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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brief history of Kota Batam

Batam city was one of the city in Riau Islands province. Batam is an island strategically located because it is located in the international shipping lane. The city is also so close to the State of Singapore and Malaysia. Batam is one of the fastest growing cities in Indonesia. When it was built in the early 1970s the city was only occupied about 6,000 residents, but now has a population of 713,960 inhabitants.


Batam island was first inhabited by people called the people wilt strait since the year 231 AD. The island had a field Admiral Hang Nadim struggle against these invaders used by the government in the 1960s as a petroleum logistics base in Pulau Sambu. In the 1970s, with the initial purpose of making Batam as its Singapore Indonesia, in accordance Presidential Decree number 41 year 1973, Batam Island established as a working environment in industrial areas supported by the Industrial Development Authority Batam Island or better known as the Batam Authority Board (BOB) as a driver of development With the rapid development of Batam Batam Island, in the 1980s, according to Government Regulation No. 34 year 1983, Batam districts that are part of the Riau Archipelago district, upgraded to the status of the Batam municipality has the task of running the government administration and social and development conducted mendudukung Batam Authority. In the era of reform in the late decades of the 1990s, by Act number 53 of 1999, the Batam municipality administrative changes to the status of autonomous region of Batam City Government to carry out the functions of government and development by including Batam Authority Board


The town is part of Riau Islands Province has a land area covering 715 km ² or about 115% of the territory of Singapore, while the total area reached 1.570.35 km ². Tropical Batam with an average temperature of 26 to 34 bderajat Celsius. The city has a hilly terrain and berlembah. The land of red soil is less fertile.

City boundaries Batam:

* In the north border with Singapore and Malaysia
* South side is bordered by County Daik-Lingga
* East side borders on Bintan Island
* West side is bordered by County karimun

Ethnic Groups

Batam City community is a heterogeneous society composed of various tribes and groups. Some of the dominant tribes are the Malays, Minangkabau, Batak, Makassar, Java, Flores, Tionghoa and others. With the cultural guidelines and uphold melayu Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, Kota Batam be conducive to mobilizing economic activity, social, and cultural politics in society. Until the year 2006, Batam has a population of more than 700,000 lives and has a population growth rate was stable. In the period 2001 through 2005 have a population growth rate averaged 6 percent per year.


Islam is the religion of the majority in the city of Batam. Raya Batam mosque located in the middle of town, adjacent to the square, the mayor's office and the office of the Parliament became the symbol of religious Batam. Christian and Catholic religion is also shared by many Batam community, mainly originating from the Batak ethnic and Flores. Buddhism embraced by most Middle Kingdom. Batam has a monastery is supposedly the largest in Southeast Asia, the Vihara Duta Maitreya.


Indonesian (wilt) is used as the medium of day-to-day. Regional languages are also used by the residents who come from other areas, such as language Minang, Batak language, Javanese, Makassar, and also Tionghoa language. This happens because such is a lively place to meet various tribes


Batam city's economic growth is higher than the national economic growth rate makes this region hyper mainstay for economic growth nationally and for the Province of Riau Islands. Various sectors of the economic drivers include communications sector, electricity sector, water and gas, banking sector, industrial sector and over the ship, trade and services sector is the economic pulse batam city that not only is the public consumption Batam and Indonesia, but also a commodity exports to other countries . The existence of economic activities in the city is also in order to increase employment and welfare of the community. Municipality of Batam as the Batam city development officials together the House of Representatives and the City of Batam Batam Authority Board's participation in the continued development, is committed in promoting investment and economic growth in Batam, this is evidenced by the memorandum of understanding these three agencies, which then City development is expected to create a sustainable Batam. Batam, along with Bintan and Karimun now status as Special Economic Zones (KEK). With this expected to increase the investment in Batam that ultimately aimed to improve the welfare of society.

Government Mayor
In realizing the democratization of governance and sustainability in the city of Batam, in January 2006, held elections deputy mayor and mayor of Batam. Through the process of an orderly and safe, then the elected and the establishment of Drs. H. Ahmad Dahlan and Ir. Ria Saptarika as Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Batam period 2006-2011.
Area Subdivisions

Batam City consists of twelve districts, namely:

* District Batam City
* Sub Nongsa
* Sub Bengkong
* Sub Batu Ampar
* Sub Sekupang
* Sub Belakang Padang
* Sub headdress
* Sub Sagulung
* Sub Galang
* Sub Lubuk Baja
* Drum River District


City of Batam has many public and private schools ranging from elementary to high school level. State Universities in Batam is a Maritime University Raja Ali Haji (Umrah). In addition there are many private colleges such as Batam International University (UIB), University of Batam (Uniba), STIE Ibn Sina, STT Bentara Persada, University of Riau Islands (Unrika) etc..

Access to Batam

Access to the City of Batam can be done through the air and sea. Through the air, Batam can be reached through Hang Nadim International Airport serves direct flight route from many cities in Indonesia, like Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Padang, etc.. Batam also has four international ferry ports that connect it with Singapore and Malaysia

Barelang Bridge which connects the island and the island of Batam Rempang and Galang island

Batam City as a tourist town, serving various forms of tourism facilities and coastal marine tourism, arts and cultural attractions, shopping, tourism and economic conferences, and humanitarian travel. Supported by the availability of hotel and resort facilities with an international-class standards and the various events organized in the Calendar of Batam City Tourism Activities that are expected to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of domestic and foreign tourists visited the city in Batam.

Tourist attractions in Batam:

* Barelang Bridge (Icon City Batam)
* Former Vietnamese refugee camp on Galang island
* Beach Nongsa
* Beach Melur
* Beach Sekilak
* Beach Marina City
* Cape Pinggir (there is a statue of Goddess Kwan-Im giant)
* Various international standard resort facilities include a hotel, golf, etc..

Attractions Shopping:

* Complex Nagoya
* Complex Jodoh
* Mega Mall
* Nagoya Hill Mall
* Batam City Square (BCS) Mall
* Diamond City (DC) Mall
* Lucky Plaza (HP Sales Center)
* Mymart (Center for Computer sales)
* Etc..

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