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Saturday, May 1, 2010

DC Mall GelarFestival Indonesian Cultural, Art Studio 79 Registration

BATAM CITY - As many as 79 Studio Arts Festival will take part in the second floor of Art and Culture of Indonesia, DC Mall, the organization of this festival will begin on May 1, 2010 until July next. Each workshop will feature arts and culture from various regions in accordance with what has been taught in their respective studio.

Putu Aryamatama as chairman of the committee declared until 79 days have been incorporated art studio that would enliven the Indonesian cultural festival. To the 79 workshop consists of 27 studio art, art studio 41 elementary and kindergarten, seven martial arts studio art and art studio kompang 4.

"Indonesian Cultural Festival will run for three months ahead, staged every Saturday and Sunday. Each workshop will be staged art and culture which had been taught by their own studio, in addition there are also regional dances, martial arts performances, theater performances, performance modeling and young child, music and games "said Putu Aryamatama, week (25 / 04/2010).

Putu is also a principal artist of this bali added, with the Festival of Art and Culture of Indonesia, is expected to develop cultures that exist in the homeland, as well as can be entertainment for the visitors DC Mall. "Staging is also expected to attract foreign tourists, especially from Singapore and Malaysia to witness the art and culture in Indonesia, and also to support government programs Visit Batam 2010," Putu said.

"Show was held for free, anyone can witness cultural performances on Saturday and Sunday starting at 11 am on the second floor of the DC Mall," said Putu. Indeed this is an event, an opportunity for business people in Batam art galleries that have not joined. For that to players who have a studio art studio can register sanggarnya active in the Indonesian Art Festival, so it can stage your abilities.

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