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Friday, February 26, 2010

Rakor Pemko, Otorita Batam, Parliament, Exit Sign Surveillance Products at Free Port

Success least development in a city will depend on the coordination of relevant parties. Whether it's between government agencies such as the bureaucracy, legislation and yudikasi and stakeholders in this case private parties or investors. To further strengthen the coordination, the three major government agencies in Pemko Batam Batam City, BP (Board of) and the DPRD Batam Batam City held a coordination meeting at the Hotel Vista, Wednesday (24/02)

Coordination meeting, which is an annual event that the three agencies to discuss the evaluation and implementation of regional autonomy and the implementation of the FTZ in Batam. Coordination meetings attended by leaders in the crucial third intansi namely Batam Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan, Head of BP (Supervisory Board) Batam, Mustofa Widjaja, Chairman of the Parliament Surya Sardi agencies and agency heads, the vertical management of the institution, community leaders and businessmen.

In the three agencies agreed the meeting would improve coordination and consistency, especially in settings pamasukan and release of goods to and from the free trade zone and free port of Batam, especially the socio-economic impact upon society.

Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan said, observing a coordination meeting between the Parliament of Batam, Pemko Batam Batam and BP that have been conducted earlier, and address the development of factual issues, it should be followed up and agreed upon in order to improve people's welfare in the city of Batam as a free trade area.

Meanwhile, BP's Chief Mustofa Widjaja said Batam, Batam's development was born of a mind to take advantage of its geographical position close to Singapore and was in international waters. Despite limited resources, but with a planned management and coordination with parties related to the development of Batam, Batam is expected to grow a conducive investment.

Chairman of the DPRD Kota Batam Surya sambutanya Sardy in quoting Edmund Burke said, "A country that does not have a way to make some changes, do not have to maintain kelangsunganya way".

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