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Friday, June 11, 2010

Winner Artist Management and FTV Starring Sinetron

BATAM - Winner Management, which has successfully held a talent search competition in the world of entertainment, held in Batam since last January, through a Top Star Search 2010 has started to orbit the artist is charge the winner of the show. Voke is Victoria Kimbal (15 out) is my favorite and the winner of the overall champion in the category of youth, she managed to get an exclusive contract from MD Entertainment, Neat Film and Production House (PH) Other large.

"Voke managed to get the role for one of FTV movie on SCTV that will begin running with the caption 'Antiques bike, My boyfriend is Beautiful' and stripping the contract of 52 episodes of soap operas in Indosiar with the title 'The Meaning of Friends', and this is proof of the seriousness of the Winner in capturing the world entertainment and new artists orbit under the auspices Winner Management, "says Kelly Liu, Managing Director of Winner's management.

Voke himself has managed to set aside approximately 100 contestants who follow the event selection of Top Star Search talent which lasted from January 2010 until April 2010. Voke, 15-year-old teenager has a talent in the field ekting and singing, MD Entertainment proven direct hire this young girl to participate in some projects entertainment MD. "Voke has the complete package as a potential young star shine in the future, he was a talented field acting and singing, and Voke is an artist management umbrella Winner below, then it will become ambassadors in all business dealings, and Entertainment Management Winner," said Kelly added.

Furthermore, the graduates Voke Victoria Kimbal SMP Harapan Permata this Batam, will also be undergoing activities in Jakarta artistry of the world, all the affairs of the schedule pretty girls bleed-Sunda Manado will be handled by the Winner. "We're going to be a star point and Voke Voke Winner will also become an icon for the implementation of Star Search to the second line next year," Liu Kelly Papar. He also stated Winner Artist Management which has been overshadowed in Jakarta a few artists like Alanis, Sofia doll, Valentino, etc..

Winner Management also will occupy the new office location in July at Seraya Mas Blok H No. 1, exactly in front of Nagoya Batam Hill. The new office will be the winner headquarters management. Also Winner will also open a branch office in the Base Camp Simpang Batu Aji, exactly next to GICI school, and following the will inaugurate a branch office in Tebet, South Jakarta.

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