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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eat Healthy, Cheap, Delicious and Convenient to the "Smiley Vegan Resto" wrote

Smiley Vegan Resto is a restaurant that offers comfort with a representative of the room complete with all facilities like a fancy restaurant. But who would have thought a restaurant offers menus which are located directly in front of the monastery was Maetra Sei Panas was able to enjoy with a standard price, cheap aliases.

Because Smiley Smiley Vegan Vegan Resto Resto is precisely located in commercial Kintamani Blok C no Sei Panas Batam 8-9 provides various menus istemewa a reduced price, such as among others. buffet lunch that cost ranging from Rp 7000, catering packages ranging from the price of Rp 8000, one month package Baby (All gek) ranging from USD 18 thousand, packages special boxes of USD 20 thousand and eat package only USD 30 thousand.

"We bring this restaurant to all circles, we want to make food that will vegertarian foods can be introduced for all people. So far pretty good, reasonably priced menu of choice for school children, "said Akiang Budi, manager Smiley Vegan Resto.

That's because Smiley menu guaranteed to give good flavor, and its own special dish. Not to mention the full service hospitality room provided without kesetiap differentiated. "In accordance with our slogan, greeting guests with hospitality smiles," Budi said.

That's not to mention the facility can enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant has conditioned space, meeting rooms, family room, children's playground and free hotspots. "Eat in Smiley, healthier, cheaper, more comfortable feeling," said Budi Promotion.

Happy Puppy, Happy Package of the Month in March

Since in Indonesia in the 90's, karaoke business, there is no death. But who survive and continue to grow is not much. One of them Happy Puppy. Since 1992, Happy Puppy initiated the concept of "Karaoke" for the family segment. "The concept of family for many quarters, making Happy Puppy different from other karaoke spots, here the difference lies in prioritizing comfort decor visitors" said Frieddie, Operational Manager of Happy Puppy Batam, located in Nagoya Hill.

The song selection is comprehensive and always on the updates every week, making Happy Puppy, can exist up to now. Family Karaoke concept first introduced by Santoso of Indonesia with the establishment of Happy Puppy Self-Service Family Karaoke Box on November 14, 1992 in Surabaya. Similarly, for adopting the ways in Japan and Korea, at first, Happy Puppy service is a self-service. This means that consumers pay the rent a karaoke room in advance. Buying food and drink in person to the sales table. Likewise, playing their own songs using the automatic disc changer machine. "But developments in Indonesian karaoke bar in Batam in particular are now more retail, which many businesses offering karaoke place, either in hotels or at the mall, however, Happy Puppy has something different in appeal to other places, be it from the menu as well as other services "said Freddie.

The concept of Happy Puppy always be improved as development era. Indonesian society is not familiar with the concept of supermarkets and prefer to be served. Similarly, computerization into all aspects of operations including the selection and play a song. Family Karaoke well received from the people of Indonesia. In addition to this march, Happy Puppy will also be launching a variety of packages such as Happy packages, ie packages that have been designed with a blend of singing plus 2 hours of food and drinks, with prices in accordance with the size of the selected room capacity.

"Promo is specifically dedicated for the day Monday-Thursday starting from mid-February and, for example, only for guests who choose a room with a capacity of 8 persons, subject to tariff package is Rp 128 thousand was included singing and snacks and soft drinks" added Freddie.

Not only that Happy Puppy systems also impose Happy Hour every day from 12 o'clock noon until 6 o'clock in the afternoon. "There are special prices for visitors who take the package happy hour at Happy Puppy, the discount space ranging from 40 to 50 percent" said Freddie. In addition to a comfortable place, Happy Puppy also has a collection of songs almost 100 thousand songs consisting of songs Indonesia, Lagu Barat, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Rock n Roll Night Party In E Groove

As if not run out of ideas, e groove continues to provide exciting entertainment to gruvy. This time not only groovy (egroove loyal visitors call-ed) or cluber Batam, event Rock n Roll Night Party this weekend also intended to Caucasians, Caucasians are more stay in Batam. Rock n Roll atmosphere will color abis e groove from Saturday night until morning.

"At this time the event e groove has a target market of the northern-Caucasians, especially the longer stay on the island of Batam to be present and to enliven the northern ini.karena event is fun and will be fond of musik2 rock n roll" said an e groove Tovan Manager .

Rock n Roll Night Party will dedicate Sign Band and DJ Mighty Male from Jakarta, the Black Out Band / / Quis N Games. To support the pub atmosphere becomes really thick with the atmosphere of his rock n roll pub employees and also the band will wear costumes nuanced rockn roll or Texas-style cowboy costume.

For those who do not want to miss the rush just come to an e groove, at 21:00 pm party will start to completion. This weekend there is no longer a nice place for hanging out than in e groove. "Wait what, prey to the event hanging rock n roll party night by night a week, saw the cowboy-style Texas atmosphere and Quis kesmepatan n awarded the Games that offer by the sponsor , "said Tovan.

Roemah Loeloer, comfortable Care at Home

Body treatments for women becomes a necessity, because with good maintenance and regularly make a woman be more fresh, so that the positive aura of women will come out. Of course, comfort care for the body of concern, see it and many places offer a less satisfactory treatment, many women prefer to do body treatments with an expert to call home. But different things in Roemah Loeloer, because there she can take care of your body comfortable in your own home.

"Roemah Loeloer's house we made a treatment, we want to make Roemah Loeloer as a comfortable place to do treatment at home. Intimate atmosphere is different, so like a visit or a visit to a friend's house, and get treatment, because the concept of a regular house that we "Dien said, owners Roemah Loeloer.

Besides comfortable atmosphere, Roemah Loeloer also provides a method of treatment that is only Relaxasi relaxing muscles. Convenience certainly not the only one that sought by women, body care that is safe and not risk that is actually the real treatment. Hence Roemah Loeloer located at Jalan Muara Takus No. 2 provide treatment using only natural products.

"Leisure longer natural, therefore if we only provide treatment for 4 hours of each customer, for convenience we only provide the last 8 Bed, 2 Couple Room and one for four. Sometimes we also receive a booking request "Dien said kindly.

Talk price problem, do not worry, though Roemah Loeloer guarantees comfort and natural Herbal products, one-time treatment for the full package (massage, scrubs, salon, bath, etc.) is only USD 225 thousand, USD 300 thousand. Specials for scrubs USD 130 thousand, USD 200 thousand. Power Loeloer Roemah body treatments will give the best because they have been trained by some expert body treatments.

Rakor Pemko, Otorita Batam, Parliament, Exit Sign Surveillance Products at Free Port

Success least development in a city will depend on the coordination of relevant parties. Whether it's between government agencies such as the bureaucracy, legislation and yudikasi and stakeholders in this case private parties or investors. To further strengthen the coordination, the three major government agencies in Pemko Batam Batam City, BP (Board of) and the DPRD Batam Batam City held a coordination meeting at the Hotel Vista, Wednesday (24/02)

Coordination meeting, which is an annual event that the three agencies to discuss the evaluation and implementation of regional autonomy and the implementation of the FTZ in Batam. Coordination meetings attended by leaders in the crucial third intansi namely Batam Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan, Head of BP (Supervisory Board) Batam, Mustofa Widjaja, Chairman of the Parliament Surya Sardi agencies and agency heads, the vertical management of the institution, community leaders and businessmen.

In the three agencies agreed the meeting would improve coordination and consistency, especially in settings pamasukan and release of goods to and from the free trade zone and free port of Batam, especially the socio-economic impact upon society.

Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan said, observing a coordination meeting between the Parliament of Batam, Pemko Batam Batam and BP that have been conducted earlier, and address the development of factual issues, it should be followed up and agreed upon in order to improve people's welfare in the city of Batam as a free trade area.

Meanwhile, BP's Chief Mustofa Widjaja said Batam, Batam's development was born of a mind to take advantage of its geographical position close to Singapore and was in international waters. Despite limited resources, but with a planned management and coordination with parties related to the development of Batam, Batam is expected to grow a conducive investment.

Chairman of the DPRD Kota Batam Surya sambutanya Sardy in quoting Edmund Burke said, "A country that does not have a way to make some changes, do not have to maintain kelangsunganya way".

Batam Travel Fair 2010, the market absorbed Outbond

A total of Tour and Travel 5 incorporated in the 'Book and travel Holidays Consortium' held Batam Tour and Travel Fair 2010. The consortium consists of Balindo Tour and Travel, NEO Tour and Travel, VIP Tour and Travel, Classic Tour and Travel and Orange World Tour and Travel. In the event that was held for three days from Friday (26/02/2010) - Sunday (28/02/2010), the consortium of travel agents that deliver a variety of travel packages abroad or Outbound.

"The implementation of this three-day, can be used by communities to find tour packages anywhere that is worth) to buy" Oenny said Zhou, one of the exhibitors, who is also chairman of the committee Batam Travel Fair 2010. Exhibition and sale of travel tickets held by one of the consortium is directly attacked the visitors who come. In the booth located in front of the stage Nagoya Hill street food is, the visitors grabbed brochures travel packages offered by travel agents. Indeed not a few tickets were sold on the first day of ticket sales was primarily as experienced aircraft carrier Garuda Indonesia.

In the exhibition titled Batam Travel Fair 2010, giving exhibitors offer special prices for tourist visits. For example, special prices for travel to various countries in Asia such as Korea, China and Japan as well as attractive prices for vacation packages to Europe such as Italy, France, Britain and Germany. "It's our goal this exhibition is to absorb the outbound market, and Batam Travel Fair 2010 event was also in line with the Natas Fair in Singapore, the promo package holiday in Singapore that is Outbound" Reveal Oenny.

During the exhibition, too, as many as six agents incorporated in the 'Book and travel Consortium Holidays' packages to sell a special trip to travel both domestic and foreign travel. And one of the travel package offered by the 'Book and Travel Holidays Consortium' is a Honeymoon package to Korea, China and Japan, three countries have a romantic panorama and an affordable price.

Ayam Bakar Taliwang, Spicy, Delicious and Tempting

For fans of grilled chicken, you should take the time and mental sharpness to challenge the drug is presented by the Ayam Bakar Taliwang. "This is the typical food chilli, rather than the majority Taliwang kampong residents are fond of chicken baker, and this is an authentic culinary of Indonesia" said Rudy Kaharuddin, Restaurant Owner Taliwang Pelita Ayam Bakar.

Rudy, who started his business through a fast food businesses such as vegetable lontong, it has planned to make a breakthrough for Batam market share, through a menu, which has not existed before. "Previously, we provide a variety of cuisine, such as lontong vegetables, chicken pecel penyet and many more, but the competition for culinary lot, so a bit less convincing progressnya" Add Rudy.

The number of unique ornaments Lombok that accompanied the presentation of this Taliwang Ayam Bakar adds a thick NTB on this comestible. Resto shades to suit any concept shop baker makes Chicken Restorant Taliwang fit the target segmentation.

It is said that makes sense typical Taliwang Ayam Bakar is a biting sharpness. Besides the main menu is also usually very fit Pelecing additional Beberuk Kangkung and eggplant sauce. Brown color with a slightly scorched appearance and flavor are scattered evenly throughout the section, making this a unique culinary quarry customers.

This chicken delicacy secret lies from red chili peppers and chili sauce shrimp imported from the Lombok straight, "Usually we bring in 2 weeks for chilli and spices as raw materials Ayam Bakar Taliwang" added Rudy. Another plus is located on the chicken meat that is not rancid, fluffy, not fat because it is not belebihan domestic chicken.

For the price of one portion Ayam Bakar Taliwang Rudy peg perporsi USD 17 thousand. Except grilled chicken is also another version, chicken chili dibumbu aka pelecing. After TALIWANG chicken, watercress pelecing become mandatory food dicicip Lombok. Contains Pelecing watercress watercress, bean sprouts and fried peanuts, toasted coconut that washed red tomato sauce. It was, spicy-spicy savory while still feels fresh watercress.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

4000 Lantern Festival chinese make so light of Nagoya

Lunar New Year, in Batam, of course, be a moment that is always lively it from year to year, since the celebration of the tionghoa community in the era inaugurated by the government of Megawati Soekarno Putri, slam a few years. In Batam alone, repercussions are felt imlek than other regions in Indonesia. Because people on the island scorpion Tionghoa this, well aware of the meaning of cultural diversity. According Asmin Patros, which is a Member of Parliament Kota Batam and Tionghoa cultural observer and member of the Social Circle of Friends Clan Tionghoa Indonesia (PSMTI) in Riau Islands province, diversity and plurality Batam community, the community requires the city to another cultural value.

"We try to incorporate a variety of cultural activities to be developed Tionghoa become even permanent. How to gather and draft activities to support the Lunar New Year visit Batam 2010 "Asmin said, in an interview at a colossal event in China's Lunar Nagoya Town. He added, for the various events that have been prepared by the Committee, it was designed long before imlek.

On Friday (5 / 2) yesterday as the opening Fstival Chinese, Lunar New Year celebrations will start by the Chinese Cultural parade, accompanied by marching bands, special attractions barongsai, karaoke, and modern dance, which is located starting from the intersection of complex harmony to the earth beautiful Sarijaya Hotel. "During the 10 days ahead we will provide entertainment that's treats have been prepared by the committee that in this case and PSMTI this activity is fully supported by Pemko Batam Tourism Office" Asmin said.

On the other hand, thunder magic, Head of Batam City Tourism Office agrees with Asmin and menturkan, oini activity is a form of tolerance that has been the implementation flourish in Batam, and this is positive. "Very well, and we support and from the Office of Tourism will be the agenda of this event as an annual event calendar in Batam, as well as the commitment of local governments in the development and preservation of the cultural value of Indonesia, in which there is also a cultural Tionghoa" said Guntur Sakti, Head of Tourism Batam.

Chinese Festival events will be held from 5 - 13 February 2010 and dated 14 February 2010 was the peak of the Lunar New Year. The next date of February 20, 2010 event will be held follow-up of the Chinese festival circuit, namely the cultural parade and evening entertainment in the same place. Another surprise is there will be 4000 that will illuminate lanterns along this road.

Special Price "Miniature Remote Control" for the Lunar New Year Thousand

Not only the children, adults also have dreams to have a certain dream vehicle. But what if the dream is very difficult to be realized? Maybe miniature toy with remote control is the answer. Even this game has now become a hobby, so that children to adults trying to collect toys bergai these forms. Special welcome kids Lunar Mini House, Miniature - RC Hobby is located in Nagoya Hill Mall Floor G No. 15 gives a very special price for this toy enthusiast.

"The kids Mini House, Miniature - RC Hobby is a complete helicopter, boat, plane and mini cars using the latest remote control model. In addition to complete, now we also impose special price ahead of Lunar New Year from the date of 03-10 February 2010, "said Donny, manager of Mini House kids.

Among the items are given a discount, Helicopter RTF (Ready To Fly) with the E-Sky brand, brand Dragon Boat Gasoline with 26 cc RTR (Ready To Race), toy cars and planes with ReadySet Kyosho brand and model of aircraft Seagull ARF (Almost Ready Fly).

The price given to these products fell from 10 percent to 20 percent than the previous price. After February 10 after imlek, the latest toys and art will be re-enforced the normal price. "So not only opportunities for children, especially the presents for your children that celebrate imlek brightly. "Added this friendly guy.

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