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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ratu Platinum, Pubs Dangdut Exclusive In Batam, Immediate Present Trio Macan and Dewi Persik with Performances Kamasutra Band

BATAM CITY - Dangdut is starting to get a place at the various levels of Indonesian society. Dangdut is no longer synonymous with "lower-class music. Many upper-class people who now likes dangdut. Even among the artists themselves a lot of moving flow into dangdut singer. In Batam own foreign or expatriate workers from Asia such as Singapore and Japan, even love dangdut music contribution.

Seeing the high response from Asian expatriates to dangdut music, Panorama Regency Hotel Management, which presents the 'Ratu Platinum', a night entertainment spot that presents the concept of dangdut exclusively. Exclusive understanding here, that although the music is presented dangdut, but visitors who attend are asked to remain polite and neatly dressed, for comfort together.

"We just wanted to bring something different to show Dangdut exclusive entertainment, with the upper middle segment that is expected to meet the tastes of tourists and expatriates with dangdut music contribution," says Riska Manager Café Ratu Platinum. Added Riska, this may be the first Café for a pub that carries the concept of Pure Dangdut. He is optimistic Café with this concept could provide a separate color for lovers of night entertainment in Batam.

Before Café Ratu Platinum was founded, the previous management had conducted a survey of the market who want to target. Aswi explains that represents the operational director of Ratu Platinum soft opening press conference at Ratu Platinum, Monday (5/31/2010) ago. "We previously had success creating and applying a similar concept in two Café with the same kind in Jakarta, and it received overwhelming response from the lovers of nightlife in Jakarta, so we are optimistic that this concept can be accepted by the lovers of nightlife in Batam," Aswi said.

For his own band Home "Ratu Platinum", presents Dangdut Band already has a name and hours of flying high, the 'Kamasutra'. This Band has long filled a variety of events on national television and has performed in several star hotels all over Indonesia. "We believe Kamasutra could give treats and enjoy the experience of different dangdut music, they've had a lot of flying hours and often fill a variety of musical events on television," said Aswi.

Ratu Platinum inaugurated on May 31, 2010, but the Café will start operating on June 1, 2010. Soft Opening management during the promo offer some form of Free Entrance and 50 percent discount for each reservation drinks. Meanwhile, the Grand Opening will be held on June 7, 2010, with guest star Trio Macan. After the Grand Opening Management Charge will be imposed at First Drink of Rp 125 thousand. Subsequently on June 10, 2010, "Ratu Platinum" will bring Dewi Persik and on June 11, 2010 during the opening World Cup 2010 will feature Shagy Dog.

As a place of entertainment, which brought the concept of Exclusive Pure Dangdut, Ratu Platinum impose some regulations for visitors who want to enjoy the musical treats in the "Ratu Platinum." We passed a law, anyone who wants to watch the entertainment in the Ratu platinum, they must comply with the rules that we have made, among other guests shall use the shirt collar when wearing shorts and shoes shall be banned from wearing sandals, "said Aswi.

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