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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top Star Search Winner 2010, Direct Contracted MD Entertainment

Already completed the final round of events, Top Star Search 2010, event modeling and acting talent search organized by the Winner Management in collaboration with MD Entertainment, Neat Runaway Film and Modeling School. Grand Final which was held in Gedung Sumatera Promotion Centres are met by about 800 visitors. 60 contestants entered in the grand final, had previously been through the quarantine session held at the DC Mall for three days from the date of 8 April to 10

The jury consisted of the Manager of Casting Neat Movies, MD Entertainment and Runaway Modeling School, the enthusiasts judge the contestants which consists of two categories, namely categories of children and young son and daughter and daughter purtera. "The potential of children and adolescents Batam nice things to stay how to polish enjadi 'one big thing' in entertainment industry in Indonesia, 'Papar Ivo Dessy Akbar, Ass. Casting Manager MD Entertainment.

In addition the show also features guest stars Fendy Chow, Loyalty Love sinetron artist whose career was also starting from the event like this. "One of our tasks from positive management which also has MD, is related with the world looking for new seeds of acting and modeling, accidental Batam is our destination city, too, and the potential for children and teens here as practically ama mbak previous Ivo very well, staying or not they dare to step into the entertainment world in Jakarta that in fact the people are ready with all the changes included in entertainment, "said Chow Fendy.

The final result of the conduct of yesterday's grand final week is for the category of children son age 5 - 13 years who became a favorite choice of the jury is Luke Hendri, meanwhile won the best acting by Muhammad Ramadika, The Best Modelling achieved by Arif Al Aliya. First Place for this category adlaah Adam Reece. Meanwhile, for the category of female children aged 5 to 13 achieved the best modeling by Lisa Anggraeni, "the best acting achieved by Voke Victoria and won the first prize won by Beatrice's son's daughter Natasha Hasibuan.

And for the category of teenage sons aged 13 - 27 years for the best modeling is Sugi Hartono, The Best Acting Roni Chamsa and juarta first is Gianvilla Erry Chandra. And for the category of the Best Acting teenage daughter Gisele Rizky Gabriel, The Best Modelling achieved by Rizky Aldiasyah and the first champion daughter is Isti Laudia Sham. The entire winners get gifts from sponsors, beasisiwa model schools, scholarships GICI School, a package of Mustika Princess and the streets of Malacca.

On the same occasion Ivo Dessy Akbar from MD Entertainment said it would give the contract to all first place the entire category. That means those who won the first prize will get a chance to hone their talents in the entertainment industry homeland. "We're from MD Entertainment is looking for new talent to the entertainment universe diorbitkan in the homeland, and the first winner in this event has been contracted by the MD for a project currently being worked on," said Ivo.

Winner Management themselves satisfied with their results so far achieved for the orbit of new talents in the entertainment industry in the homeland. "We feel grateful that participants in this event, directly contracted by the MD-class production house and Rapi Films. Hopefully this is a good first step and then we will print more new talents in the entertainment industry, may now only acting and modeling, next we are planning something else, may search seeds to sing, waiting for it, "said Yusmen Liu concluded.

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