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Sunday, February 7, 2010

4000 Lantern Festival chinese make so light of Nagoya

Lunar New Year, in Batam, of course, be a moment that is always lively it from year to year, since the celebration of the tionghoa community in the era inaugurated by the government of Megawati Soekarno Putri, slam a few years. In Batam alone, repercussions are felt imlek than other regions in Indonesia. Because people on the island scorpion Tionghoa this, well aware of the meaning of cultural diversity. According Asmin Patros, which is a Member of Parliament Kota Batam and Tionghoa cultural observer and member of the Social Circle of Friends Clan Tionghoa Indonesia (PSMTI) in Riau Islands province, diversity and plurality Batam community, the community requires the city to another cultural value.

"We try to incorporate a variety of cultural activities to be developed Tionghoa become even permanent. How to gather and draft activities to support the Lunar New Year visit Batam 2010 "Asmin said, in an interview at a colossal event in China's Lunar Nagoya Town. He added, for the various events that have been prepared by the Committee, it was designed long before imlek.

On Friday (5 / 2) yesterday as the opening Fstival Chinese, Lunar New Year celebrations will start by the Chinese Cultural parade, accompanied by marching bands, special attractions barongsai, karaoke, and modern dance, which is located starting from the intersection of complex harmony to the earth beautiful Sarijaya Hotel. "During the 10 days ahead we will provide entertainment that's treats have been prepared by the committee that in this case and PSMTI this activity is fully supported by Pemko Batam Tourism Office" Asmin said.

On the other hand, thunder magic, Head of Batam City Tourism Office agrees with Asmin and menturkan, oini activity is a form of tolerance that has been the implementation flourish in Batam, and this is positive. "Very well, and we support and from the Office of Tourism will be the agenda of this event as an annual event calendar in Batam, as well as the commitment of local governments in the development and preservation of the cultural value of Indonesia, in which there is also a cultural Tionghoa" said Guntur Sakti, Head of Tourism Batam.

Chinese Festival events will be held from 5 - 13 February 2010 and dated 14 February 2010 was the peak of the Lunar New Year. The next date of February 20, 2010 event will be held follow-up of the Chinese festival circuit, namely the cultural parade and evening entertainment in the same place. Another surprise is there will be 4000 that will illuminate lanterns along this road.

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