novianti, Rizky Mocil, Zidni Adam, Shinta Bachir.

Failed to bring Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi, Maxima Pictures produced by Ody Mulya not give up. They hook Rin Sakuragi, Japanese artist who had received the rank two chart Japanese AV movies to play in the SUSTER KERAMAS

The story begins from a tourist from Japan. He had come to Indonesia to find his brother. Unfortunately, these intentions have constraints, he found his brother who is a nurse, was no longer alive.

The film, by director dibesut this Kardit Helfi, Rin, against acting with Yadi Sembako, Zidney Adam and Alex Abbad. In this film, like horror movies typically Maxima, still displays sensual women to attract spectators.

Even in the trailer, look no Rin scene undressed in front of two men. This scene really visualization of the two men at her naughty imagination. (Quoted from Kapanlagi.com)

SUSTER KERAMAS can watch on Movies Batam following: XXI Mega Mega Mall, Cinema 21 Nagoya Hill

Batam Cinema Information

You like to watch the movie? If you're visiting the City of Batam you can watch in a few theaters in Batam.

BCS 21
Batam City Square Jl. Bunga Raya, Sei Baloi
Tel: (0778) 7435 721

HTM: Rp. 15.000, - (Friday s / d Sunday / Holidays)
Watch Save: Rp. 10.000, - (Monday through Thursday)

Tel: (0778) 466 121

HTM: Rp. 25.000, - (Saturday / Sunday / Holidays)
Watch Save: Rp. 15.000, - (Monday through Thursday), 20.000, - (Friday)

Tel: (0778) 749 3521 BATAM

HTM: Rp. 20.000, - (Friday s / d Sunday / Holidays)
Watch Save: Rp. 15.000, - (Monday through Thursday)

For Complete Movie Information Klick http://21cineplex.com

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tips For Motorcycle Engine Condition Always Prima

Own motorcycle or vehicle is excellent desires of each person. But the bustle and a solid routine, often makes the motor untreated. The mechanism and sequence of how machines work starts from the key motor ignited, the explosion of fuel in the piston and the exit of smoke from the exhaust. When the engine is no longer loud. There are some things that could predict. For example the weakening piston ring, spark plugs are dirty, the valves are loose, the carburetor is clogged with dirt or even oil has not been replaced.

According Ajun, one of the senior mechanic everything must be checked one by one if the engine is ngadat. Of replacement parts or spare parts are not always done. All tailored to the needs and the existing cost. If I could 'diakalin' will not have to be replaced.

But if it was just done badly damaged in a total overhaul. He suggested that the overhaul techniques there are several types: dismantle the machine right side, left side overhaul and overhaul them (overhole).

As for tune ups (regular maintenance) that must be done is checking the oil, carburetor, air filters, oil filters, brake canvas, wind pressure, electrical systems, water storage battery, spark plugs, gas cables, speedometer cables and other spare part mild nature.

As for replacement spare part will be conducted in accordance with the type of damage, such as replacement of brake canvass, Bolam lamps, oil, spark plugs, tires and inner tubes out, pistons, piston rings, ignition coil (ignition coil), handlebar piston, piston handlebar pads, pump oil, reparkit carburetor, the switch and the various components of other machines.

If the type of two-stroke motor, then the next oil change should be pampered, means oil can not be late when the engine starts. Engine oil in the bath oil (karter) can be more durable and can last up to two months, is because the oil lubricates the movement of the side was working pistons, rings and accompanying components during combustion in the engine.

While working as an engine oil lubricant inside the engine. So the heat from the burning of oil was reduced by side. Another case with four-stroke engines, if within one thousand five hundred meters are not replaced then the oil was already bad, so its density can not reduce the heat due to combustion.

If the oil has over time, then the resistance was weakening, waning consistency and durability for the engine began to decrease engine components such as pistons, piston rings, valves and others expand.

Should be for four-stroke engine, oil changes done at least once a month minimum (1500 km).

If we want lasting motor, not often ngadat and early morning light it is not hard to month may be held re-checking (tune up) for capacity, reliability and mechanical condition can always be prime.

If you want to consult about the problem and repair service please go to Ajun's Motor Service and Modifications Interior Rejeki Mas No. 01 Sei Panas Batam or HP 08,127,703,971

Tips For Always beautiful, Interest In and Out

Are you quite satisfied with his own body? If not satisfied, follow the advice of Margo Maine, Ph.D. following:
  1. Your body is God's great, start to appreciate it.
  2. Make a list that includes the things that your body can do. Read and add on the list.
  3. Be aware of what your body can do each day. Remember that the body is the instrument of life, not just decoration
  4. Make a list of people you admire: people who donate a lot of positive things in your life, in society and in the world. See if their physical appearance was important in supporting the success and accomplishments.
  5. Walk with your head raised, supported self-confidence.
  6. Do not let your weight or hinder your posture enjoy preferred activities.
  7. Wear comfortable clothes, likes and feels good in the body.
  8. Calculate the blessings you receive, rather than misfortunes.
  9. Think of other things that can be achieved with time and energy spent worrying about weight and appearance.
  10. Be a friend and supporter, not an enemy to his own body.
  11. Think that regenerate your skin every month, every five days the stomach, liver every 6 weeks and bones every three months.
  12. Every waking up in the morning do not forget to thank the rest for the body so the body feels fresh.
  13. Every night when going to bed do not forget to tell your body how precious body, which helps carry out everyday tasks.
  14. 14. Discover methods of exercise that you enjoy and do regularly. But do not exercise to lose weight or against the body itself. Do sports for health and body strength, because it makes you comfortable.
  15. Remember back when you feel comfortable with your body. Tell yourself you can feel like that again, even at a young age that no longer.
  16. Make a list of 10 positive things about myself without mentioning physical appearance.
  17. Create text and paste in the mirror: I look good from inside and outside.
  18. Look for good things in the world and yourself.
  19. Start saying to myself: life is too short to spend hating their own bodies.
  20. Eat when hungry and rest when tired. Find your friends can be reminiscent of the outer and inner beauty that is in you.

January Promo Henry Adams at the Mega Mall Batam Center "Buy Two Get One Free"

This started the year 2010, one of the formal menswear outlets / fashion work Henry Adams in Mega Mall Batam Center (MMBC) held a promo 'Henry Adams Degree Buy Two Get One Free'. Promo that was held during January it was recognized in July of Henry Adams Mega Mall Batam Center as a first step to greet loyal customers in 2010 for Henry Adams

"In 2010, we conducted some promo in the framework is still welcoming atmosphere of the new year, new clothes with a promo price of a completely new and profitable for the community / customers" says July. Furthermore, he added, was Henry Adams in January MMBC also launched a series of 50 per cent discount to the latest collection of formal menswear.

In terms of accomplishments achieved by the sales area for the years 2009 batam ago, June explained, so many dynamics and accompanying events and a number have been affecting the performance and sales achievements. "In November last year, we are good sales in December but we are a little bit down because of the retail giant is doing a sale right in front of our booth, it is the business side is very detrimental, not only for Henry Adam, but also for all the existing tenant in the area "said July.

Meanwhile, when asked about the target set by Henry Adams for a regional scale in the Riau Islands first quartal reached plus minus 20 percent. This figure was encouraged by the way is always updating various special programs either discount or other price reductions.

For this first quartal setting soft colors decorate the windows back Henry Adams, the motive is still dominating the line of new series of arrival items currently on display at the Henry Adams. "This year, the motive and soft color line is still a favorite" said July ended.

PKP Expo In Year 2010, launched 17 Project Property

PT PKP (Karyasindo Son Initiative) who had spent 21 years in the field of property Batam on Friday (08/01) re mengelar property expo, which will last for approximately a month. PKP Expo promotion that lasted until 02 Februari 2010 will take place in the BCS Main Atrium Mall.

According to Sugiarto Thoie as event organizers that accommodate PKP expo this time, there will be 17 projects that will be displayed PKP. "There will be 17 projects to be presented by PKP for people who plan to have the residential quality of the PKP, all offered with a lightness and flexibility of payment" Sugiarto Thoie said.

In the meantime, PKP Campaign Manager, Herat Gentur states, many other benefits that can be found in the exhibition PKP consumers in early 2010 this. Among other things, consumers who want to make cash purchases stages, will benefit and pay an efficient way. With the way this cash, bank interest rate risk can be avoided.

"We try to provide opportunities to communities that may be in the year 2009 and have not had a desirable residential memilliki, so soon visit our exhibition in the BCS this mall, to obtain accurate information about various projects PKP" Gentur said via telephone to explain.

Meanwhile on the other hand, the fact the current market share slightly shifted from the estimate of business, the need for quality housing and economic perbaikkan occur have a significant influence on the growth of property business. Cuts benchmark interest rate a consumer credit interest rates which the Bank Indonesia or BI Rate, hoist the demand for home ownership credit (KPR). Many banks are optimistic, the distribution of mortgages will grow rapidly in the first quarter of 2010. Even some banks admitted mortgage applications flooded early third quarter.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The opening of "Fresh Market and the Foodcourt" AVAVA Group Degree of Blood Donors

In the framework of the open market as well as the introduction of fresh foodcourt in AVAVA fresh market, Global AVAVA party will hold a blood donor. "This event was inspired by medical practitioners and friends in the states PMI, decreased blood stock and with the same idea, we are of AVAVA Group supports this blood donor program to help our brothers who need blood," said Louise.

Events taking blood from these donors will be held on 07 January 2010 at 11 o'clock AVAVA Plaza until 12 o'clock noon, which will then be followed by a celebration at AVAVA Fresh Market. "Hopefully we can meet the target of donating 50 bags of blood donors at the event next Thursday (07/01).

PT. AVAVA Global Promotion Indonesia itself was established as a form of implementation of marketing communications company. Currently AVAVA has proved his seriousness by changing markets into AVAVA Pujabahari Fresh Market. With the mission of promoting the potential of Indonesian territory, AVAVA present to answer the needs of businesses by providing a place for trading / business.

According to Louise as a Corporate Communication Officer AVAVA Group, AVAVA Fresh Market comes with a new look helped fill the heart of the crowded center of Batam. With the specifications of modern traditional markets, rise with the number as many as 139 units kiosks, counters many as 92 points and as many as 9 points foodcourt. Meanwhile, for its own Fresh Market AVAVA provide as many as 14 booths with free delivery cost for one month for all booths. "Now what remains is only 2 stand again" said Louise, smiling

In addition Lusi said, the concept of modern traditional markets today have become demands and consequences of modern lifestyles of urban society developed in Batam. During this traditional market is always synonymous with shopping the shabby, muddy and smelly, and therefore only visited by a group of lower class society. Preview this market should be changed to place a clean and comfortable for visitors. Thus people from all circles will be attracted to come and conduct transactions in modern markets.

Information on Batam City Tourism Year 2010

Dated 19 January 2010 s / d 23 January 2010 "Clipper Around the World" gathering of sailboats that sailed the oceans around the world. Place in Nongsa Point Marina.

23 January 2010 s / d January 30, 2010 "Straits Regatta" is an international event sailboat race (Yatch) which has become an annual event in Batam. Place in Nongsa Point Marina.

31 January 2010 "Lions Club Charity Golf Tournament" golf tournament which was held for this fundraiser, expected to raise funds to help others. Place in Palm Springs Golf Resort.

18 February 2010 s / d 28 February 2010 "Wedding Expo" Exhibition of the concepts for the purposes of marriage to include all conduct weddings. Places in Nagoya Hill - Nagoya.

"Celebration Cap Go Meh" Chinese New Year celebrations are lively with various Chinese traditional art, lanterns and barongsai. Place in Dutamaitreya Vihara. Welcome to Batam

Monday, January 4, 2010

Herbal Diet With Herbal World Cafe style Batam

Lots of people who weigh too fat to do a variety of ways to lose weight. Either way, even the extra strict diet. however, often attempt to lose weight had a significant risk to health, especially those people. by consuming a variety of chemicals it adds to bad condition of the body. Therefore, there are some people who choose a natural way to reduce their weight.

For those of you who want to lose weight the natural way to try the juice from the cafe Herbs Herbal World, which is located in the commercial block of Taman Indah Chrysanthemum I number 17 Batam Center.

Herbal trusted very good for the metabolism of body organs, and fat in the body and the organs inside the body. This herb is also safe for consumption by all the ages. In the juice, there are also a mixture of fruit and fresh vegetables to supplement the nutritional value contained in it.

"Herbal World Cafe was established for those who want to lose weight by drinking juice in the morning instead of breakfast. In this cafe beverages provided several options that can be tailored to the needs of consumers. In addition to relaxing, the cafe is also provided a consultation for the consumer. " Cien Ye said, the owner of Herbal World Cafe.

To be able to enjoy it, you can simply buy a package worth USD 810 thousand in force for a month. You want to try to come directly, or can get information through 0778-468415

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Celebrate Birthdays, Batam Bikers Social Care

The bikers and lovers joined in automotive Lotov Club celebrated the 7th at Nagoya Hill, Sunday, January 3, 2010 Yesterday. But it was not a party, this celebration is filled with blood donation action by the bikers Batam.

"We want to do positive things useful for others," said Chairman Lotov Batam, Lingga, yesterday.

Birthday Lotov this 7th commemorated with a small celebration. That is a cutting cone is quite simple.

Linga said, the action of blood donors was held during the day at Nagoya Hill. The event was attended by a number of bikers from various motorcycle clubs in Batam to donate blood. Until the middle of the day yesterday, had collected about 30 bags of blood from the bikers.

Although not all blood donations, hundreds of bikers attended the event. Among these are the lovers of motor from Motor Club Batam (RTC).

"We ourselves also include the agenda of this blood donors in the RTC event calendar," said Chairman of the RTC, Karso Inggalih, when found in the blood donor locations, yesterday.

Karso said, Batam bike lovers now started reaching positive areas outside the automotive world to cultivate hobbies. Ranging from social action, safety riding, to love the environment program.

"Apart form of concern, as well as imaging efforts. that the biker is not always synonymous with reckless activity on the street, "said Karso.

Water Park and 3D Movies at Mega Tour Ocarina

Batam city's economy continues to show progress graph, it can be seen from the rapid growth in all sectors such as industry, SMEs and of course the world of tourism. No doubt busy routine Batam community from morning to night is a common sight in the city of Batam. Seeing this, surely the need for refreshing is the essential need to remove tired tired after activity. The question is, what and entertainment venues like anything that could answer the needs of the community average of these Batam,,?

Mega Tour Ocarina is his answer, the presence of Ocarina Mega Tour a few years ago, has become its own icon family entertainment recreation. Bids to view coastal recreation facilities plus a fairly complete entertainment option for families to Batam for a variety of entertainment. Batam community needs to realize this, Ocarina has never stopped complement their entertainment facilities, the most gress today is his new inaugurated Water Park and 3D theater.

Rides and water games 3D Movies for families, who had just attended the Mega Tour Ocarina Batam Center. The new entertainment facilities are entertainment venues eagerly awaited by the people of Batam for this. Batam community now has a place to enjoy the rides and water entertainment 3D theater in the area Ocarina Mega Tour.

Precisely at 10:00 am Sunday (13/12) and, marked by the inauguration of Ocarina's management and investors Water Park and 3D theater. The inauguration began with a ribbon cutting by investors as Vivi's mother was accompanied by Ir. Cahya, Mery (Arsikon Group CEO), finally had its official opening marks Ocarina water park and theater in the area of 3D Ocarina Mega Tour which cost Rp. 12 billion more.

On that occasion, Ir. Cahya, as Arsikon Group CEO and owner of this tourist resort say, with the opening Water Park and Casino 3D is a promise from him to continue to increase the development of tourism areas Ocarina as a complete resort on the island of Batam .. "This is my promise to complete the gradual vehicle game this tourist area, "said businessman Batam currently entrusted as the Chairman of Batam City Apindo this.

Development Water Park itself according Cahya, has a land area of 1.5 acres with pond area of 3000 meters. "Water Park itself intended for visitors of all ages with all the facilities at present, such as" Masage chair, Nozlle, Lange-Fountain , Nozle-Fountain, Arc tend, Floating Lotus-Leaf, Bath Show, Bridge, Fountain, Fountain, Barrel of Pouring Water, Rainbow Slide, Slide for Family Bar, Water Gun, Slide Hill Creep, "said Cahya father in the town of Batam Badminton it.

Goddess Ocarina matching Koriati Director also said that tourism water "Water Park" as a form of awareness and commitment to tourism in Batam city fully supports the visit Batam 2010. "In addition to Water Park and 3D Theater, Ocarina also will soon build the largest Convention Hall will be able to accommodate about 3000 people and Condotel," she said.

Evidence of unusual greeting people of Batam, just at the opening of hundreds of visitors who had waited since early morning burst and to feel the direct vehicle and water games this 3D Cinema.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grand Opening Interphone, Originality Prioritize product ..!

You want to buy a new Mobile or Mobile marks? Research Mobile which will you buy. If you are going to buy a new Mobile, Mobile to ask for a sealed box which is still intact. Because if not sealed let alone without the box, this could be a trick from a seller who said that Mobile second hand is HANDPHONE NEW ...!!

But not so with Interphone, outlets that provide multi-brand mobile phone, which is located in Nagoya Hill Super Mall. Inetrphone Positioning by Hery as managers, implementing the concept of product originality. "At Interphone we want to give image to the public, that the various types of mobile phones offered are genuine and quality" Hery said.

Batam fame as a paradise it has become electronic talked to the newcomers. That's why mobile phone business in Batam, has a very good development. With the same ground trying to offer Global diversity in the provision of this communication gadget. Brands of well-known vendors such as Nokia, Soni Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Ht and Lexus provided in Global Nagoya Hill.

In the context of Grand Opening .. Friday (01/01/ 10) yesterday, Interphone provides special souvenir for the first 30 buyers. "Giving souvenirs as a token of appreciation to the Global mobile community in Batam, we provide a variety of formal and quality products from various brands, so it is not limited to just one brand"

Besides providing various types and brands Mobile, Interphone also offers mobile accessories, mobile phone headset and mobile phone accessories such as Battery original and affordable. "Interphone order can also serve for a certain mobile variant, with the terms and conditions established by the Interphone" said Hery end.

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