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Monday, November 29, 2010

Model rape Batam (ABG) Artist Arrested FFI, Robby Shine Got To Pull Hand and Persuade CO Come to Room

Secretary Parfi Kepri, Yelfian, expressed shock and devastated by what happened to CO (13). He did not think, the artist who accompanied it to the model did not commendable that accompany it.

As a moral responsibility, Yelfian claimed to have asked directly to the victims and the parents CO.. From the recognition of CO and parents, it is known story that when Robbie arrived at the Hotel Amir, the actor suddenly pulled his hand CO.. As he got out of the car shuttle pantia, Robby to CO states have something to diomongkan at the hotel. Because the solicitation was Robby and CO into the hotel and a car that drove him straight away.

"So from the recognition of CO, he pulled his hand. The word one wants Robby diomongkan later. That is why CO would follow him. And, yes it is," said Yelfian to Tribunnewsbatam, Sunday (11/28/2010) night, without explaining details point.

Yelfian states, when it was in the car only Robby, friend Robby, CO, and the driver. The plan, after delivering Robby, cars deliver CO directly to the Hotel Vista, where the model was staying.

Asked why in the car only three of them a ride, Yelfian admitted at that time there were two cars that pick up artist troupe from Noname Cafe at Harmoni Hotel. But because one car was full, then the CO participate in the car the other party.

He, himself, together with about four separate models and a number of artists in the other car. He did not think early on Saturday was also a horrendous event occurred.

"We joined shock. Then we submit the case to law enforcement. All of it beyond our expectations," he said.

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