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Monday, May 31, 2010

Enjoy Food tastes Nusantara in "Tosoto" Batam Centre

BATAM CITY - Appearances restaurants this one was tempting. Look at the color chosen to beautify the exterior and the interior. Green and yellow are able to make anyone tempted to stop by and try a variety of menus are offered. His name Tosoto this family restaurant in Batam Centre. Tosoto existing outlets in batam is recognized by Nurkholis Tosoto as Director of Development is the number 48 in Indonesia and the first in Batam. "Tosoto are trademarks national franchise for this type of menu madurese soto, soto ayam and ducks penyet Lamongan, we already have 48 outlets across Indonesia," said Nurkholis.

Tosoto have the concept of ready meals with a distinctive flavor that's been kept kelezatannya. "Quality of food is always monitored by the center once a month, a branch or a businessman who bought the franchise Tosoto other menus are not allowed to sell food in addition to the menu has been agreed by Tosoto, except for beverages," explained nurkholis added. The menu offered quite a variety, for a menu such as 'soup' we offer many options such as madurese soto, soto special madurese etc.

So also with other types of foods, such as special fried duck and duck fried penyet, the difference from the second menu is apparently not the only penyajianya but also used different sauce as well. If Soto and fried duck is not your favorite foods do not worry because the fried rice and fried noodles are also here so every family who comes to tosoto, fulfilled all his desire to have dinner or lunch,

Regarding the price of implementing price Tosoto family, said the next Nurkhlois. "The price set by the Tosoto family is also a standard price set by the central branch can not add a price higher or lower, all compared with the center," said Nurkholis. For a bowl of soup can be enjoyed with a USD 12 thousand, plus white rice. Also drink prices started from USD 3500 to $ 7 thousand. Tosoto operates daily from 09:00 am until 21:00 pm. Outlets or culinary spot offers a different feel in the shop though, because artistically arranged.

International Seminar on Supply Chain Management, Teach Yourself Business Manager of Smart Governance

BATAM CITY - Postgraduate Program Batam International University (UIB) held an international seminar related to managing well in the theme management Competitiveness Through Supply Chain Management Efficiency, Sunday (30/05/2010). "We are giving aimed at teaching enriches the knowledge UIB students about how to manage their own businesses with supply chain systems," said Chairman and CEO of YCH Group, Singapore, Robert Yap, who was a speaker at the ceremony in the hall at UIB.

Singapore Entrepreneur award winning The Asia Logistics Hall of Fame Award in 2003 for his contribution to advance the industry in Singapore, said that an efficient supply chain awakening in the business so that ultimately could improve the competitiveness of firms. "Service companies are often delivered excellence in the production occurred simultaneously at the time of consumption. How do we react to it, yes of course there should be a standard of service delivery, and highly dependent on who is present and who use these services in the neighborhood, "says Robert.

The event was attended by more than 50 student masters degree program management, program management S1 and economics faculty lecturers UIB. "The point is the opportunity, how do we promote and create a company with an opportunity, certainly needed a good management to be realized," he said. Actual to promote a company is a big challenge for entrepreneurs. Quite often an employer fail to execute because of some less careful rencanan exploit existing opportunities. For that we need careful thought and accuracy in capturing opportunities to take action.

International Seminar on Supply Chain Management also emphasizes on process management skills of a company so resilient against any risky problems that cause harm. This seminar also equip students with multiple methods and techniques in carrying out and processing of capital to generate large profits, in addition to the seminar also touched on the arrangements and provision of employee rights for the smooth operations of the company.

"Companies that can respect the rights of its employees are a company that is able to withstand storms of any kind, because of the sense of belonging in employees to work well for the smooth operations of the company. If a firm no longer pay attention or less attention to what the needs of its employees, it can be predicted umumr company no more than five years, "said Robert Yap.

He exemplifies a lot of big companies just because heavily devastated by the problems of workers. Instead many companies that became great because Sangata aware and respect the company and assume the employee is one valuable company asset. "It all depends on the treatment of management or top-level summit in respecting the rights and obligations of employees, great attention effect for both production growth will reverse the lack of attention to make the company's shaky and unstable," said Robert Yap end.

Cleopatra Nite at Batam View Beach Resort, the Free Flow Shots All nite for Ladies

BATAM CITY - Batam View Beach Resort will hold a themed party on Saturday, 2005 June Cleopatra 2010. This party was held exclusively for members Of the Family Resort (FOTR) who faithfully stayed at Batam View Beach Resort. "The event or party is held for FOTR but the general public can also follow these events by registering Batam View," Awang said Sky's Entertainment, as the EO that packaged this event Nite Cleopatra.

Awang add if you want to become a member FOTR visitors or the public must fill out a form to get the convenience and special discounts given by the Batam View Resort, Batam. Nite will present Cleopatra Belly Dancer, Fire Eater, Fortune Teller, Magician, Muscle Dancer and Music hosted by DJ Spun famous. "Anyway we'll bring something different to the visitors, his complete semiua we present, from the performances of music, dance, magic, games and lots of discount offers for drinks provided at the Batam View Resort," said Awang.

To be able to enjoy this event, the committee imposed HTM Rp 198 thousand per pax that could be used by two people. Furthermore, if the tickets used for committee appreciates the triple-share amounted to USD 265 thousand tickets and for four people worth Rp 330 thousand. "Here we apply a flexible selling tickets, as explained above, the ticket can be used for two persons or purchase tickets that can be used for three or four people," added Awang.

He mentioned also that the party 'Cleopatra Nite' will also menghadrikan some promo for the price of drinks like Chivas Hourly Drinks Bottles in Special session, a session where prices perbotol beverages are sold at a discount of 20 percent to 40 percent. "So treat beverages that we present here everything is discounted on the hourly drinks session, this is an excellent opportunity for customers or visitors who want to enjoy being with a partner or spouse," said Awang.

He admitted also that this event one of them is to support the Visit Batam 2010, where the specialty is organizing the evening entertainment for tourists, especially members of Batam View Beach Resort as well as domestic and International tourists. And last Awang said it would have the election of Cleopatra and Anthony Best Dressed Prizes for those who wear interesting costumes.

Monday, May 10, 2010

"Menculik Miyabi" finally passed the censorship

Although much controversy among the public with Miyabi kehadirian kidnap movie, starring actress japanese porn stars origin (Maria Ozawa) is better known as Miyabi. Of the various obstacles and excitement of this Miyabi kidnap movie finally passed the censorship of film censors Indonesia and is now officially playing in all theaters in Indonesia. Miyabi kidnapping is a much-anticipated movie especially for those who have a curiosity adam wants to watch porn stars kemolekkan body this japan origin.

Miyabi kidnap movie tells the story of a famous advertisement star in Japan (Ozawa Maria) had the duty to give a prize-winning quiz directly to Jakarta. Mary's departure plan was he'd written on his personal blog, which was read by three young children Kevin, Ben and Aan. This news makes Ben, and Aan spirit and forcing Kevin to pick up Mary at the airport. Kevin, who was slow because Mike threatened to stay away from Jessica, the girl he'd loved since she was in kindergarten, according to finally go see Maria directly

But thanks to the fans crowded Mary at the airport, there was chaos. A girl in Taiwan, Yao Bie Mie, presumed Miyabi. As a result the girl was being chased and Aan who want to become a hero in the eyes of Mary, forcing Kevin and Ben "saved" from the pursuit Bie Mie Yao fans. Yao Bie Mie course tantrum, think Kevin is a kidnapper cs. Meanwhile, Ben Aan and see beauty Bie Mie Yao saw an opportunity to win a bet with Mike. Mike did give the terms, if Kevin cs could not bring the beautiful girl to the party, then Kevin should stay away from Jessica's life

Meanwhile, Jessica started to not stand with Mike's behavior was rude, wanted to start a relationship with Kevin that he was innocent and naive view. But the emergence of Yao Bie Mie looks familiar with Kevin to make Jessica's hurt. Is Kevin cs can win betting with Mike, that is a pretty girl brings to the party and get back to Jessica's heart? Do you really like Mike said, Kevin cs dream to meet a lovely girl like Maria Ozawa? Can their dreams can become reality? watch your favorite dibioskop2 throughout Indonesia.

A glimpse of Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi

Naughty user virtual world must know this one woman, Maria Ozawa, or better known as Miyabi. Most of the fans he is Adam, though not a few women actually know who the Miyabi.

Born 23 years ago, an idol Miyabi naughty explorers in cyberspace. Maria Ozawa's pretty face was born from a combination of the mother of the original beauty of Japan with a father who came from Canada and French descent.

Although active in the Eshek-Eshek himself had mengeyam education at an international school in Japan. This is what led to her fluency in English.

Like the artists and other Japanese blue movie star, Maria Ozawa in payungi by a specialist production house porn films or commonly called AV. Maria Ozawa's career journey in the world of the film begins with a worker from the introduction of AV. This is where his career began from the B-Open, an agent known artist in Japan. Upon receipt at the B-Open, Maria became the model of site-teien.com www.shirouto in June 2005. On this site, Maria starred in several sets of photos and two movies.

Thanks to the acting-acting is sensual and sexy at the film-artist Mary became the most sought after in Japan for the affairs of a blue movie. In addition to starring in videos for adults, Mary has also appeared in some non-porn movies in Japan known as the V-Cinema films produced or direct to DVD or VCD disc, MTV Japan, and in Yokohama hip hop group as a model The video song Summer Time in the DSC hip-hop band's origin Yokohama.

In addition to playing the film, Mary had released the photo book contains editions of his collection, Maria Ozawa's 1st photobook - Xstar on May 23, 2006 which sold well in the market. But after all he was doing this, she admitted going to stop playing the movie when there is an application itself.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Enjoy World Resort Vacation Packages to Singapore and Stay at 4 Star Hotel Only Rp.1.250.000, - from "Kisuja Tour & Travel"

BATAM CITY - Resort World Singapore is a tourist attraction that became the main target of the traveler in Asia today. Mainly from Indonesia. In addition to presenting new games that promise exciting experience, the presence of Universal Studios Singapore is bringing the blockbuster movie character figures into the real world becomes the main attraction of this tourist destination. So what if all this can be enjoyed for three days two nights only with Rp1.250.000 right?

Welcoming the school holidays this year, Kisuja Tour & Travel tour packages Cheap bring to Sentosa Resort World in containers 3 days 2 nights package. This package was launched on the mat with my work Kisuja Tour & Travel and Panorama Regency Hotel. "Yes, it's Panorama program package together for our community and communities outside Batam Batam, who wants to spend his vacation to Sentosa Resort World Singapore is only a cost of USD 1.25 million, this package has been packaged to the public until the end of the year 2010, so the timing is very long, "said Cung Kiat, Director of Tour & Travel Tour Kisuja.

In addition this package also includes two night package staying at the Panorama Regency hotel Batam (4-star hotel-ed), Batam Ferry Tickets - Singapore (PP), four times in Batam Airport Pickup - Port and Full Day Pass tickets Universal Studios is the flagship vehicle in Singapore today. "Anyway, this package is complete, the whole day could feel the greatness of various rides at Universal Studios Singapore is only a price of USD 1.25 million per person.

"Resort World and Universal Studios Singapore is now a popular tourist destination for many Asian tourists to bring the world's first collection of versatile vehicles, including the Far Far Away Castle taken from the movie Shrek, Madagascar and the world's highest toboggan Battlestar Galactica"

This package is designed not only to this school holidays only, but to the limit this year. Regarding the departure time, Cung Kiat could explain at any time, depending on the needs of tourists. "We're flexible one, which is important there are two people we can dispatch," said Cung Kiat "

10th Batam Expo 2010 had been opened, providing 135 Products Exhibition Stand

KOTA BATAM - Batam Expo to be held in Building 10 Sumatera Promotion Center (SPC) Batam Center, Wednesday (05.05.2010) until Sunday (05/09/2010). As previously Batam Expo, the exhibition showcases a variety of industrial products, handicraft SMEs, investment opportunities, development information, the object of the stands tourism representatives various regions in Indonesia. Project Manager Batam Expo-10, Grace said it's been 135 booth participants expressed readiness of the 150 booths provided. "Stand also includes a stand 25 provinces that declared its participation.

State enterprises, and private enterprises were registered, among others, Telkom, Pertamina, Sriwijaya Air, and banking. "This activity is also as one of the programs that support the Visit Batam 2010. The event is a promotional activity and investment in Batam, "he continued. The committee is also still open opportunities for entrepreneurs, state owned enterprises that want to participate to register. "We opened the widest opportunity registration until D-day," he added.

Fronted the event, which event organizer PT Duta Convex Solindo is also open to the public who wish to visit in Batam. "Visitors can get information on tourism also get superior products of SMEs," he explained. As always the Committee will present a series of interesting events such as entertainment each night which will be filled by local bands and traditional dances.

"This exhibition will also open up opportunities for all SMEs in Indonesia to bring his best to attract the attention of the bias of domestic investors and overseas, because the event was held in a sustainable expo, so we're still showing the formation as last year, namely competitive products from many existing SMEs in Indonesia, "said Rahmat.

In this exhibition, the organizers expect any feedback from the local entrepreneur in Batam to be working with SME entrepreneurs from different corners of the ground water. Menuurt him apart as a venue for the introduction, this event can also be used as a way to widen the distribution of SME products outside the region of origin.

Miss Factory Batam 2010

BATAM CITY - The sound is supported by the Department of Tourism Enterprise Batam, will hold the Miss Factory event in 2010, which will begin to be held on May 15, 2010. There are several steps that have been designed by committee to enliven the event. According to Hanny Utami, as chairman of the committee, this election actually bididkannya not just workers, although a given title is Miss Factory. "The event is open to the public, for anyone who felt had the talent in the field of modeling can follow this event," said Hanny Utami.

Mechanism of organizing the Miss Factory event in 2010, according to Hanny will be held within three weeks during May 2010. Implementation of the audition round will be held on 15-16 May in Golden Beach Bengkong, which requires the jury to every participant must wear White T-Shirt and Jeans. "The committee will target approximately 200 participants took part in this event, so far there are a hundred and fifty participants who had signed up," said Hanny.

Segmentation for the Miss Factory event in 2010 was the teenager with a ladder between the ages of 16 to 26 years. The event is also not only be followed by workers but also for students and the public, "Yes, who aja students may participate, provided that public employees have a talent or modeling and want kejenjang tested its ability to move higher again," said Hanny.

Pantia purpose to hold the event in 2010 the Miss factory is to see the potential of young generation in Batam to be more biased explore their talents in this event. Also as a venue for participants to hone talent and bridge the talent to achieve a higher level and also to succeed Visit Batam 2010. There are several categories that have been planned by the committee in organizing this event, including the election of Miss Talent, Miss Intelegency, Miss Fotogenic and Miss Favourite.

Reward according to Hanny, for participants who selected as Miss Talent which also means that winning this contest will get an exclusive employment contract for one year, cash prizes and thropy. "The committee in cooperation with Golden Beach will provide the opportunity for one-year employment contract for which was chosen as Miss Talent, so hunted daftarin by filling out the form and pay a USD $ 75 thousand," said Hanny end.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

DC Mall GelarFestival Indonesian Cultural, Art Studio 79 Registration

BATAM CITY - As many as 79 Studio Arts Festival will take part in the second floor of Art and Culture of Indonesia, DC Mall, the organization of this festival will begin on May 1, 2010 until July next. Each workshop will feature arts and culture from various regions in accordance with what has been taught in their respective studio.

Putu Aryamatama as chairman of the committee declared until 79 days have been incorporated art studio that would enliven the Indonesian cultural festival. To the 79 workshop consists of 27 studio art, art studio 41 elementary and kindergarten, seven martial arts studio art and art studio kompang 4.

"Indonesian Cultural Festival will run for three months ahead, staged every Saturday and Sunday. Each workshop will be staged art and culture which had been taught by their own studio, in addition there are also regional dances, martial arts performances, theater performances, performance modeling and young child, music and games "said Putu Aryamatama, week (25 / 04/2010).

Putu is also a principal artist of this bali added, with the Festival of Art and Culture of Indonesia, is expected to develop cultures that exist in the homeland, as well as can be entertainment for the visitors DC Mall. "Staging is also expected to attract foreign tourists, especially from Singapore and Malaysia to witness the art and culture in Indonesia, and also to support government programs Visit Batam 2010," Putu said.

"Show was held for free, anyone can witness cultural performances on Saturday and Sunday starting at 11 am on the second floor of the DC Mall," said Putu. Indeed this is an event, an opportunity for business people in Batam art galleries that have not joined. For that to players who have a studio art studio can register sanggarnya active in the Indonesian Art Festival, so it can stage your abilities.

No Bars Champions League KFC, Gift 32 Inch LCD TV

Kentucky Fried Chicken, chicken king in Indonesia, held a watch with my socialization Champion trophy, the British league and Italian league every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday in the KFC Nagoya. This event as a PR according to KFC Nagoya Siska held to strengthen the existing soccer mania in Batam. "This game was closer duniakan trophy, having previously been the Champions league, English League and Italian League, we want memfasiliasi ball with mania who loves soccer to exercise with another collector at KFC," said Siska, Friday (23/4/2010 )

In watching the show with my KFC also will offer attractive prizes for the ball mania. "Gift vouchers are them are eating at KFC and the grand prize 32-inch LCD TV that will be drawn in the semi-finals on 28 April and 22 May 2010," said Siska. KFC has so far been held with my watch several times. KFC chicken as its king in Indonesia has nine stores in the Riau Islands, eight of which are in Batam and one in Tanjung Pinang. "But for this show only seems to Batam just society that can be seen as only KFC was held in Nagoya," said Siska.

Meanwhile, to be eligible for raffle prizes, LCD TV, soccer mania just need to make a purchase KFC product of Rp 15,000 and Rp 30,000 will get a raffle coupon. This price is valid multiples. Surely an opportunity to be acquired by visitors and football mania that followed these events is very large because the event was only held for the area of Batam.

PT Fastfood Indonesia Tbk. is the sole owner of the KFC franchise in Indonesia, founded by Gelael Group in 1978 as the first party who obtained the franchise for KFC Indonesia. The Company began operating its first restaurant in October 1979 in Road Melawai, Jakarta, and the success of this outlet was followed by the opening of further outlets in Jakarta and the expansion of the coverage area to the other big cities in Indonesia including Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar and Manado. Continue to achieve success in brand development as a business makes KFC fast-food franchises are well-known and dominant in Indonesia.

The merger of Salim Group as major shareholders have increased the development of the Company in 1990, and in 1993 as a public company listed on the Jakarta Stock as a step to further encourage growth. Majority ownership at the moment is 79.6% to the distribution of 43,8% to PT Gelael Pratama of Gelael Group, and 35.8% to PT Megah Eraraharja from the Salim Group, while the minority shares (20.4%) distributed to the Public and Cooperatives.

Company performance in same store sales growth makes it one of KFC franchise best market in Asia with an average growth of 8.5% in 2007 and will continue to maintain this position. The continuous development of the brand through innovative marketing strategies, operational excellence, and consistent double-digit growth in sales and restaurant development, the Company has menganugrahi numerous awards from Asia Franchise Business Unit of Yum! Restaurants International.

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