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Monday, May 31, 2010

Enjoy Food tastes Nusantara in "Tosoto" Batam Centre

BATAM CITY - Appearances restaurants this one was tempting. Look at the color chosen to beautify the exterior and the interior. Green and yellow are able to make anyone tempted to stop by and try a variety of menus are offered. His name Tosoto this family restaurant in Batam Centre. Tosoto existing outlets in batam is recognized by Nurkholis Tosoto as Director of Development is the number 48 in Indonesia and the first in Batam. "Tosoto are trademarks national franchise for this type of menu madurese soto, soto ayam and ducks penyet Lamongan, we already have 48 outlets across Indonesia," said Nurkholis.

Tosoto have the concept of ready meals with a distinctive flavor that's been kept kelezatannya. "Quality of food is always monitored by the center once a month, a branch or a businessman who bought the franchise Tosoto other menus are not allowed to sell food in addition to the menu has been agreed by Tosoto, except for beverages," explained nurkholis added. The menu offered quite a variety, for a menu such as 'soup' we offer many options such as madurese soto, soto special madurese etc.

So also with other types of foods, such as special fried duck and duck fried penyet, the difference from the second menu is apparently not the only penyajianya but also used different sauce as well. If Soto and fried duck is not your favorite foods do not worry because the fried rice and fried noodles are also here so every family who comes to tosoto, fulfilled all his desire to have dinner or lunch,

Regarding the price of implementing price Tosoto family, said the next Nurkhlois. "The price set by the Tosoto family is also a standard price set by the central branch can not add a price higher or lower, all compared with the center," said Nurkholis. For a bowl of soup can be enjoyed with a USD 12 thousand, plus white rice. Also drink prices started from USD 3500 to $ 7 thousand. Tosoto operates daily from 09:00 am until 21:00 pm. Outlets or culinary spot offers a different feel in the shop though, because artistically arranged.

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