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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Excited .. There Video Mesum Similar Ariel and Aura Kasih on the Internet

Video nasty series of similar artists back in the scroll, like Ariel's allegedly obscene videos and Aura Kasih that many in waiting said to have been circulating on the intenet although that version of the hoax.

As it was reported that the video scandal like this Ariel sebayak 32 fruit and most adults who do scenes with actors also like Indonesian artist, mentioned there after luna dance and cut the issue of video nasty aura that will immediately get circulated.

In the photo looks capture video haircut sex love Ariel and Aura hoax version, with a female star-like aura of love. The woman was seen sleeping on your back on a white bed sheet. The intimate parts of women were censored. Figure only shows the upper body of the woman, because there can not vidonya dianalia not like a video ariel and dance cut yesterday that many people do an analysis

Various comments on Twitter continues to insist on mentioning that video with the star-like aura of love already in circulation. In fact, they send photographs to strengthen links. The issue of video nasty ariel and this aura is so many are looking and wondering, if we look at youtube with the keyword ariel Perno videos on youtube and the aura of love then we will only find a video clip of the beautiful artist from bandung

other than on Youtube many twitter users who provide a link from file sharing like ziddu, rapidshare and 4share, and various other provider sites, but after check video porn version of ariel and aura that turned out to be hoaxes, because it was false because the link when downloaded, the content instead of five songs are taken randomly.

But some people insist claim to have video ariel and aura of love. Rumor video 9 minutes duration. Some say that the duration of videos longer than 18 minutes previously circulated.

Believe it or not, this video kemuncualn whether there is a connection with Ariel session to be held on Monday (22/11/2010).

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