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Monday, May 31, 2010

International Seminar on Supply Chain Management, Teach Yourself Business Manager of Smart Governance

BATAM CITY - Postgraduate Program Batam International University (UIB) held an international seminar related to managing well in the theme management Competitiveness Through Supply Chain Management Efficiency, Sunday (30/05/2010). "We are giving aimed at teaching enriches the knowledge UIB students about how to manage their own businesses with supply chain systems," said Chairman and CEO of YCH Group, Singapore, Robert Yap, who was a speaker at the ceremony in the hall at UIB.

Singapore Entrepreneur award winning The Asia Logistics Hall of Fame Award in 2003 for his contribution to advance the industry in Singapore, said that an efficient supply chain awakening in the business so that ultimately could improve the competitiveness of firms. "Service companies are often delivered excellence in the production occurred simultaneously at the time of consumption. How do we react to it, yes of course there should be a standard of service delivery, and highly dependent on who is present and who use these services in the neighborhood, "says Robert.

The event was attended by more than 50 student masters degree program management, program management S1 and economics faculty lecturers UIB. "The point is the opportunity, how do we promote and create a company with an opportunity, certainly needed a good management to be realized," he said. Actual to promote a company is a big challenge for entrepreneurs. Quite often an employer fail to execute because of some less careful rencanan exploit existing opportunities. For that we need careful thought and accuracy in capturing opportunities to take action.

International Seminar on Supply Chain Management also emphasizes on process management skills of a company so resilient against any risky problems that cause harm. This seminar also equip students with multiple methods and techniques in carrying out and processing of capital to generate large profits, in addition to the seminar also touched on the arrangements and provision of employee rights for the smooth operations of the company.

"Companies that can respect the rights of its employees are a company that is able to withstand storms of any kind, because of the sense of belonging in employees to work well for the smooth operations of the company. If a firm no longer pay attention or less attention to what the needs of its employees, it can be predicted umumr company no more than five years, "said Robert Yap.

He exemplifies a lot of big companies just because heavily devastated by the problems of workers. Instead many companies that became great because Sangata aware and respect the company and assume the employee is one valuable company asset. "It all depends on the treatment of management or top-level summit in respecting the rights and obligations of employees, great attention effect for both production growth will reverse the lack of attention to make the company's shaky and unstable," said Robert Yap end.

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