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Monday, June 28, 2010

De Light Café contributed Water Taxi and Seascape

As a new culinary Spot in Batam, maybe De light yag Café located in Ocarina was the first in meyuguhkan Menu that is supported by the view that pamper the eyes. Because in this place, visitors can not only enjoy a meal that is provided with a western concept, but also can enjoy the panorama of the Bay Batam Centre plus water games offered.

"We try to be different from the concept in designing what is fit for visitor café De Light, here has also provided various facilities, plus five-star restaurant with a vehicle that is not owned by another restaurant," said Dedi, Sales Manager of De Light Café.

He mentioned, the difference compared to De Light Café is another place to eat, the water taxi (sea transport), which connects, Batam View Beach Resort with De Light Café. In addition it also provides games, like Jet Sky, games and other water safe for visitors who want to enjoy the challenge of cafés that have been provided.

"Safety is our priority in serving visitors who may want to enjoy the panoramic bay Batam Centre to play Jet Sky, besides visitors can also enjoy the water taxi if you want to feel or spend lliburan to Batam View Beach Resort Batam," Dedi Papar.

Furthermore, the Café under management control Batam View Beach Resort is, to be special because that provided menus typical Batam View. De Light café menu presents western, oriental menu to a seafood menu to be enjoyed by visitors. "Everything we Boxed-style five star hotel, with affordable prices and adjusted," said Dedi added.

In the meantime in order to promo its soft opening, Café De Light gave the 20 percent discount to all menus presented. In addition to the holder of a credit card visa and master tone aka additional discount of 5 percent. "Promo was presented to the end of July 2010, is intended to memeberikan waivers for customers or families who enjoy the dishes while relaxing in the De Light Café.

In addition, De Light Café will also be a pier at the same time the waiting room for the tourists who use online dream destination in the form of water taxi. Dream destination line is a means of liaison Mega Tour Ocarina and Batam View Beach Resort. Water taxi is a vehicle for tourists in Batam Centre menikmai panoramic bay.

Resto Café and La Costa, La Costa VIP Launch

La Costa, BatamCentre Burn Cottage Fish restaurant fast indeed win people's hearts since the first launching of Batam. therefore of La Costa launched a VIP card member of La Costa, Saturday (19 / 6). The advantage of course make it easier for customers to process transactions with additional discounts. VIP cards can also be used in La Cruise Restaurant and Fuel fish shack Batam Centre.

"Customers who have this card, the card can be used as discounts at restaurants and Cafe La Costa 20 percent, Restaurants and Cafes La Cruise Nagoya Hill 20 percent, and the Cottage Fish Bakr (PIB), Batam Centre 10 per cent," said Laura as an organizer.

This discount card, valid for the menu of seafood, steamboat, and western food. "When you eat a minimum of 300 thousand, we provide this free member card valid for one year. Or it could also be made with pay administrative Rp50 thousand, "said Manager of Restaurants and Cafes La Costa, Madiah. Meanwhile, for drinks, promo, promo valid only prescribed for certain cardholders.

Comfort and facilities at the Restaurant La Costa to be a highly paid attention to visitors. Not just a satisfied appetite, visit the Restaurant La Costa means to get comfortable, because the room at La Costa on purpose in the format in such a way with batik ornaments around it, "Batik is Indonesian cirikhas, with batik atmosphere. Very suitable for family. Visitors will taste nuances of Indonesia, and of course in order to succeed the Visit Batam 2010 as well, "said La Costa Restaurant Owner Lala.

Over the years, La Costa has become the mainstay for families who want to enjoy a special meal that's been designed with special recipes that have been experienced from the Cheff. Besides La Costa also provide catering services at very affordable, which is worth USD $ 6 thousand, for booking a minimum 5 pax. "This is a menu of packages which are deliberately released by La Costa for the workers in the vicinity of Nagoya, Nagoya outside the reservations of course there are additional costs pngantaran, minimum 5 pax pemesannya is," said Lala added.

Furthermore, according to Laura, To attract customers, La Costa also give discounts of 25 to 50 percent of food for a year for credit card pemegan BII. Similarly, the user of the card gives a discount 15 percent of Indosat's special seafood and western food, and 10 percent for all sorts of steamboat.

IBM Students make intelligent SLB Through Information Technology

IBM entered into a partnership with the Provincial Education Department to help the world of education, including education for special children from special school in the town of Batam. IBM provides technology assistance this time called KidSmart Early Learning for the four schools and one home extraordinary protection of street children and nine public and private elementary schools.

"This smart technology we provide to enhance human capabilities, especially the children an early age, through various innovations so anyone can optimize their potential," said Hartini Harris, Country Manager of Marketing IBM Indonesia in a press conference with reporters on Monday (6/27/2010 ).

Head of the Riau Islands Province Education Office, represented by the Education Section of extraordinary, Atmadinata said that this activity is the realization of the government's commitment to IBM, through a technology assistance for students outside the regular school (SLB) Batam, Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Balai Karimun , and surrounding areas.

With this activity the children from the school was expected to have the opportunity to develop advanced, especially numeracy and language.

"Each school will receive assistance from the computer device such as IBM KidSmart Early Learning Kartini 1 and 2 SD, SDN Batam city, SD 003 Rear Padang as well as other schools. In order to give birth to children's love for science and technology," Atmadinata said.

Explained by Atmadinata that each school will receive training regarding the introduction of computer devices. For that as many as three people who represent principals and teachers received training at SLB Kartini about learning and training of Information Technology (IT) KidSmart Early Learning.

In the delivery of aid was also signing an MOU with all existing SLB headmaster in Riau Islands, as well as dedicate KidSmart Early Learning.

Donald Hauten Present at "Top 100 Mall Batu Aji Batam

Hauten Donald, expanding its market with a presence in Batu Aji, exactly mall Top 100 Batu Aji, the cellular Hauten Donald occupies 12 m2 area in the east wing Mall Top 100 Batu Aji. "This is our outlet of the fifth after the BCS Mall. And so we are very excited to expand our service regions of Batu Aji, "Wiwi said, during the inauguration Hauten Donald Mall Batu Aji Top 100.

Wiwi added, for the cake which is provided in Hauten Donald still the same with Donald Hauten other outlets. "All kinds of cakes that exist in our existing outlets in Nagoya and in the BCS Mall here, the service was similar to ordering a birthday cake we also receive a grace period of two days before the day of the 'H'," Wiwi said.

In the framework of the new outlets opening this promo, Hauten Donald presents a variety of cakes at affordable prices. For Birthday cake, you just need to prepare the money for a minimum of USD 150 thousand for a small cake pieces. In addition a variety of superior products such as mini cakes Hauten Donald also available at the Mall Top 100 Batu Aji.

"Get well as 10-15 percent for the member discount for purchasing all types of cakes in various outlets Hauten Donald, other than a specially made cake for a birthday celebration, anniversary and other special cakes for family events," Wiwi said.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hurry Shopping Mall Top 100 Batu Aji Batam, Motorcycle and Home Every Month You Wait!

Batu Aji Mall Top 100 newly launched yesterday (06/25/2010)., Directly in padati by visitors on average come from areas Batu Aji. The biggest mall in Batu Aji is indeed offering facilities and completeness are not inferior to the existing mall in Nagoya and Batam Centre. Mall Manager Joseph as the top 100 Batu Aji states, if the Mall with the concept of One Stop Shopping, the future really going to be a trendsetter shopping center in Batam, especially for regions Batu Aji.

"In the future will be further developed to support the complete range of facilities Mall Top 100 Batu Aji this, planned, waterpark ride to be completed no later than the end of September 2010, if it (Adventure) has operated, we believe this mall will be crowded by visitors," said Joseph. He said the family recreational vehicle also currently being done, the progress has reached 70 percent. Calculations estimate the vehicle management calculations will be completed in August or at least early September, "The sooner the better," said Aming, Promotion and Event Manager of Mall Top 100 added.

Furthermore, with the introduction Mall Batu Aji Top 100 this, management has also prepared various promos to add passion visit the community, programs such as 'Let's Shop and Win prizes and Motor Home', which was held during the year 2010. "This program is held during the year 2010, at the start from now and pengundiannya will be held at the end of the month, there will be one motorcycle every month for the lucky visitors who conduct transactions in all outlets in Mall Top 100 Batu Aji, and is a unit of Grand Prizenya houses to be drawn at the end of 2010, "explained Joseph.

Each outlet is according to Joseph will provide coupons that have been determined by the Mall management Batu Aji line 100, in accordance with the policies of each outlet. These coupons will be drawn each month and will also be included for the sweepstakes grand prize at the end of a year in 2010. grand prize to be drawn at the end of the year 2010 will also be enlivened by a diverse set of entertainment events.

Not only that, the management of Top 100 Batu Aji Mall will also be presenting a series of events for visitors who will dilaksakan at each end of the pecans. As in July 2010, management will present at the famous band Indonesian music scene that is Goliath Band, who will be performing to entertain visitors during the week (04/07/2010). "Goliath and will entertain visitors with their latest songs and fans will greet them at the main atrium Mall Top 100 Batu Aji," said Joseph.

Soft Opening Top 100 Batu Aji Mall, a Unit of Houses As Grand Prize

Top 100 is indeed a well-known supermarket and plaza in Batam. In addition to having customers loyal customers, Top 100 is also capable of dealing with strikes strikes national and international hypermarket presence in Batam. Top 100 now comes with the concept mall in the Mall Top 100Batu Aji be inaugurated on June 25 next.

Plans soft opening will be attended by a number of important officials and all the elements Muspida, including newly elected Governor of Riau Islands Couples HM HM Sani and Surya Respationo. Mall area of 40 thousand square meters built on a land area of 11 hectares, each month will pamper its visitors by giving the gift of motorcycles, electronic equipment and other interesting prizes. Meanwhile, the grand prize gift that is one housing unit will be drawn at the end of this year.

How to reach the prize by Yanto as Manager of Mall Marketing Top 100 Batu Aji Batam is for people who do spend every outlet Mall Top 100 Batu Aji with a certain amount in accordance with the policies of each outlet, will get one coupon that will be drawn every month and included the the sweepstakes grand prize in late 2010. "Coupons-coupon will be drawn every month with the prize a motor unit and household electronic equipment, while the main prize is a unit that will house drawn at the end of the year," said yanto, Wednesday (23/06/2010).

So far menuriut Yanto, mall Batu Aji line 100 have been filled with about 70 percent of tenants. Tenant-floor tenants are scattered in various Aji Mall is the largest in the stone. "So far it has filled about 70 percent of tenants both locally and nationally, consisting of Supermarkets Top 100, Department Top 100, Sunbro Fashion, Hockey Bear, Marrybrown, Meatball firing range, Impac furniture, Coffe Town and so forth," said Yanto.

While it has planned in the coming September, malls Top 100 Batu Aji Mall will also be equipped with the facility with which the family rides cellular Waterpark 2.3 hectares. This facility will become a mainstay in the family to spend holidays and enjoy the end of the pecans. "In these probes will be available waterpark and water games that can become a place to spend a holiday for the whole family, with a large parking field probe is suitable for all family members," said yanto.

Not only that, the soft opening promo that will be conducted on June 25 next, mall Top 100 Batu Aji has also agreed with all existing tenants, to give discounts up to 50 percent, during June to July 2010. "Obviously this is a good opportunity for completing all the needs by shopping at the Mall Top 100 Batu Aji, and do not forget to ask for coupons each time shopping on line 100 Batu Aji, because who knows one motor unit will be yours or even a single unit houses , fun is not it? "concluded Yanto.

UCLG-ASPAC Congress Discuss Role of Private In Regional Economic Growth

Conferences "UCLG Conference on Local Economic Development and Investment Strategies" held at the Hotel Pacific (25-27/06/2010) yesterday, and then continued with a further meeting at Hotel Novotel dated June 26, 2010 on "Local Financial Development Regional Workshop" in cooperation by UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) and also supported by the European Union, especially France, plus one more meeting in the same place on "Urban Strategic Planning Workshop", which is supported by the Central Office in Barcelona UCLG emphasis will be an important side reinforcement synergy development in the area of government institutions with the private sector.

"A document" policy paper "will be taken at the meeting of" World Summitt "in Mexico in November 2010. A city will thrive if the strengthening of Government policy is supported by all levels of society especially the private sector. New investment climate is conducive, if policies of development provides adequate space for the private sector to flourish. Therefore several approaches from the Government side needs to be done, "said Assistant to the Economic and adding Pemko Batam, Syamsul Bahrum.

He states, an approach that involves governments among others, strengthen the regulation that supports private sekror can implement real economic function effectively and efficiently. In the sense of not creating rules that complicates the process of industrialization, commercialization, and economic transactions in the real sector. Opening the tap for strengthening the production structure of import and export processes to simplify and mempermurah supported by the regulation to pre-qualify the smooth production process. Furthermore, the private sector also strengthened the protection of foreign economic penetration of a certain level require the regulation and protectionism.

"Although this policy is less effective, at least, the policy protects the producer (a group of businessmen) are also part of a policy to protect consumers (general public). It is important to realize that the manufacturers who produce goods also consists of workers who need job security and income improvement kelansungan which was also obtained from the company's profit. Other policies that "pro-business" and "consument protection" is a direction in terms of scenario building. The private sector will follow the development guidelines contained in the Government Medium Term Development Plan (Medium-Term Development Plan for the five yearly in the long term become RPJP (Long-Term Development Plan) -25 yearly, "said Arifin.

Consistency in this context needs to exist, because in-RPJP RPJM all that is achieved in the context of the City (the broader concerns of all sectors) rather than the Government of the City (more narrow only in the public budget-Government). Therefore, if the only reference to the "local budgetting system" in the context of the Local Government (Pemko Batam) not more than Rp1, 3 trillion. Then what can be expected to strengthen macro-economic structure of cities should be in the economic growth of 7 percent or more?. If the number of cumulative government budget (APBN-Provincial Budgets and including the Board of Cultivation Batam Batam) not more than Rp.4, 9 trillion.

"If we estimate the strength of the private sector in the GDP of Batam to strengthen the economic structure in the level of 7.4% growth, and how large the contribution of the allocation of private funds that continue issued?. If we refer to the strong public interest to build and almost every day we see the board of congratulations on the inauguration of a business, then we can put large numbers relative velocity of money and the shifting role of commodities in all lines and multi-sector (property, consumption, transportation , convection, insurance, banking, travel, manufacturing or fabrication, etc.). Therefore, do not ignore the economic power of the private sector in creating employment and state revenue and financial income (PAD), "said the holder of a master's degree from the University of Queensland Australia.

Monday, June 21, 2010

End June, Mega Mall Present Bazaar and Furniture Exhibition

Mega Mall only two expo brings along this June, the Health and Beauty Expo and the second is Anmum Roadshow. "This June for we only show two events that apply the concept of the exhibition and expo, the remaining management had indeed been set to welcome the carpet bazaar school holidays this year," said Yolanda Katrin, Mega Mall Promotion.

Yolanda stated if the implementation of this bazaar began on June 17 until June 24, 2010 which will present a variety of school and holiday purposes. Mega Mall has also previously held the Graduate Centre Mas kindergarten, where the event was enlivened by a variety of entertainment and performance. "The event this school holiday bazaar akin also filled a variety of entertainment from schools who have signed up to the Mega Mall," Yolanda Papar.

Furthermore, there is an exhibition akin furnitture regular in Mega Mall on June 16 to July 4, 2010. This exhibition displays a trend akin to type of house minimalist furniture. The exhibition was held in the atrium akn East. "Now if we could see the furniture exhibit various kinds of furniture that are the current trends, here too, the participants offer up to 40 percent discount promos and free between the special is a certain distance," says Yolanda.

In addition to the domestic furniture products furniture expo in Nagoya hill also provides products abroad with a modern minimalist design that is currently being liked by all circles of society. "Furniture expo is also accompanied by an exhibition of uni timber, meaning that this exhibition also presents furnishing products made from timber materials," says Yolanda.

Not only was Mega Mall is also akin to present-holiday sale of the Matahari Department and Polo Ralph Laurent. Holiday sales are going on since 1-30 June 2010. Holiday sales in these two leading department stores also provide other than a special discount voucher. "This is akin to carpet that facilitate visitors in finding a qualified kitchen fashion akin," Yolanda cap.

KTM Villa Spa Resort, Spa Place Artist Enjoying Singapore in Batam

Spa Villa is located at KTM Resort does have a panoramic view not shared by other spas. At this spa, guests can enjoy a package that has been designed by the Spa Villa. Visitors can also enjoy the blue expanse of sea straits in Singapore.

Given the Spa Villa that jutted into the sea of different shades memeberi funds, making the spa is mostly visited by tourists from Singapore. "If a long vacation, many artistes from MediaCorp Singapore enjoy aromatic spa services here," said June Lusiana, SE, as Manager of Spa Villa.

In addition Juliana added, if during the June to August 2010 to present the promo package Weekday, Buy One Get One Free which dibundling with room rates. This package includes room rates, city tour, ferry tickets and spa services. "This package price is normally 200-san singapore dollars, but for this promotion we are giving the price of Sin $ 108," said June Lusiana. Price Sin $ 108 terse but already includes one-night stay at Resort, 90 minutes spa treatment, city tour and lunch at Golden Prawn.

Villa Spa offers spa services using tambala scrubs using long island scrub, aloe vera scrubs, scrubs coffee, chocolate and strawberry scrubs scrubs. In addition to the Special Romantic Spa package, visitors can enjoy a Spa Body Scrub, Body Mask, Hydrotherapi, Sensual Bath and Full Body aromatherapy. "This package is perfect for a honeymoon couple watching the sunset at the Spa Villa," said June.

Last spa villas provide the Breeze Spa, where visitors can enjoy the beach while enjoying the gentle breeze spa services. This service lasted for 150 minutes. "Breeze Spa Package is suitable for individual or with a partner, here we use a special aromatherapy and carried on just before sunset, which was obtained by treatment of this package is the Body Scrub with a wide selection of aromatherapy" concluded in June.

International Sea Eagle Boat Race Back held, followed by Participant Global

Sea Eagle Boat Race Race akin toned up by 12 rowers from local and foreign teams which competed akin fast on the track that has been established by the committee. They will challenge the strength of water currents Rear Padang in 2 to 4 July 2010.

Event International Boat Race Sea Eagle is designed with a new concept. Because, in addition to the game, akin also held several events and cultural attractions and exhibitions small and medium business (SMEs) to further add a lively atmosphere.

Sea Eagle Boat International Race was also invited as Singpura negra neighbors, Malaysia and Brunei. The game is divided into two categories, International and local. This event is going to fight over the trophy Batam mayor, money coaching, and certificates with a total prize of Rp 46 million.

Chief executive of this international event, Buralimar, said that there are fundamental differences between the Sea Eagle boat with the Dragon Boat. According to him, the Sea Eagle difficulty level when the spin will be more felt by the rowers. "Although there is no fixed rule about this sport, but we are more focused to the entertainment and tourist visits.

Sea Eagle Boat will be held at night, so it displays shades of the Padang Rear beauty. At the opening, bringing akin Pemko Batam Chen Ho's ship the Golden Beach resort to enliven the mat. "We really wanted to sell the tourism potential in the Rear of Padang. The opening will be planned to be attended by ministers of Culture and Tourism and Minister of Youth and Sports, "explained Buralimar.

This activity is intended to increase the number of domestic tourist arrivals and Batam in 2010 to support successful visit. This activity is akin concentrated in the plains of the Sea Eagle, Rear Padang. (Source Batamevent)

Batam Haute Couture Fashion 2010, Models R'Luxs Existence "

A total of 50 models featured in R'Luxs Models Agency lively third anniversary on Sunday (20/06/2010) in the atrium of the Nagoya Hill. The celebration, titled Spectacular 3rd Anniversary Models R'Luxs This model also invited parents who nurtured by Ronald Moreno, as the owner of R'Luxs Models. Not only that, hundreds of visitors Nagoya Hill shopping mall seemed enthusiastic in watching fashion show that displayed by these models.

The event began at 19:00 pm, opened by the appearance of six performances that brought dancers from Jakarta Indonesian archipelago with the traditional dance music that has digubah.Selain wearing blue costumes, the dancers also wear a mask when he brought his dance. While women dancers dressed in pink is not to be outdone, wore ornaments dikepala la Balinese dancers. Ronal Moreno, as the owner of Models R'Luxs states, this event takes the concept of haute couture Batam Of Fashion 2010. "This is one of uniqueness, this concept has not previously exist in of Indonesia. Usually only available in Europe, and now I will show in Batam, "he said on the sidelines of a fashion show of his work.

It is also evident from the results of Ronal Moreno own design that was exhibited by the model. The first session of care model R'Luxs Models glided with the dress waved Unsurprisingly, the concept of haute couture designs such as this seems to adopt a well-known works of Adi's Clothing Oscar de la Renta, with an average material satin and waving, create clothing designs that appear impressed graceful , but ideas like this are not exactly the first fully biased, it's just probably a combination series of events arranged in such a beautifully made Ronal claims as the first.

Ronal explained that the celebration of the third anniversary is a celebration terakbar ever made by R'Luxs Models. "This anniversary year of the first Model R'Luxs made great, by displaying all the talent R'Lux Models and design of my dress collection, usually we have only just entered the Private Party to celebrate the anniversary R'Luxs Models, now we are grateful R'Luxs Models already known by the community as a Model Agency who was talent-talent specialist accommodate the modeling world, "said Ronal added.

In celebration of the Anniversary of the third R'Luxs This model is also attended by Head of Batam City Tourism Office, Guntur Sakti. He said that personally he would like to thank R'Luxs model have participated Visit Batam make the program successful in 2010, through the fashion show, which is expected to be a trend for the year 2010. "Thank you for organizing the event Pemko Batam Of Houte Couture Fashion was held at the Nagoya Hill Mall, it is also expected to be a trigger for other agencies in Batam to hold fashion show in a public spot," said Thunder.

Not only a fashion show of designs by Ronal Moreno, this event also presents a variety of other attractions. Stage circuitry laid out the red carpet was also brings guest stars 'Goddess Noisy' local artists who entertain the audience through the song 'Bad Dreams' is sung. Also several bartenders also showed his skills in playing bottle juggling aliases. (Source Batamevent)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Winner Artist Management and FTV Starring Sinetron

BATAM - Winner Management, which has successfully held a talent search competition in the world of entertainment, held in Batam since last January, through a Top Star Search 2010 has started to orbit the artist is charge the winner of the show. Voke is Victoria Kimbal (15 out) is my favorite and the winner of the overall champion in the category of youth, she managed to get an exclusive contract from MD Entertainment, Neat Film and Production House (PH) Other large.

"Voke managed to get the role for one of FTV movie on SCTV that will begin running with the caption 'Antiques bike, My boyfriend is Beautiful' and stripping the contract of 52 episodes of soap operas in Indosiar with the title 'The Meaning of Friends', and this is proof of the seriousness of the Winner in capturing the world entertainment and new artists orbit under the auspices Winner Management, "says Kelly Liu, Managing Director of Winner's management.

Voke himself has managed to set aside approximately 100 contestants who follow the event selection of Top Star Search talent which lasted from January 2010 until April 2010. Voke, 15-year-old teenager has a talent in the field ekting and singing, MD Entertainment proven direct hire this young girl to participate in some projects entertainment MD. "Voke has the complete package as a potential young star shine in the future, he was a talented field acting and singing, and Voke is an artist management umbrella Winner below, then it will become ambassadors in all business dealings, and Entertainment Management Winner," said Kelly added.

Furthermore, the graduates Voke Victoria Kimbal SMP Harapan Permata this Batam, will also be undergoing activities in Jakarta artistry of the world, all the affairs of the schedule pretty girls bleed-Sunda Manado will be handled by the Winner. "We're going to be a star point and Voke Voke Winner will also become an icon for the implementation of Star Search to the second line next year," Liu Kelly Papar. He also stated Winner Artist Management which has been overshadowed in Jakarta a few artists like Alanis, Sofia doll, Valentino, etc..

Winner Management also will occupy the new office location in July at Seraya Mas Blok H No. 1, exactly in front of Nagoya Batam Hill. The new office will be the winner headquarters management. Also Winner will also open a branch office in the Base Camp Simpang Batu Aji, exactly next to GICI school, and following the will inaugurate a branch office in Tebet, South Jakarta.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ratu Platinum, Pubs Dangdut Exclusive In Batam, Immediate Present Trio Macan and Dewi Persik with Performances Kamasutra Band

BATAM CITY - Dangdut is starting to get a place at the various levels of Indonesian society. Dangdut is no longer synonymous with "lower-class music. Many upper-class people who now likes dangdut. Even among the artists themselves a lot of moving flow into dangdut singer. In Batam own foreign or expatriate workers from Asia such as Singapore and Japan, even love dangdut music contribution.

Seeing the high response from Asian expatriates to dangdut music, Panorama Regency Hotel Management, which presents the 'Ratu Platinum', a night entertainment spot that presents the concept of dangdut exclusively. Exclusive understanding here, that although the music is presented dangdut, but visitors who attend are asked to remain polite and neatly dressed, for comfort together.

"We just wanted to bring something different to show Dangdut exclusive entertainment, with the upper middle segment that is expected to meet the tastes of tourists and expatriates with dangdut music contribution," says Riska Manager Café Ratu Platinum. Added Riska, this may be the first Café for a pub that carries the concept of Pure Dangdut. He is optimistic Café with this concept could provide a separate color for lovers of night entertainment in Batam.

Before Café Ratu Platinum was founded, the previous management had conducted a survey of the market who want to target. Aswi explains that represents the operational director of Ratu Platinum soft opening press conference at Ratu Platinum, Monday (5/31/2010) ago. "We previously had success creating and applying a similar concept in two Café with the same kind in Jakarta, and it received overwhelming response from the lovers of nightlife in Jakarta, so we are optimistic that this concept can be accepted by the lovers of nightlife in Batam," Aswi said.

For his own band Home "Ratu Platinum", presents Dangdut Band already has a name and hours of flying high, the 'Kamasutra'. This Band has long filled a variety of events on national television and has performed in several star hotels all over Indonesia. "We believe Kamasutra could give treats and enjoy the experience of different dangdut music, they've had a lot of flying hours and often fill a variety of musical events on television," said Aswi.

Ratu Platinum inaugurated on May 31, 2010, but the Café will start operating on June 1, 2010. Soft Opening management during the promo offer some form of Free Entrance and 50 percent discount for each reservation drinks. Meanwhile, the Grand Opening will be held on June 7, 2010, with guest star Trio Macan. After the Grand Opening Management Charge will be imposed at First Drink of Rp 125 thousand. Subsequently on June 10, 2010, "Ratu Platinum" will bring Dewi Persik and on June 11, 2010 during the opening World Cup 2010 will feature Shagy Dog.

As a place of entertainment, which brought the concept of Exclusive Pure Dangdut, Ratu Platinum impose some regulations for visitors who want to enjoy the musical treats in the "Ratu Platinum." We passed a law, anyone who wants to watch the entertainment in the Ratu platinum, they must comply with the rules that we have made, among other guests shall use the shirt collar when wearing shorts and shoes shall be banned from wearing sandals, "said Aswi.

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