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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Residents crowded-crowded Batam to Singapore F1 Watch

Density appears at the port of Batam Centre International Ferry on Sunday (25/09/2010). Passengers are seen Indonesian citizens who wish to Singapore, as well as tourists from Singapore's passengers who return on holiday in Batam

Hundreds of foreign tourists from Singapore and Malaysia for a vacation to Batam seemed crowded the departure gate to return to his country after a holiday weekend in Batam. They crowded depart back to Singapore, because it wanted to watch Formula One (F1).

"Vacation for a while before watching F1 tonight," said a prospective passengers want from Batam to Singapore.

It is also commonly seen when going into a global holiday. Travelers from Singapore and Malaysia it seems likely target of Batam as a vacation spot one or two days, rather than settle in the country.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Luggage Discounts Up to 70 Percent on Matahari Department Store

Planning to travel outside the city, do not miss the latest collection of luggage at Matahari Department Store. A total of three well-known foreign brand luggage presented here, with special discount promotions. Just mention the French luggage brand, brand Delsei offered at 60-70 percent discounts.

In addition, Cellini's Italian given 50 to 60 percent discount. And last brand origin country Lojel Japanese sakura in 30 per cent discount. Nofri say, a sales promotion boy Matahari Department Store Mega Mall, though only three months of entry in Batam but these brands already have a market share in other countries.

"The product is new to the city of Batam, but already have a name in the world market share. And each brand has its own advantages. The course has been tailored to the needs of people today. Starting from the needs of the job, a family vacation, and other. So that prospective buyers can actually choose which one is most suitable for him, "said Nofri.

For the brand Delsei, said if the suitcase is a French origin has an advantage that is more powerful. Delsei own choice luggage sizes ranging from 19 inch, 20 inch and 29 inch. As for Cellini brand, famous models, motives, and the material is varied. The size is almost the same brand suitcase with Delsei, only the largest size of Cellini to 31 inch.
And for Lojel, called Nofri known as polycarbon suitcases made from the anti-break, to start 19-inch sizes available, 25 inch, 29 inch well.

"Everyone has the advantages of each. To Delsei been known for a stronger material. If Cellini more choice models and motifs, ranging from plain to a picture of the flowers, then there is a model plot there is also a regular or as backpack, and the material is also resistant water. Then for Lojel mostly made of poly carbon material is shatterproof, "explained Nofri

Price suitcases are too varied for each brand, the brand Delsei starting price of 1 million 900 thousand to 3.6 million rupiah. For the brand of Cellini, the price starts from 1.3 million to 2.9 million rupiah. And for Lojel, starting 1.4 million up to 2.5 million rupiah. Not until there, purchasing a suitcase with a 50 percent discount below could get two-year warranty.

Direct Pay 2.5 Million for habitation in Nusa Indah Batam

Only by paying money for 2.5 Million you can directly type occupied one housing unit 27 at the Nusa Indah Housing. Promo is valid only during the property exhibition expo Bay Harbour Mall and while supplies are still there.

Housing located in Yellow Front is also worth 10 per cent discount in every purchase of any housing unit type.

"In the Nusa Indah Housing, we have some type of house types ranging from 27, 36, and the latter are type 45. Promo for the housing unit type 27 is, by paying 2.5 million rupiahs only direct purchasers can already inhabiting the house. No. only that, we also give special discounts namely equal to 10 percent, but the discount applies on the purchase of housing units for all types. So it can be said, for prospective buyers housing unit type 27 could benefit twice, "said Aya a Marketing Nusa Indah Housing mukakuning batam.

According to him, where housing is located in an industrial area Mukakuning, making these homes are very strategic. The need for public transportation is very easy for prospective residents, so access to other areas can be reached quickly. In addition, Aya mentioned the selling price of a Housing Nusa Indah housing units are still affordable.

"It's been a lot of profits, actual price offered to prospective buyers is also relatively affordable. For 27-type housing unit prices starting from 83 million to 92 million rupiah, while for 36 type price of just 115 million. For 45-type, one priced at 140 housing units million rupiah, and are worthy of note, prices are not including a 10 percent discount, "said Aya back.

Enhanced also by himself, Nusa Indah Housing itself has been certified to the public no longer need to worry. For those of you who are interested, do not miss it because it offers limited housing units. Visit the booth soon Perum Nusa Indah in title only Property Expo exhibition on the floor of a Bay Harbour Mall.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Special Discounts For Type Matoa Villa Panbil

Interested in the region want to have the exclusive home Villa Panbil Mukakuning, so hurry to order this month. in this Lebaran, the developer again offer special prices for home purchases in the Cluster Matoa.

"There are special discounts for the purchase of post-Lebaran this house. Especially Cluster Matoa home purchase. This special price may be in the 50-10 percent discount from the selling price of the house," said Yaodeanto Handjaya, Deputy Director of Marketing and GA PT Nusatama Propertindo Panbil, Monday ( 20 / 9).

Yaodeanto added in addition to special rates apply for buyers who are interested can also choose the desired payment method, so prospective buyers can see directly the location and construction of his house.

"Those who are truly interested, then we can just discount the price would we give more," said Deanto invites.

Cluster Matoa at Villa Panbil has become the dream for which so far borjuisme expect the availability of affordable luxury homes more valuable. Houses Matoa type design consists of two floors like houses of Europe. Materials bangunannyapun materials not indiscriminate but quality selection.

"The price is still hundreds of millions of rupiah, but for certain types of prices can also be higher," said Deanto again.

The good response to the type of the property market in the Villa Panbil Matoa also because the only housing in a city on the concept of nature. Strategically located near the industrial area Mukakuning, and enclosed shopping centers Kepri Panbill Mall and the Mall.

Apart from the natural situation and feel healthier air any time, residents will be spoiled for various facilities. There are houses on stilts which is green, cool and natural with views directly overlooking the green and into the jungle nan fishing pond (fishing pond fish).

Interested wanted to have a house in Villa Panbil Matoa please contact the number 0778-371000, 0778-371012 and 371 333. Can also be contacted directly to marketing 0778-5122217, 0778-7290616, 0778-7287932, 0813-64566488.

Bellavista dream house in Batam Centre

You want a good house in Batam Centre, then the offer from the developer PT Putra Karyasindo Prakarsa (PKP) as the Bellavista housing developer in Batam Centre, can be observed. Currently, developers welcomed the blessing Lebaran enforce this promo discount purchase gifts directly to the park and electronics.

"A lot of promos and discounts, preferred method of payment tengantung prospective buyers.'s Special promo is valid until September 30, 2010," said Teguh M Basuki, Bellavista project leaders, some time ago.

Among these promotions, applies advances (DP) 0 percent and 0 percent interest payment. Another promo, free AJB fees, certificates and cash gradual BPHTB up 60 times.

Every purchase of a house in Bellavista can direct gifts of various LCD TV 37 inch to 42 inch LCD TV. Additional gift in the form of home theater. There are also several free gifts AC 1 PK also given bonuses front garden plus garden lamps and there is also a raffle coupon with multiples of 20 million rupiah grand prize prizenya first fruits of Suzuki APV cars, which is drawn at end of year 2010.

If you want more detail another time for three months hard cash discount plus 20 percent and 5 percent, to cash in stages during the 12-month 20 percent discount, for 24 months 10 per cent discount for 36 months and 5 percent price discount. There was even a gradual installments over 48 months to 60 months there is a special price.

While purchasing a mortgage Ekspress within 60 days, imposed a 15 percent discount, free cost AJB, HGB and BPHTB. Moreover, it can also direct buyers Cash Back at 5 percent multiplied by the value platfon approved mortgage banks.

How? You want to have home contact phone sales and marketing Belavista Cassablanca at 07787879400, 081270008171 and 081 261 027 007.

Taman Golf Residence Doubel Give Bonuses

Doubel bonus given to your prospective buyers housing units in Taman Golf Residence. Starting from the LCD TV, until Air Conditioner (AC) can be found in each type of house in the housing. Own bonus applies to the purchase of housing units during the property exhibition expo that was held at Harbour Bay Mall.

Erin said, as the Marketing PT Adhya Mitra Bangun Sarana, not only that but the prospective buyer will also get other privileges by buying housing units in Taman Golf Residence. Housing is located adjacent to the Riau Islands Mall will give you a different view of the housing, other housing in the city of Batam. The housing will be presenting a full view of the golf course will be a vast expanse of green grass.

"We really try to make something new. Maybe people will get bored with the view that dense city, but now we give more color choices. Not only that, even prospective buyers will also be a golf member who applies for life. There was also a gardens can be enjoyed by prospective buyers who will inhabit the house in this housing. And can also enjoy other facilities, ie, Club House, which we provide specialized in housing, "explained Erin.

To reward the LCD Television and AC itself, given to each prospective buyer with a different type of house. For prospective buyers a 109-type housing units in Taman Golf Residence will be given a free 32-inch LCD television, but for residential buyers will get two 99-type AC units.

Golf Garden Residence Housing itself has a strategic location to easily accessible from various directions. Moreover, its position adjacent to the Riau Islands Mall, according to Erin is a value to the housing.

While the price offered of this Housing vary depending typenya. Prices for 109-type housing units priced starting from 840 million to 987 million rupiah. While the type 99, dibandrol price of up to 908 million 720 million rupiah.

Payment transactions can be done in cash, cash installment, or mortgage. However, Erin added, for a cash purchase transaction phases, prospective buyers can pay by installments over 36 installments. Interested in owning a house with golf course view, go directly to the exhibition Property Expo Bay Harbour Mall.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fantasy Land has been opened in Harbourbay Mall

Shopping at the Mall Harbaurbay with your favorite sons and daughters are now more enjoyable. Because, there has been attending the central arena of children's game called Fantasy Land.

Fantasy Land that has been in operation since 10 September and this provides 5 types of games children are very interesting, one of the only such as windmills, and so forth.

The reason is, all games in Fantasy Land located downstairs Harbourbay mall is imported directly from China and everything is in new condition. Four of the five games are all driven by machines.

Winnie Ho Harbourbay Mall Director of Operations said, the presence of Fantasy Land is expected to spoil the loyal visitors Harbourbay Mall while shopping with son-daughter's pet.

Regarding the entry ticket, The management Harbourbay Mall provides price USD 5 thousand every once played, the price is valid from Monday to Friday. If you want to play as much, pengelolah provide unlimited ticket worth USD 22 thousand, with tickets costing your child can play as much.

Saturday and Sunday while the manager gives different prices. "If the weekend ticket price of $ 7 thousand, once played, if tickets unlimited or play as much seharganya USD 30 thousand," promo.

In addition, the Manager also offers interesting promo with shopping in all the multiples of USD 50 thousand Harbourbay Mall tenants get one free play in the Fantasy Land with how to exchange your shopping receipt dikonter information.

"Come on .. change your shopping receipt. Promo is valid 6 to 30 next September, does not apply multiples, and does not apply in the Amazon, Jurassic Island and Kids Zone Harbourbay Mall," Clearly, Jenny. Tuesday (14/09/2010) yesterday.

In addition to opening the arena game, Harbaourbay Mall will also soon open a karaoke places said Winnie Ho passed.

Buy Mansion Apartments Nagoya get bonuses Furniture

Buy an apartment type 57 in Nagoya Mansion and get furniture direct. The apartment stands in the Nagoya area offers a special promo for prospective apartment buyers type 57 during September 2010.

It is said by Herrera, one of Nagoya Marketing Executive Mansion, this special offer does not apply to the purchase of an apartment type 28 or 78. In addition to getting a variety of furniture direct, prospective buyers who make payment by cash installments gradually was able to get lighter.

"Offering a special place in September and only for type 57 only. Type itself has three rooms, furniture that we give will also vary. Starting from Queen bed, single bed, sofa, dining table, kitchen set, LCD TV 32 ', single door fridge, and wardrobe, "said Herrera.

Added also by him, specifically to the couch, prospective buyers can even choose the apartment directly sofa models that have been provided from ivana furniture. Payment can be done alone pronounce in three ways, namely cash, cash installment, or NAC (apartment ownership credit).

However, for prospective buyers who make payment in cash transactions gradually, expressed also by Herrera could get a lighter installments. If you usually many other houses and apartments provide only 24 quarterly installments, but a special promotion you can repay up to 36 times.

With the concept of a 4 star hotel standards in it, you too can enjoy the beautiful views of the city directly from your room. Not only that, various other facilities in the apartment Nagoya Mansion can also be utilized directly.

Starting from the fitness center, mini market, shopping street, where a safe and adequate parking, function room, swimming pool or you can use. In fact, Herrera mentioned, only Apartments Nagoya Mansion only foodstreet have facilities for the residents. Therefore for those of you who are interested do not miss this limited opportunity, please visit booth immediately Nagoya Apartments Nagoya Hill Mansion in the ground floor.

BCL Townhouse For Culinary Center

PT. Megah Buana Property, as the housing developer Bukit Citra Lestari (BCL), Batam Center, the center provides special offers for you to buy the unit Townhouse on the market. The developer dare hire Townhouse units purchased with a value of Rp 57 million over three years.

According Djohan, Director of PT Megah Buana Property, along with the marketing of housing units, then starting August 2010, also began mesarkan unti office and Townhouse. For two-story office was built 32 two-storey Townhouse unti and 52 units. Price perunit for these two types of marketed Rp 315 million.

"This is just the promo price, but starting September 3, 2010, the price will go up to Rp 20 million, or a Rp 335 million. For the marketing of shophouses and townhouses also get excited from the community. For the concept of office, to perdanganan and offices, but khsus for Townhouse we develop a center Culinary busiest in the vicinity of Airport Batam Centre, "said Djohan, Monday (08/30/2010).

For buyers Townhouse units, the developer offers an attractive way of buying. With the payment of booking fee of Rp 3 million, after which there is the pause time to repay the mortgage down payment (DP) 24 times. When the repayment installments of DP runs 13 times, the courage to rent a townhouse developer purchased at a price of Rp 57 million for the next 3 years.

"We will develop this Townhouse region to become a hawker centers and food most comprehensive and busiest airport in the area later. No longer, to get the money back, because we're going to rent and townhouses area specifically for the culinary center. Where else, how easily this way, new installment payments already in the process of hiring some progress, "Djohan fresh again.

This townhouse has a lot size of 6 meters times 20 meters, and the size of the building first floor 6 meters by 5 meters and second floor size of 6 meters by 8 meters. Are you interested in owning or investing by buying townhouses, can contact our marketing at 0778-7308725 and 0778-7240829.

Buy Houses Tropicana Residence Batam Centre elektornik Prizes

You want to have a home of the most strategic in Batam, the answer can only be found if you buy a house in Tropicana Residence Batam Centre. Apart from its location superior, special purchases during this September, developer of electronic prizes memberlaku promo luxury.

According Dedy a Golden Marketing PT Nusa Persada, for designation as an access location may be said of gold compared to other housing in Batam. The developer also promises the most complete facility for prospective residents.

Among them, from swimming pools, spa, club house, security system 24 hours a day, the Internet zone can be enjoyed by residents. Even for support facilities 24-hour security, CCTV and even some have also been installed at this point-some point in Tropicana Residence.

"For the facilities, we are trying to provide the best for prospective residents of Tropicana Residence. Wherever possible we will always put the comfort of occupants, such as for example, for our electrical system using electrical systems in the soil. So the environment may appear more clean and arranged neatly," said Dedy (09/15/2010).

The electronic gift diantaranyakulkas two doors, BlackBerry mobile phone, LCD TV 21 inch, and Note Book. Gifts can you take it home with pay booking fee worth five million dollars. Reward yourself can be taken after the installment payment.

Not only that, Dedy also revealed that in addition to direct gifts, prospective buyers can get a discount. For those buyers who conduct transactions in cash and cash loud gradually getting a discount worth 12 percent. While prospective buyers who use the mortgage as payment transactions will receive a discount of 8.5 percent.

For those of you who are interested in, immediately went to stand Tropicana Residence at Level 1 Mega Mall.

Find Sex for Women Based on passion fruit

TRY know the characters through fruit female sex which she liked. Here are the fruits of that match with the character of female sex:

If a woman who likes to eat grapes, meaning he is the type of woman that difficult. In his excite sex. Women like this need a long foreplay in order to really aroused. Unfortunately, this passion of women as dependent on mood, so sometimes hot sometimes also sluggish.

Women love to eat apples is a woman who was keeping the beauty of her breasts. This type of woman really enjoy the sex.

Type like this certainly has a very smooth skin and white, very concerned with keeping his face. But the woman who likes to eat bengkoang is very closed in the matter of sex, passion was mediocre.

Even though this woman seemed harsh and indifferent, even difficult to be approached but her character is very romantic in love affairs. For those who have a pair of this type will be very lucky.

for women who really loved to eat oranges, you have to be careful because if they talked would be very painful and harsh. Women like this having an enormous passion. But weakness in the love he will bow the knee to the man if he can arouse sexual desire.

Likes to eat bananas can be interpreted as a very large woman who desires, for them if his home life without sex is just emptiness. If you possess the couple likes to eat bananas, you must be prepared to maintain stamina.

For fans of mango, this woman is submissive diranjang, they would perform sex variation in accordance with the wishes mate. But characters like this really need to fight hard to be able to satisfy her in bed.

Plaza Botania Recommend 3T Concept

Where do you shop? low prices and large selection. ? So the answer is only found if you are visiting and shopping at Plaza Botania Garden Batam Centre.

Indahwaty Bussines, Business Developmet Manager, PT Fanindo Botania Garden Plaza as the developer is now dare to bring up the "slogan 3T" with a sense Largest, Complete and Cheapest.

"Biggest, because in the region Botania Garden is a residential area and the largest business in Batam Centre. So is the market and other shopping centers. Meanwhile, Complete purposes, because all household goods available at our place. Furthermore, Cheapest, mean selling price of goods offered all of the wholesale price, and far cheaper than anywhere else, "said Indahwaty, Thursday

Indahwaty explain Botania Garden Plaza area there are now three big shops that provide clothing choices and pants with cheap price but quality. In terms of choice and we assure you the price here more affordable price.

There are children's clothes to adult clothes. Stay visible and if interested please buy, because prices are cheaper compared to shopping at malls or shops in Nagoya or a love match. The point here is closer but the quality remains the same.

"Clothes T-shirts for adults sold USD 10-15 thousand there. We see the model and the quality is all that good," said Belle invites.

Added indah again, not only of different clothing, also available various household products at Universal Homeware. "For our household products are also versatile low price guarantee, and certainly cost the same as the wholesale price in the Nagoya area and love match," he explained.

For the area of the Plaza itself is now the middle of a process of which the ground floor is almost finished installing ceramic. Dalan estimated the near future, the tenant will be designing and occupied it.

Special to market yourself, Beautiful explain the price of vegetables and fish are also sold at a competitive price compared to other markets in Batam Centre.

"In addition to that brought in more fresh fish, for products such as sugar and rice in the market we also sell cheaper. So, for the people around Botania Market, to meet the needs of living to come to our place," said indah end.

Residents Batam content Lebaran holiday to Movies

On entering the last days of the Eid holiday, many people chose cinema as a place of entertainment. Based on observations on Sunday (09/12/2010) yesterday, hundreds of people seemed to meet the waiting room 21 theater Nagoya Hill. People both young and old seem to queue to buy cinema tickets.

Said one ticket seller, actually blast the audience itself has begun since the previous day. Have as many as four movie theater, 21 theater Nagoya Hill himself plays a foreign film and three films own country.

According to him, now a film titled Expendables still a favorite candidate for the audience, which followed later by a religious film entitled the illuminator.

He said again, though Expendables have been for a month more, but this movie is still playing for an audience flow that would not go quiet. American mercenary themed movie is indeed a lot of showing scenes that trigger adrenalin.

Not only that, the movie that was produced was a talented actor Sylvester Stallone is the star-studded Hollywood. Call it Bruce Willis, Jet Lin even Hollywood actor who has become a Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also took part in this movie.

As for the audience who does not like action movies, mentioned prefer watching the Enlightenment who acted by Lukman Sardi. Islamic religious nuances this film tells the story of the struggle of a character named Ahmad Dahlan in the wrong direction to change direction in a big mosque named Kauman. Besides Lukman Sardi, names such as Saskia Adya Mecca and also participated Spice Leads Nidji this movie.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tours in Rempang Galang crowded Visitors

The atmosphere at Camp Vietnam
tourist Barelang Batam,
when holiday Eid 2010, Sunday (12/09/2010) yesterday.

The existence of two beaches in the area Rempang Galang, Malay coast and coastal ocean jessamine become human. None of the gap space for citizens to find a place to relax. Number of visitors affects a number of parents had lost children.

"Mother, mother, mother where I was. That was the mother here. Can you check my mother" Adel a boy who separated from her parents' troupe, Sunday (09/12/2010) yesterday.

Visitors who see this kid go directly to help find her parents. Luckily this kid could carry a cell phone, although there was no pulse visitors always help this poor kid. Shortly Adel finally to meet his parents.

Number of people who come to these two beaches make coastal managers are forced to set the places that can be made casual visitors. Like for example in the Malay coastal managers prohibit traders to sell the crowd location.

The location of other objects of interest as the place to visit the complex of village residents in Vietnam. Residents had to queue to get into or parked cars and motors.

The atmosphere at Camp Vietnam tourist Barelang Batam, when holiday Eid 2010, Sunday (12/09/2010) yesterday.

Police Attempt to Anticipate Stuck in Simpang Barelang

Batam residents who crowded into Barelang Bridge began to appear on the day the second day of the Eid. Enthusiastic residents go to make a tourist attraction along the way trans Barelang standstill.

Each year, congestion Lebaran season.
at Simpang towards Bridge-Tembesi Barelang Batuaji
always maintained traffic cop.

Congestion is a member of the patrol was forced to step in overcoming these street traffic flow. Residents who use the wheel either two or four wheels began to move freely toward the destination.

Watchlist tribunnewsbatam two patrol cars were deployed either forced to start from the intersection Barelang to go to the bridge I Barelang. Residents claimed the second day of Eid is a time to bring the family into a tourist attraction

"The event was the first day maafan sorry. The second day we planned deliberately invite the family into a tourist attraction.'ve Come to work Monday, so when would the right time," said the mother Ning MKGR Housing residents, Batuaji.

50 Bikers Touring Batam to Tanjungpinang

Already round our determination to make touring from Batam to Tanjunguban and continue the journey into town Tanjungpinang. King any motorcycle I've been doing since the middle of Ramadan 2010. Such as modifying the exhaust sound back okay.

I along with an 50-riders had gathered at the office near Graha Yamaha Batam Centre. We of the two motorcycle club, the Son and Club Racer Kids Boms motor. Around 9:00 we arrived at the Port of Lake Punggur to get aboard RORO.

But antrinya long time. Friends already in could not wait to enjoy the Roro vessel, commonly used by people who want to cross from Java to Sumatra or from Java to Bali and Madura.

Hem, ternyatanya his ship slowly came. Perhaps because of heavy rain earlier that afternoon. We also had rain during almost at the Port of Punggur. Tickets already purchased. A motorcycle with two people the price is USD 53 thousand. If you own Rp 39 thousand. Simply present vehicle registration alone was able to climb aboard this Roro.

Approximately at 13.00 pm, we finally left, too. Relieved of this heart to enjoy the thrill ride Roro vessel. "Woi, we set off," said my friend who had already looked irritated waiting Roro ship it.

Waves of sloping with a little wobble really give the sensation for me the first time this ship. My friends were already busy with his own style. There take pictures ria, there which just ngorbor, there is also an up and down on the deck of the ship. Just fun deh.

We finally arrived at after traveling Tanjunguban Approximately one hour more. Rasayanya impatiently anxious friends gather ama motorcycle club in Tanjungpinang already menuynggu. With neat we trooped out of the clouds greeted motor. In the liver we also pray for no rain.

The weather was unpredictable. We had to stop several times because of rain and also to rest. Said my friend, the distance from Tanjunguban to 90 kilometeran Pinang. Waw, far too huh?! I do not know where we stopped, I do not know. If his command berhendi, I too stopped.

Yes, a tough field that I was able to pass and finally betemu with friends Pinang in Bintan Centre. As regards biker, some attractions were on display. There is also a freestyle contest between migrants and host. Deh really fun though a little body feels tired.

Perhaps this was the story of me for want of rest. Tomorrow we will tour to several tourist attractions here, the plan also will to Lagoi. Oh yes, with a contribution of Rp 130 thousand, we can already staying at the hotel. One room alone.

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