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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shabu Factory Exposed scenario, Send Goods Experiment Container's Wear Company Prepare and Commissioners

Batam is still a promising field for drug syndicates. After the manufacturer raided shabu-shabu by Police Headquarters a few years ago, this time drug syndicates trying to build a new network.

The syndicate was planning to make the PT Inti Sarana Perkasa, Batu Ampar as shabu-shabu factory. But the effort was not successful, after a successful line of Tema Poltabes kissed the plan. Some principals had custody.

Tema Kombes Kapoltabes Leonidas Braksan MM explained Batam had missed with the operation of shabu-shabu factory last year. Despite the discovery of shabu-making plan is, ironically Batam still be the target of an international drug network.

"The plan if the container could be sent, they would send another but also drugs tucked inside. The results of the laboratory's items into 500 grams of the type of psychotropic drugs, "said Kapoltabes with three roses on the shoulders of this.

Sat Drugs Poltabes range Tema securing of 500 grams (half a kilogram) of shabu warehouse PT Inti. Officers secured the three suspects during each Yos (23), Udin (50) and Anton (19) in the Nagoya area.

Not only shabu-shabu weighing half a kilogram, the police also seized marijuana and 10 packs 35 ecstasy pills. Members of this syndicate certainly not small.

Police smelled there are other players in Batam. Sure enough, the development of the three suspects, police arrested the alleged Boy owner is unlawful goods.

He was pinned in the Hotel Rezeki Batam, Nagoya Room 206 Sunday (8 / 12) around 22:30 pm. Boy's hand from the police seized a packet of shabu.

"I can of this stuff from Rudi. He lived in Pekanbaru. I do not know of it in the can from where. I usually can stuff through him. We took his own stuff in Pekanbaru, "said Boy.

Signal Recognition Through Track Boy became the basis police continued to hunt for a big drug dealer in Batam. Know if the airport in Pekanbaru, the police immediately seek Rudi position.

Not easy to get Rudi, the police had to use IT technology (Science Technology) ie through HP's signals to know where Rudi's position at that time.

HP signal it shows that Rudy has been residing in the Lotus No. 161 street boarding room number 35, Pekanbaru. Drugs ranks immediately surrounded the location of the program kos suspects.

Rudi finally not move slightly when police raided his boarding house. From the police seized the suspect's hand 500 grams (half a kilogram) crystal powder suspected to contain psychotropic exactly boarding room under his chair.

"Rudi admitted that the goods he had been marketed to Batam in the can of AB Malayasia citizens. AB is what has been supplying the drug through his henchmen named Rudi, "said Aries visible Kompol andhi Drugs.

Company Documents Police shocked by the discovery of documents from Rudi's boardinghouse. S document contains the establishment of PT Inti Sarana Perkasa is located in Batu Ampar. In the documents the company engaged in shipping services import export goods. The company also produces mineral fertilizers as base material for use shabu.

"I can take care of all tasks for the purposes of purchasing goods from the AB. That's just my job. I know that this item will make plans to make a shabu factory in Batam. Anton is komisarisnya, if Udin Director of the company, "said Rudi bowed sluggish.

Rudi is an AB trust people to plan a shabu factory in Batam. To eliminate the police suspicions, Rudi had put Anton and Udin position in the document to sit as a Commissioner and Director of PT Inti Sarana Perkasa.

Rudi was also ordered to them to take a shipment of 20 tons of mineral fertilizers in the port of Batu Ampar. This in itself indicated fertilizer as a preservative shabu-shabu. "We raided shabu-shabu goods from containers at the port of Batu Ampar," said visible Drugs.

It turned out that this shipment without the master list and PT Inti Sarana Perkasa also for not having Kepabean Main Number (NIK). The company also has not operated since the director and was first arrested komisarisnya (Udin and Anton).
Delivery of this mineral fertilizer was only this network strategy for mengkelabui officer. For behind the sacks will be tucked a bag containing drugs and narcotics from Malaysia headed to Batam.

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