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Friday, May 7, 2010

Miss Factory Batam 2010

BATAM CITY - The sound is supported by the Department of Tourism Enterprise Batam, will hold the Miss Factory event in 2010, which will begin to be held on May 15, 2010. There are several steps that have been designed by committee to enliven the event. According to Hanny Utami, as chairman of the committee, this election actually bididkannya not just workers, although a given title is Miss Factory. "The event is open to the public, for anyone who felt had the talent in the field of modeling can follow this event," said Hanny Utami.

Mechanism of organizing the Miss Factory event in 2010, according to Hanny will be held within three weeks during May 2010. Implementation of the audition round will be held on 15-16 May in Golden Beach Bengkong, which requires the jury to every participant must wear White T-Shirt and Jeans. "The committee will target approximately 200 participants took part in this event, so far there are a hundred and fifty participants who had signed up," said Hanny.

Segmentation for the Miss Factory event in 2010 was the teenager with a ladder between the ages of 16 to 26 years. The event is also not only be followed by workers but also for students and the public, "Yes, who aja students may participate, provided that public employees have a talent or modeling and want kejenjang tested its ability to move higher again," said Hanny.

Pantia purpose to hold the event in 2010 the Miss factory is to see the potential of young generation in Batam to be more biased explore their talents in this event. Also as a venue for participants to hone talent and bridge the talent to achieve a higher level and also to succeed Visit Batam 2010. There are several categories that have been planned by the committee in organizing this event, including the election of Miss Talent, Miss Intelegency, Miss Fotogenic and Miss Favourite.

Reward according to Hanny, for participants who selected as Miss Talent which also means that winning this contest will get an exclusive employment contract for one year, cash prizes and thropy. "The committee in cooperation with Golden Beach will provide the opportunity for one-year employment contract for which was chosen as Miss Talent, so hunted daftarin by filling out the form and pay a USD $ 75 thousand," said Hanny end.

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