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Friday, January 22, 2010

Januari Glamour Party in E Groove Pub Batam

E Groove Pub started the year again for the event dedicated clubber on Friday (22/01) yesterday, the 'January Sexy Party'. "“Januari Glamour Party”, party and event Farewel nou property will be replaced by D 'Java, a band from Bandung that has formations 4: 1, means 4 vocalist vocalist girls and 1 boy" said Topan, Hotel 89.Selain band D 'Java already has a Cleaner flying hours,' “Januari Glamour Party” 'will feature DJ Goddess of Makassar.

Mat “Januari Glamour Party” will also be enlivened by a variety of promotion given by e groove like buy two get one for whiskey, while the black label, jack Daniel's and Chivas given 20 percent discount. "Surely it is a complement promo for Batam cluber who want to spend the night in an e groove" added Topan.

Meanwhile, for D 'Java, a band that will replace the Nou Property band, which has provided treats for 3 months in an e groove, is a band that has had a high flying hours and has appeared in a number of cafés in major cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya . Bali and some areas in Eastern Indonesia.

Not only treat the music and DJ Performance, e groove that has existed for 3 years will also bring a variety of games and quizzes in the “Januari Glamour Party”. "Surely every event is organized by the e groove will be held a variety of prizes" says Hurricane.

“Januari Glamour Party” to begin at 21:30 and is supported by the LA light, tebs, Hotel 89, batamevent.com, Batam Pos and Sing FM Radio Batam.

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