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Thursday, October 14, 2010

D'Kres Cafe Batam Karaoke Dangdut Koplo Offer

Many entertainment centers such as the Cafe that offers a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy dibatam. However, in contrast with D'Dkres Cafe dikomplek Block K No. Nagoya Newton. 8-10 Nagoya that offers nuance of Javanese palace karaoke songs dangdut koplo.

In pronya, Cafe that just opened this month promo offers discount prices 30 percent for beverages beralkoholnya.

"For visitors who go we give free fruit drinks," said D'Kres Zaeni Cafe Owner. Yesterday (13/10).

He admitted intentionally make these Cafe offers live karaoke with dangdut koplo. In fact, all employees wear uniforms or shades of royal Javanese culture.

"We do have characteristics different from other cafe, with a dangdut song koplo aka plong song collaboration. All of us wore blangkon waitres Java. We also have the concept of guest is king. So, the guest will feel comfortable and relaxed," he said.

D'sharps Cafe is open daily starting at 20.00wib-complete. Cafe berdeasin minimalist arrangement combined with a soft sofa has a considerable capacity of approximately 80 people.

"Here, guests are also free Reques song he wants," said Zaeni again.

He added that efforts to improve its service to customers, it forward it will build a second floor VIP karaoke room.

The dominant purple Cafe also offers drinks soft drinks and various fruit juices.
"In order to look different, building and room D, our cafe sharp nails purple paint bima," he said ending

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