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Friday, February 26, 2010

Ayam Bakar Taliwang, Spicy, Delicious and Tempting

For fans of grilled chicken, you should take the time and mental sharpness to challenge the drug is presented by the Ayam Bakar Taliwang. "This is the typical food chilli, rather than the majority Taliwang kampong residents are fond of chicken baker, and this is an authentic culinary of Indonesia" said Rudy Kaharuddin, Restaurant Owner Taliwang Pelita Ayam Bakar.

Rudy, who started his business through a fast food businesses such as vegetable lontong, it has planned to make a breakthrough for Batam market share, through a menu, which has not existed before. "Previously, we provide a variety of cuisine, such as lontong vegetables, chicken pecel penyet and many more, but the competition for culinary lot, so a bit less convincing progressnya" Add Rudy.

The number of unique ornaments Lombok that accompanied the presentation of this Taliwang Ayam Bakar adds a thick NTB on this comestible. Resto shades to suit any concept shop baker makes Chicken Restorant Taliwang fit the target segmentation.

It is said that makes sense typical Taliwang Ayam Bakar is a biting sharpness. Besides the main menu is also usually very fit Pelecing additional Beberuk Kangkung and eggplant sauce. Brown color with a slightly scorched appearance and flavor are scattered evenly throughout the section, making this a unique culinary quarry customers.

This chicken delicacy secret lies from red chili peppers and chili sauce shrimp imported from the Lombok straight, "Usually we bring in 2 weeks for chilli and spices as raw materials Ayam Bakar Taliwang" added Rudy. Another plus is located on the chicken meat that is not rancid, fluffy, not fat because it is not belebihan domestic chicken.

For the price of one portion Ayam Bakar Taliwang Rudy peg perporsi USD 17 thousand. Except grilled chicken is also another version, chicken chili dibumbu aka pelecing. After TALIWANG chicken, watercress pelecing become mandatory food dicicip Lombok. Contains Pelecing watercress watercress, bean sprouts and fried peanuts, toasted coconut that washed red tomato sauce. It was, spicy-spicy savory while still feels fresh watercress.

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