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Saturday, May 1, 2010

No Bars Champions League KFC, Gift 32 Inch LCD TV

Kentucky Fried Chicken, chicken king in Indonesia, held a watch with my socialization Champion trophy, the British league and Italian league every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday in the KFC Nagoya. This event as a PR according to KFC Nagoya Siska held to strengthen the existing soccer mania in Batam. "This game was closer duniakan trophy, having previously been the Champions league, English League and Italian League, we want memfasiliasi ball with mania who loves soccer to exercise with another collector at KFC," said Siska, Friday (23/4/2010 )

In watching the show with my KFC also will offer attractive prizes for the ball mania. "Gift vouchers are them are eating at KFC and the grand prize 32-inch LCD TV that will be drawn in the semi-finals on 28 April and 22 May 2010," said Siska. KFC has so far been held with my watch several times. KFC chicken as its king in Indonesia has nine stores in the Riau Islands, eight of which are in Batam and one in Tanjung Pinang. "But for this show only seems to Batam just society that can be seen as only KFC was held in Nagoya," said Siska.

Meanwhile, to be eligible for raffle prizes, LCD TV, soccer mania just need to make a purchase KFC product of Rp 15,000 and Rp 30,000 will get a raffle coupon. This price is valid multiples. Surely an opportunity to be acquired by visitors and football mania that followed these events is very large because the event was only held for the area of Batam.

PT Fastfood Indonesia Tbk. is the sole owner of the KFC franchise in Indonesia, founded by Gelael Group in 1978 as the first party who obtained the franchise for KFC Indonesia. The Company began operating its first restaurant in October 1979 in Road Melawai, Jakarta, and the success of this outlet was followed by the opening of further outlets in Jakarta and the expansion of the coverage area to the other big cities in Indonesia including Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar and Manado. Continue to achieve success in brand development as a business makes KFC fast-food franchises are well-known and dominant in Indonesia.

The merger of Salim Group as major shareholders have increased the development of the Company in 1990, and in 1993 as a public company listed on the Jakarta Stock as a step to further encourage growth. Majority ownership at the moment is 79.6% to the distribution of 43,8% to PT Gelael Pratama of Gelael Group, and 35.8% to PT Megah Eraraharja from the Salim Group, while the minority shares (20.4%) distributed to the Public and Cooperatives.

Company performance in same store sales growth makes it one of KFC franchise best market in Asia with an average growth of 8.5% in 2007 and will continue to maintain this position. The continuous development of the brand through innovative marketing strategies, operational excellence, and consistent double-digit growth in sales and restaurant development, the Company has menganugrahi numerous awards from Asia Franchise Business Unit of Yum! Restaurants International.

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