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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Celebrate Birthdays, Batam Bikers Social Care

The bikers and lovers joined in automotive Lotov Club celebrated the 7th at Nagoya Hill, Sunday, January 3, 2010 Yesterday. But it was not a party, this celebration is filled with blood donation action by the bikers Batam.

"We want to do positive things useful for others," said Chairman Lotov Batam, Lingga, yesterday.

Birthday Lotov this 7th commemorated with a small celebration. That is a cutting cone is quite simple.

Linga said, the action of blood donors was held during the day at Nagoya Hill. The event was attended by a number of bikers from various motorcycle clubs in Batam to donate blood. Until the middle of the day yesterday, had collected about 30 bags of blood from the bikers.

Although not all blood donations, hundreds of bikers attended the event. Among these are the lovers of motor from Motor Club Batam (RTC).

"We ourselves also include the agenda of this blood donors in the RTC event calendar," said Chairman of the RTC, Karso Inggalih, when found in the blood donor locations, yesterday.

Karso said, Batam bike lovers now started reaching positive areas outside the automotive world to cultivate hobbies. Ranging from social action, safety riding, to love the environment program.

"Apart form of concern, as well as imaging efforts. that the biker is not always synonymous with reckless activity on the street, "said Karso.

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