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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nagoya Hill Shopping Center in Central City Batam

Nagoya hill that was her name ... Nagoya hill is the largest shopping mall and a pride batam city at this time. Nagoya hill shopping mall located in the crowded center of Batam City community, the grandeur and beauty of his building Nagoya hill got a high appeal to everyone who came in batam both local and foreign tourists the country would not forget to visit this mall.

Nagoya hill is the most complete shopping in batam, in which there are many booths or outlets ranging from food, clothing, accessories, sports facilities, hardware, furniture, electronics center, and other mobile phone. Food Street is a collection of cafes and local restaurants and cafe franchise like KFC, A & W, Godiva Bistro located in the deep and the front of Nagoya hill.

As the largest mall in batam several leading retail mall is also present in this. Like the Sun, Studio 21, Time Zone, Hypermart is also available in addition to entertainment venues such as billiard center, karaoke centers, pub. Nagoya hill also has a magnificent atrium so that is always used for certain events such as exhibitions, contests and various competitions. The Mall is also available wireles for you who like browsing. You want to visit batam? be sure to visit in Nagoya hill .....

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  1. I checked into my comfortable room at a hotel Batam and the first thingwas to hit Nagoya. I spent a day just browsing around, eating and drinking litres of juice.



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