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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Puppy, Happy Package of the Month in March

Since in Indonesia in the 90's, karaoke business, there is no death. But who survive and continue to grow is not much. One of them Happy Puppy. Since 1992, Happy Puppy initiated the concept of "Karaoke" for the family segment. "The concept of family for many quarters, making Happy Puppy different from other karaoke spots, here the difference lies in prioritizing comfort decor visitors" said Frieddie, Operational Manager of Happy Puppy Batam, located in Nagoya Hill.

The song selection is comprehensive and always on the updates every week, making Happy Puppy, can exist up to now. Family Karaoke concept first introduced by Santoso of Indonesia with the establishment of Happy Puppy Self-Service Family Karaoke Box on November 14, 1992 in Surabaya. Similarly, for adopting the ways in Japan and Korea, at first, Happy Puppy service is a self-service. This means that consumers pay the rent a karaoke room in advance. Buying food and drink in person to the sales table. Likewise, playing their own songs using the automatic disc changer machine. "But developments in Indonesian karaoke bar in Batam in particular are now more retail, which many businesses offering karaoke place, either in hotels or at the mall, however, Happy Puppy has something different in appeal to other places, be it from the menu as well as other services "said Freddie.

The concept of Happy Puppy always be improved as development era. Indonesian society is not familiar with the concept of supermarkets and prefer to be served. Similarly, computerization into all aspects of operations including the selection and play a song. Family Karaoke well received from the people of Indonesia. In addition to this march, Happy Puppy will also be launching a variety of packages such as Happy packages, ie packages that have been designed with a blend of singing plus 2 hours of food and drinks, with prices in accordance with the size of the selected room capacity.

"Promo is specifically dedicated for the day Monday-Thursday starting from mid-February and, for example, only for guests who choose a room with a capacity of 8 persons, subject to tariff package is Rp 128 thousand was included singing and snacks and soft drinks" added Freddie.

Not only that Happy Puppy systems also impose Happy Hour every day from 12 o'clock noon until 6 o'clock in the afternoon. "There are special prices for visitors who take the package happy hour at Happy Puppy, the discount space ranging from 40 to 50 percent" said Freddie. In addition to a comfortable place, Happy Puppy also has a collection of songs almost 100 thousand songs consisting of songs Indonesia, Lagu Barat, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.

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