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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All Night Long Celebration Party on E Groove With Sexy DJ

Not E Groove name if it does not bring anything new in the arena this year warning turnover. Welcoming the year 2010 the so-called tiger year, E Groove again presents a series of events that would certainly shake up clubber Batam. "To change this year, starting at 21:30 wib, E Groove will bring something memorable. Different sensations will be felt visitors to the turn of New Year's Eve later "says Hurricane.

According to the Typhoons, pickles which will be held Thursday (31/12) it will display the DJ Sexy DJ Velly and Nou Property Band from Jakarta. 'They certainly would make the evening more lively turn of the year to regale music skills they possess, because these two performers have been tested in terms of performance on the stage "added Cyclone.

In addition will also be present as usual Sexy Dancer that will be more warm atmosphere and Merapi Band, a local band that has had a place in the hearts Clubbers batam. All of these treat drafted in such a way so that visitors through the night with the turn of this year a deep impression. In addition, continued Typhoon, E Groove also will present a series of exciting games and Lucky Draw. Of course for visitors and a record will get a bill most surprise or shock from E Groove.

And last but not least pull the carpet was a promo given by E Groove is promo buy 2 get one for Whiskey and for Black Label, Jack Daniel's and Chivas are given a discount of 20 percent. With the promo is expected to Batam clubber will be better able to enjoy this new turn of the year together with friends and those closest.

For the clubber Batam, seemed to get ready to attend and follow the entertainment circuit in the mat 'All Night Long Celebration Party' on e Groove, besides E Groove which have been formed image One Stop Entertainment Party has prepared everything for the smooth event. E Groove who had just celebrated the birthday of the 3 November will still deliver high-quality treats for the Clubbers. One of them is 'All Night Long Celebration Party' on e dhdukung okeh Groove which sponsors such co batamevent.com, Batam Post, Coca Cola, Hotel 89, Sijori Mandiri and Radio FM Batam Business Sing.

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