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Monday, July 19, 2010

Empower Local suppliers, Carrefour MoU with the Ministry of Agriculture in Batam

Innovation PT Carrefour Indonesia, which together with local suppliers in all regions in Indonesia, including Batam and other areas in the Riau Islands, reap praise from the Minister of Agriculture Suswono. He considered, a partnership that built Carrefour had opened the way for the community of micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), agriculture sector to prosper.

Thus expressed Suswono after witnessed the signing of the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding, MoU) between the Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture Horticulture Ahmad Dimyati, with the Corporate Affairs Director Carrefour Indonesia PT Irawan Kadarman, at the opening of the National Week Flori and Flora (PF2N) 2010, Friday ( 07/15/2010) in Flora Flori Week held in Engku Putri, Batam Centre.

"This partnership makes farmers obtain market certainty and market chain is shorter, so that will give a larger profit margin. While traders (Carrefour) will obtain the certainty of supply, "he said. Kadarman Irawan said after the MoU, the partnership is not only limited market access, but also the development and empowerment of farmers through training, mentoring and promotional support. Training, mentoring, include aspects of hygiene, management of cash flow, bookkeeping, stock management, display and packaging. While market access include the provision of land at the corner of the popular outlets through the program and give priority in people's bazaars program. While support for the campaign include promotional catalogs, participation in the bazaars, exhibitions, seminars and special profiles on the leading mass media.

"If in the agricultural sector, Carrefour works with ministries of agriculture and jajaranya, will provide training and facilitation, market access and promotion through a combination of groups of farmers (farmer group union) or those who joined in SMEs," he told reporters when pressconference in PF2N. From the production side of fruit or vegetables, to maintain quality, continuity and quantity, for example, farmers will be guided by technical personnel from the partner of Carrefour in the MOA. Then, packaging and other aspects relating to the marketing of agricultural commodities, will be guided and assisted by experts from Carrefour, including aspects of management and various other things needed petani.Tak only that, but such cooperation, also include the monitoring and evaluation . Whether it's monitoring monthly performance, including sales and shortage, providing input for performance improvement, to hold group discussions with customers.

"This cooperation will we follow up by forming working groups or special committees to work intensively to achieve cooperation. This committee will also prepare a follow-up proposals for the realization of the points already agreed upon, "he said Irawan. Fresh Division Manager Carrefour Batam, Farlian Anwar added that the MoU aims to promote local suppliers of vegetables and fruits in all branches of Carrefour Indonesia. Currently, he said, local agricultural production accounts for about 15 percent. After the signing of this MoU, it would add as much as 30 percent of local supply. "Target Carrefour nationally, the supply of local vegetables and 50 percent in 2011," he said. Ferlian also justify, Carrefour prefer the production of the local area. For example, to Batam, vegetables and fruits are supplied from indigenous farmers around the region such as Batam or Hinterland region and Tanjungpinang.

Meanwhile, as reported previously, the MoU is not only in Batam. PT Carrefour Indonesia also held a MoU with the State Minister of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises Sjarifudin Hasan, the President Director of PT Carrefour Indonesia Shafie Shamsuddin on the sidelines of the visit of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the ceremony commemorating the 63rd Day of Cooperatives of Indonesia in Surabaya. In the same place, Shafie Shamsuddin, also held a MoU with General Chairman KH Said Agil Siradj. "This initiative we are doing so consumers know and want to buy products from people that we offer," concluded Shafie.

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