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Friday, May 7, 2010

10th Batam Expo 2010 had been opened, providing 135 Products Exhibition Stand

KOTA BATAM - Batam Expo to be held in Building 10 Sumatera Promotion Center (SPC) Batam Center, Wednesday (05.05.2010) until Sunday (05/09/2010). As previously Batam Expo, the exhibition showcases a variety of industrial products, handicraft SMEs, investment opportunities, development information, the object of the stands tourism representatives various regions in Indonesia. Project Manager Batam Expo-10, Grace said it's been 135 booth participants expressed readiness of the 150 booths provided. "Stand also includes a stand 25 provinces that declared its participation.

State enterprises, and private enterprises were registered, among others, Telkom, Pertamina, Sriwijaya Air, and banking. "This activity is also as one of the programs that support the Visit Batam 2010. The event is a promotional activity and investment in Batam, "he continued. The committee is also still open opportunities for entrepreneurs, state owned enterprises that want to participate to register. "We opened the widest opportunity registration until D-day," he added.

Fronted the event, which event organizer PT Duta Convex Solindo is also open to the public who wish to visit in Batam. "Visitors can get information on tourism also get superior products of SMEs," he explained. As always the Committee will present a series of interesting events such as entertainment each night which will be filled by local bands and traditional dances.

"This exhibition will also open up opportunities for all SMEs in Indonesia to bring his best to attract the attention of the bias of domestic investors and overseas, because the event was held in a sustainable expo, so we're still showing the formation as last year, namely competitive products from many existing SMEs in Indonesia, "said Rahmat.

In this exhibition, the organizers expect any feedback from the local entrepreneur in Batam to be working with SME entrepreneurs from different corners of the ground water. Menuurt him apart as a venue for the introduction, this event can also be used as a way to widen the distribution of SME products outside the region of origin.

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