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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eat Healthy, Cheap, Delicious and Convenient to the "Smiley Vegan Resto" wrote

Smiley Vegan Resto is a restaurant that offers comfort with a representative of the room complete with all facilities like a fancy restaurant. But who would have thought a restaurant offers menus which are located directly in front of the monastery was Maetra Sei Panas was able to enjoy with a standard price, cheap aliases.

Because Smiley Smiley Vegan Vegan Resto Resto is precisely located in commercial Kintamani Blok C no Sei Panas Batam 8-9 provides various menus istemewa a reduced price, such as among others. buffet lunch that cost ranging from Rp 7000, catering packages ranging from the price of Rp 8000, one month package Baby (All gek) ranging from USD 18 thousand, packages special boxes of USD 20 thousand and eat package only USD 30 thousand.

"We bring this restaurant to all circles, we want to make food that will vegertarian foods can be introduced for all people. So far pretty good, reasonably priced menu of choice for school children, "said Akiang Budi, manager Smiley Vegan Resto.

That's because Smiley menu guaranteed to give good flavor, and its own special dish. Not to mention the full service hospitality room provided without kesetiap differentiated. "In accordance with our slogan, greeting guests with hospitality smiles," Budi said.

That's not to mention the facility can enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant has conditioned space, meeting rooms, family room, children's playground and free hotspots. "Eat in Smiley, healthier, cheaper, more comfortable feeling," said Budi Promotion.

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