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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inul Vizta Karaoke Contest title as the Inter-City High School Batam

Inul Vizta Family KTV, karaoke Remember Me one in Jakarta, is now present in Batam. Not just karaoke alone, in this place visitors can feel the mini-movie theater-cinema up to date. Inul Vizta active from mid-March. "Starting on the second week in March. For curious people who want to feel the sensation Inul Vizta entertainment please come to Nagoya Hill, Tony said "Inul Vizta Operations Manager Batam".

Residents Batam most pleased practically singing. Everywhere, there is always music. Therefore, franchise Inul Vista, artist-led scene Inul Daratista present to entertain the Batam. Unlike the other karaoke, franchise Inul Vista is the biggest karaoke bar in Indonesia and has a proven concept and standardized. "We are targeting to broad market, ranging from children to adults. Even parents. Also starting from the circles and the profession, "says Tony.

Enjoying the entertainment at very affordable Inul Vizta room look cozy and comfortable. Inul Vizta Batam has 25 rooms ranging from small classes, large, deluxe, VIP to VVIP. Special VVIP room can contain up to 35 people. To sing okay, and a movie theater is also okay. "We want to look into the Icon of Singing and Celebration in Batam," says Tony. Various supporting facilities that provided more than 75 thousand song choices.

In addition, Inul Vizta who will perform the inauguration or the Grand Opening on 10 April 2010, also will feature karaoke competition among high school se Batam, which will be held on April 8 to 10 next. "This race will be held in order to enliven the inauguration Inul Vizta in Batam, and at the peak later, Inul Daratista alone will give prizes to the winners in the event the primary," said Tony.

This Karaoke contest, have started to open registration starting next week, and there are three stages which will be followed by the participants, the audition rounds, semifinals and final. To register a karaoke competition which will be charged immediately determined, and the race will be held in the main atrium Nagoya Hill.

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