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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nakamura degree Therapy Charity, MURI Break Records

Reflexiologi Nakamura, Acupressure and Chiropractic, held a 'Charity Nakamura Therapy' on Wednesday (07/21/2010). This event is by Dance Therapist Supervisor Nakamura as Reflexiologi held simultaneously in 27 outlets across Indonesia on akamura. This program also proves to the community as a place that Nakamura Acupressure and Chiropractic treatment, care about public health.

"If at the outlet outside of Batam, just like in Java, such as the mat is held in the village office and a public spot visited by many people, do not you if in our Batam hard to find a place like that, yes we organized this event happen in the BCS Mall, and even then the response was incredible, "says Dance.

Therapy mat Amal held yesterday was a day on Wednesday, also made by all branches throughout Indonesia Nakamura, this is done remedy record MURI, therapeutic categories for charities in Indonesia. Moreover Dance said, Nakamura also want to give to the community by providing sosialiasai free treatment for 15 minutes, about the benefits of acupressure therapy and Chiropractic from Nakamura. "We do this in addition to a record MURI also want to do an introduction about the benefits of therapy Nakamura, behold, a lot of which can be exploited from Nakamura services for health and fitness," Papar Dance.

Therapy offered by Nakamura recognized by the dance has provided many benefits for customers and those who had experienced acupressure therapy. Kiropraksi can be applied by Nakamura Maagh mengobato various diseases such as, migraine, hard to get offspring, disturbed sleep (insomnia), lumbago, rheumatic, non-current Haid, atsma, stress and so forth.

Nakamura has 10 service treatments that can be exploited by maasyarakat. Starting from the therapy throughout the body, mixed treatments, kiropraksi japan, kiropraksi neck and shoulders, facial acupressure, reflection japan legs, hands acupressure, acupressure therapy of children and ear candles. "One of the most favorite service in Nakamura is acupressure services subsidiary, which is very useful for children ages 3 to 15 years. Acupressure is useful to increase the concentration of small, memory, learning ability, appetite and stabilize the child's fitness, "says Dance.

Other services that are not less interesting is the acupressure face and ear candles that are beneficial to the health of the head, covering his face and ear area. This treatment can improve the series by Dancing on the face and sharpen the hearing and it felt lighter, other than that ear candles can also menghilangkaan headaches, insomnia, improve concentration da body balance.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kids And Family Spa Salon, Spa and Salon Present Concept of Family

If you already have a son or daughter, it seems difficult to find time to perform maintenance of the body or face, or just enjoy a relaxing spa services that today's increasingly prevalent and is offered at an affordable price. But now need not worry anymore, because at this Spa and Salon has been opened specifically for families, Kids, Family Spa & Salon, located in front of the Sari Orchid Kompleks Ruko Mitra Raya market.

According to Nurul as the manager of Family and kids spa salon, spa treatment center is to apply the concept of spa services for the entire family. Starting from the adult men and women and children. "Are now widely yes, Spa which offers a variety of products and services to masyarakat, but not those who already have dengan momongan or children, tentunya hassle to find a place that can comfortably enjoy spa services without being bothered by baby, now we are providing a variety of advantages spa products and treatments for families, ranging from spa services for adults and for children, here we have also provided the arena of children's games and as well as caregivers who can protecting children while parents enjoy spa services and treatments, "Nurul Papar.

He explained, for its own spa services, Family and Kids Salon Spa has many variants. Among them there are services or facial treatment, extra Beauty's treatment, Body Treatment, Stone Massage, Body Scrub of Choices, Choices of Body Masque, Body Scrub Kendedes, etc. Ritual Madura. "The mainstay treatment in family and kids salons spas are Madura Ritual, which I own is a rite of Madurese are very well suited for the weaker sex who want to pamper him," said Nurul explained.

Opened with three floors consisting of two floors for spa treatments womenfolk, while the third floor for his people adam, making Family and Kids Spa Salon is very cozy and pleasant. His first floor there is the playing area for children of nuanced Pooh, "in addition we also provide baby massage for children and scented spa services tutty fruit or fruity, ideal for children and provide relaxing and refreshing effect the child's body- children, "said Nurul.

Regarding price guarantee Nurul, very affordable, for the service spa package is only Rp 139 thousand, has included treatment for 2 hours, and body scrub, body massage and traditional massage treatment provided at the Family and Kids Salon. Furthermore, there was more promo that lasts for the month of July 2010, ie 50 per cent discount for all types of services on family and Kids Salon. "Discounts are held during the month of July, so we provide facilities and services at very affordable and have quality at the Family and Kids Spa Salon," concluded Nurul.

PKP Anniversary in 2010, boosted by Bank of Big Banks

"All state-owned Bank and Bank of the supporting organization of the exhibition that provides special rates to people who want to have a quality property of the taxpayers," said Iwan Setiawan, according to Manager of Sales & Marketing PT PKP.

In addition, during the 26 day exhibition, PKP offers a variety of powerful promotional offers. The developers offered a massive promo include 0 percent interest rate and down payment (DP) 1 percent. Then there is another promo 5 percent cash back and cash in stages up to 60 times. Iwan Setiawan also added, saying the consumer can take advantage of the chance to gain kemudahaan buying property. "When else has a quality product properties with 0 percent down payment. For aja immediately to the exhibition and see what we can offer there, "said Iwan.

Not only that, in this exhibition, also at-launch or launch new property projects. As for property projects, among others, Loka Castle Town House, shop Gajah Mada Square. "Including the launch of several projects which are also home to the types or new variants," he explained. Projects that offer new types of homes, town house is located in Seipanas Puriloka marketed only 36 units. New type of house it was offered at a price of Rp250 million prime starting only, Gajah Mada Square office is located at the edge of the highway tiban built two floors and three floors with a total market reached 64 units, and sold from the price of Rp350 million only.

"Along with PKP's birthday, so this exhibition there is also the purchase of special exhibitions on the first week of 16-22 July 2010 ie the date prizes Vixion Yamaha, 32-inch LCD TVs and refrigerators and other prizes. Our marketing team is ready to serve you get the product ideal property in Batam, "said Iwan. Various prizes will be given Iwan is clearly drawn in a way for every buyer of the lucky ones. PKP is also in this exhibition will present a variety of free gifts. Unfortunately Jimmy did not explain the free gifts offered by the taxpayers in this role. Are you interested to have a home of PKP, you can send an email to: bembe07@yahoo.com

Monday, July 19, 2010

Kek Pisang Villa, Back Achieved Achievement

Entrepreneur souvenirs Batam Villa Banana Cake, Denni return Delyandri Creative Award SME Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin Kepri). Awards are handed over directly Governor of Riau Islands, HM Sani for the opening exhibition of K-SMEs Expo Indonesia 2010 at the Mega Mall, Batam Center, Thursday (15/07/2010).

The award was accepted into the 6th achievements earned Villa Banana Cake, which became a successful food production company. Especially by-the typical vacancy, beginning with a home-based business in 2007.

"Within three years, Villa Banana Cake business is considered a success not only by introducing by-Batam. But also the entire workforce to recruit Batam own citizens, "said Villa Owner Banana Cake (Denni Delyandri) after receiving the award at their booth at the MMBC. Previously, Denni've had five previous awards namely a developer of creative SMEs in Riau Islands Province in 2008, won three national independence in 2008 a young entrepreneur, the practical finalist in 2009, winner of two national level and SME Champion Young Marketer Award from the Cooperative Institute of Indonesia.

"The existence of this award, became a conviction for us to develop Banana Cake Villa, not a by-the typical vacancy, interested citizens of Indonesia alone. But also for foreign tourists who visit Batam, "he said. This is evidenced, while Villa Banana Cake will follow the exhibition seAsia Pacific SMEs in Malaysia, 5-7 August, having previously followed the Asian food and drink festivals in Singapore late last February.

Batam Villa Banana Cake is now expanding and has six branches as in Batuaji, Batam Center, Nagoya, Penuin, Bengkong and Hang Nadim Airport. "Of all the branches, we employ 105 employees," he said. And he thinks in the near kek banana villa will reopen their outlets to seven. "We plan to re-open new outlets, plans tiban still in the area," said Denny.

Jotun Inspiration Centre, The concept of Jotun For Perfect Tint

Jotun, which is one of the paint companies from Norway are already known in lebh from 37 countries in the world. For Batam region, leading local businessman, Jotun presents 'Jotun Inspiration Centre', which presents the information center for the community batam staining, which is located disimpang Junctino KDA Batam Centre. According to Robby Tasniem Jotun Inspiration Centre as the manager, front desk was built for people who want to obtain information about the coloring that fits to the interior and exterior home or building.

"Jotun Inspiration Centre is a response to the demand for information about the existence of a single space tepat baik staining for interior or ekterior buildings and residential houses, besides Jotun Inspiration Centre also provides a direct product of this quality paint and process pengoplosan of the desired colors by the consumer. Here our team will help anyone who is dating who want information about the coloring of an ideal, good and quality, "said Robby Tasniem the sidelines of the inauguration of Jotun Inspiration Center, Sunday (18/07/2010).

Was first launched in 1976, multicolor system that revolutioner Jotun decorative paints has led to a new level. A coloring of the quality standard is maintained by Jotun. "In addition, Jotun is also bringing high-tech computer system that lets you select a color from the color spectrum that has been provided in the Jotun Inspiration Center, after choosing your favorite color, then the team from Jotun Inspiration Center will assist you in applying color to a room of your choice , "said Robby Tasniem added.

In addition Jotun Inspiration Centre also provides colouradvisor, which can help every community who need advice on what colors are the trend this year, and provides consulting services regarding the right coloring for all types of buildings and homes. "Jotun Colouradvisor is a visualization program that allows you to upload photos, add color and bereksperiment on photos of your home, with the functionality and usability that is easy to operate, you will get a real view of your home before deciding to buy paint jotun," concluded Robby.

Empower Local suppliers, Carrefour MoU with the Ministry of Agriculture in Batam

Innovation PT Carrefour Indonesia, which together with local suppliers in all regions in Indonesia, including Batam and other areas in the Riau Islands, reap praise from the Minister of Agriculture Suswono. He considered, a partnership that built Carrefour had opened the way for the community of micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), agriculture sector to prosper.

Thus expressed Suswono after witnessed the signing of the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding, MoU) between the Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture Horticulture Ahmad Dimyati, with the Corporate Affairs Director Carrefour Indonesia PT Irawan Kadarman, at the opening of the National Week Flori and Flora (PF2N) 2010, Friday ( 07/15/2010) in Flora Flori Week held in Engku Putri, Batam Centre.

"This partnership makes farmers obtain market certainty and market chain is shorter, so that will give a larger profit margin. While traders (Carrefour) will obtain the certainty of supply, "he said. Kadarman Irawan said after the MoU, the partnership is not only limited market access, but also the development and empowerment of farmers through training, mentoring and promotional support. Training, mentoring, include aspects of hygiene, management of cash flow, bookkeeping, stock management, display and packaging. While market access include the provision of land at the corner of the popular outlets through the program and give priority in people's bazaars program. While support for the campaign include promotional catalogs, participation in the bazaars, exhibitions, seminars and special profiles on the leading mass media.

"If in the agricultural sector, Carrefour works with ministries of agriculture and jajaranya, will provide training and facilitation, market access and promotion through a combination of groups of farmers (farmer group union) or those who joined in SMEs," he told reporters when pressconference in PF2N. From the production side of fruit or vegetables, to maintain quality, continuity and quantity, for example, farmers will be guided by technical personnel from the partner of Carrefour in the MOA. Then, packaging and other aspects relating to the marketing of agricultural commodities, will be guided and assisted by experts from Carrefour, including aspects of management and various other things needed petani.Tak only that, but such cooperation, also include the monitoring and evaluation . Whether it's monitoring monthly performance, including sales and shortage, providing input for performance improvement, to hold group discussions with customers.

"This cooperation will we follow up by forming working groups or special committees to work intensively to achieve cooperation. This committee will also prepare a follow-up proposals for the realization of the points already agreed upon, "he said Irawan. Fresh Division Manager Carrefour Batam, Farlian Anwar added that the MoU aims to promote local suppliers of vegetables and fruits in all branches of Carrefour Indonesia. Currently, he said, local agricultural production accounts for about 15 percent. After the signing of this MoU, it would add as much as 30 percent of local supply. "Target Carrefour nationally, the supply of local vegetables and 50 percent in 2011," he said. Ferlian also justify, Carrefour prefer the production of the local area. For example, to Batam, vegetables and fruits are supplied from indigenous farmers around the region such as Batam or Hinterland region and Tanjungpinang.

Meanwhile, as reported previously, the MoU is not only in Batam. PT Carrefour Indonesia also held a MoU with the State Minister of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises Sjarifudin Hasan, the President Director of PT Carrefour Indonesia Shafie Shamsuddin on the sidelines of the visit of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the ceremony commemorating the 63rd Day of Cooperatives of Indonesia in Surabaya. In the same place, Shafie Shamsuddin, also held a MoU with General Chairman KH Said Agil Siradj. "This initiative we are doing so consumers know and want to buy products from people that we offer," concluded Shafie.

U Bikers 2010, Batam Bikers Bikers Not Ordinary

After a successful opening in the city, Galway last May, U Mild U Bikers Festrack 2010 to continue his journey to the city of Batam. Fun City Rally, Bikers Jamboree, Modification Contest, International Exhibition freestyle, Coaching Clinic, U Mild Zone, bazaar and entertainment stage has also enliven the atmosphere of the field Tumenggung Abdul Jamal, Batam on July 17 to 18, 2010.

Ahmad Nasyiruddin, Branch Manager said U Mild U Festrack Biker Batam in 2010 in the city is still a one-stop biker festival that presents a choice of experiences for bikers who packed more unique and more colorful. "The concept of this year over biker festival which leads to uphold the values of brotherhood or the Brotherhood but also a festive, unique and challenging. This is the input from the bikers and the U brand adult smokers, "said Nasyir the sidelines of the implementation of U Bikers Festrack 2010, in Tumenggung Abdul Jamal.

During the road race which has become one of the main menu Festrack U bikers were not held again this year, but Brand U still accommodate the wishes of the bikers through other activities that are not less interesting. In accordance with the Brand U commitment in advancing automotive world two wheels at the Indonesia, the new format Festrack U Bikers 2010 will still be filled with activities carried out from, by and for bikers. "Even more interesting, for example if biasanyua safety riding done in the classroom, this time the rally was held in the form of a fun city with a rally," said Nasyir added.

About this rally fun city, Nasyir adding that this activity is a competition for a motorcycle rally that carried the team with a total of five motors per team. The route will pass through four different routes, each of which there are outposts that have been provided. Each post is the tourist attractions in the city of Batam. First Pos Barelang ie bridges, the second post is Heroes Cemetery, Third is the Park City Post, Post, Batam Centre and the Fourth is the last post is Harbourbay. Rating points are points in this rally participants gathered at the games that were presented in each post. "The core of the Fun City Rally was to build kekompakkan from each team, knowledge about the places / attractions in the city of Batam, and the most important thing is riding safety campaign. Results from this activity will be categorized in Fun City Rally Award which consists of The Most attractive Bikers, The Safety Riding Bikers and Bikers Flash is the winner will get a cash prize, trophy, tires, helmets, and gold pin, "said nasyir.

To bring more festive atmosphere and better expresses the spirit of brotherhood, Brand U also facilitate the hobby of the biker who likes to hang out with the concept membiuat kampoeng biker jamboree. Slightly different from the jamboree in the city biker before, the activities in the jamboree mini-bikers in the city of Bata is the idea of a large part of its own Batam bikers who want more activity of fresh and creative. Theme is "Batam Bikers Not Ordinary", the biker Batam contribute creative ideas which by Brand U accommodated in these activities in kampoeng Bikers.

The activities of the ideas of such mini-bikers Bikers Brick Walk, the biker-style fashion show, push the mine, and performances in which the biker bikers free channel their creativity on the stage. All of these activities carried out by the bikers use attributes such as bike riding safety helmet, protector and gloves. While the activities that have been done in the city administration of U Bikers like Funsall festrack previous 2010, football game where the players wear all safety gear drive, with my narcissistic photo contes Brand U, where bikers can segokil photo together as possible, and bike wash contest is also still become mainstays who awaited by bikers in this biker kampoeng jamboree.

For fans of motor sports acrobatics above, an international Brand stunrider was invited by the U, namely Aaron Twite from the United States. Aaron has won various competitions freestyle bikers are really making the reliability plays a chuckle in awe of the clutch and tires while doing the action free style jumping and jump back wheel. The audience cheered every time Aaron shows his actions in riding motorcycles. And mat U Bikers Festrack 2010 which was held in this Tumenggung Jamal abdul else in the cap by the appearance of Indonesian Band that is currently on the rise, Andra And The Back Bone presents 11 songs in the comfort of the biker who is also closed this performance.


Friday, July 16, 2010

"Nay@dam" Win Creative MSME degree sector of the Riau Islands Chamber

Rosnendya Wardhana Wisnu (32) daring to leave our comfort zone or comfort as a bank employee. He chose to "gamble" with new challenges. Current efforts to label cakes Nay @ Dam could reap tens of millions of monthly turnover / outlet. For his hard efforts that the "Rosnendya Wardhana Wisnu" Nay@dam owner / manager of the was awarded in 2010 from the Chamber of Commerce Creative SMEs in Riau Islands Province.

"Praise is the result of hard work in realizing the dream of someone who wants to go, virtually all people can also be achieved her dream, which would like to work hard to make it happen and try to build the network and do not forget to pray," said Rosnendya which is familiarly called Wisnu with humility.

Plunge into the world of business and out of work requires mature thinking. Wisnu Make no doubt to stir wade slam safe zone that has long lived. "I got to thinking for one year, whether to self-employment or remain working in the bank. Because entrepreneurship is considered unsafe zone. While working at the company including the safe zone. Every month we have surely can pay, "he said, after receiving an award plaque from the Riau Islands Governor-elect HM Sani, Indonesia at the opening of K-SMEs in the Mega Mall Batam Center.

Feeling bored with routine work at a bank in Batam and not be able to release her creative ideas, a man who formerly served as supervisor of operations at a salary of Rp 3.5 million per month rose finally resigned in November 2008. Since then he immediately build his business dynasty which until now has five otulet with a turnover of tens of millions. Interestingly comestible typical business souvenirs are more popular in the community and Batam market infiltrate with frequent follow and contribute to each organizing seminars and exhibitions.

To find customers, Wisnu uses tricks to remember the old relationship when he worked at the bank. Wisnu is also assisted his wife to market Melayunya cake. "As it happens in Pemko Batam like many guests who come from outside the area. Usually they ask to look for souvenirs typical food in Batam, "he said.

Thanks to his foresight find customers, business cake Melayu (bingka fuel and ikan bilis) more aflutter. When used, at his home just to make a cake with a small oven, now wearing a large oven that he bought from Borneo. With such a large oven can roast one time twenty-pan. He also already had one employee. "Thank God now we can one day produce fuel bingka 30-40 pan. 50 percent has been booking people, "he said.

Micro 112 Revolving Fund Can Help From Pemko

City Government (City Administration) Batam through the Department of Community Empowerment, Markets, Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (KUKM PMP) provides a revolving loan fund to 112 micro-enterprises, cooperatives and BMT in Batam. Department PMPK SMEs provide a revolving fund of Rp1, 5 billion during 2010. Batam Mayor Drs. Ahmad Dahlan when handed Loan Revolving Fund, the City Administration Building 4th Floor Wednesday (7/14/2010), states, these loans are loans and deposits that must be rotated in obey all the rules by the debtor.

Parties who receive such a revolving fund Base Motorcycle taxi Mega Mall of Rp40 million, the seller of broiler meat Tanjunguma of Rp40 million to Rp20 million seller of clothes and gardening businesses for Rp 5 million. The amount of the revolving fund initiated in 2010 amounted to Rp1, 5 billion. In addition, Pemko Batam also awarded five cooperative achievement, and appreciation to the cooperative, UEDSP and SMEs who are obedient. PMP KUKM Department also provides aid management tools to entrepreneurs soy and tofu.

Symbolically, the revolving fund loan transfer was submitted by Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan, at the ceremony commemorating the 63rd Day of Cooperatives. According to Dahlan, the presence of cooperatives in Batam quite alive, though the total population with the number of cooperatives that there has not been balanced. "Currently the number of cooperatives in Batam amounted to 753 consisting of 350 large cooperatives, credit cooperatives and cooperative employees. Meanwhile, the total membership of 753 cooperatives cooperatives as many as 97 thousand. "Papar Mayor of Batam, Drs. Ahmad Dahlan.

For the return of a revolving fund, Wako said the cooperative was not able to return on time. This is because micro-enterprises in Batam can not fully mensuporting needs of industry in Batam. Meanwhile PMP KUKM Pebrialin Kadis said the government continues to promote the increase in the number of cooperatives in Batam. "For example, by way of involving the community to hold events such as exhibitions of SMEs," said Mayor.

Last week the National Flora Flori (PF2N) official held

Last week the National Flora Flori (PF2N) Officially, on Thursday (15/07/2010) was officially opened by Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, Suswono. PF2N which took place on the plains Puetri Engku was followed by 181 participants from 31 provinces throughout Indonesia. While the participants from abroad came from Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

In his opening speech Indonesian Minister of Agriculture said it was time to meet the needs of Horticulture (fruit and vegetables) in the country, besides Indonesia also contributed 25 percent of fresh tropical fruits in the World.

"We should have been able to meet kebutuhan fruits and vegetables in the country, because the natural soil potency and yang is owned by Indonesia has been support of this, Departemen of Agriculture sendiri been trying to coordinate with all petan di production center and producer of vegetables in every province, masalah mungkin always There was commonplace and occur in developing countries like Indonesia, which is important in giving farmers can ease the start of planting, sowing seeds, harvesting and market access to market their products, "said Suswono, during a press conference at home on PF2N horticulture.

PF2N will last one week and ends on Thursday July 22, 2010. This PF2N activities according to the Mayor of Batam, Drs. Ahmad Dahlan as assisting minister declared aim is to promote the development and horticultural products, including the provision of information on investment opportunities in the field of horticulture and exploration of business cooperation between business actors. "In addition, the Director General of Horticulture will also do the signing of the MoU with Carrefour is witnessed by the Minister. Also there will be delivery of vegetable seeds of PT East West Seed Indonesia to the Directorate General of Horticulture, "said the Mayor.

At this time the implementation PF2N visitors can also attend seminars to improve the quality of ornamental garden plants that will be held on Friday (07/16/2010), the Hajj Information Center (PIH), Batam Centre. Who will be present as a conversation on the show as Dr. Suryo Wiyono, Expert IPB Biological agents, in addition there is also Ir. Rusidi, an expert in organic fertilizer PT Sang Hyang Sri. "They all will provide information on crop management and variety of information on Horticulture and opportunities to be had in this sector. This seminar can be followed by visitors PF2N da participants, "said Wako.

Ministry of Agriculture has also signed a MoU related access of agricultural products access provided by Carrefour. The signing was conducted by the Corporate Affairs Director of PT Carrefour Indonesia, Irawan kadarman. Kespahaman memorandum focuses on the development and empowerment of micro, small and medium enterprises in agriculture. "We try to facilitate access of farmers in Indonesia are carried out in all Carrefour's marketing, and this will be a milestone for the world's Carrefour and agriculture in Indonesia," said Irawan Kadarman.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finished 18th Hole, Golf Sukajadi degree Golf Tournament

Padang Golf Sukajadi batam, will hold a golf tournament in the framework of soft opening 18 holes, which has been completed. Implementation of Soft Opening will be held on Sunday, July 25, 2010. "His own Tournament will take place concurrent with the soft opening, which will be opened by Arifin Panigoro, Chairman of the Indonesian Golf Association," the narrative Renova Siahaan, Club House Manager Padang Golf Sukajadi.

Nova, greeting familiar Renova also added, bringing Sukajadi Padang Golf Golf Tournament with a capacity of 120 Golfer who will play together in the field of Padang Golf Golf Sukajadi. "Participants will be divided into these groups consisting of four people in one group, and they will do the Tea-Off at 07.00 pm. And each group will start a shotgun (the first blow in the field - red) simultaneously in Padang Golf Sukajadi, "said Nova.

Golf Tournament which was held with 18 holes will be open to the public. The registration fee for members is Rp 500 thousand, and walk-in guest at USD 700 thousand. "These costs are already included Green Fee, Coddy Fee, Lucky Draw, Buugy Fee, Insurance, Goody Bags and lunch, as for the gifts we provide is a home unit in Sukajadi, a unit of the car, a lifetime membership in Padang Golf Sukajadi and a membership for one year, "said Nova.

Meanwhile, Nova added, objectives Golf Tournament was held to inaugurate the 18th Hole is a ready-made in Padang Golf Sukajadi, while also we want to provide the opportunity for golf to prove on the field skillnya Golf Golf Sukajadi, and the latter is Local Government to ensure a successful program that is Visit Batam Batam in 2010, "Nova said.

Until now, Padang Golf Sukajadi already have an active member of 140 people. Facilities available in the wilderness Golf Sukajadi among other lawn with 18 holes, Driving Range, Locker Complete, Pro Shop, offers a variety of equipment golfers, Café, Bugy, Caddy and the Shelter is comfortable for the golfers. "From the side we have very good facilities, and to the community or a golf who want to follow this tournament, we still open the registration until July 24, 2010, for more information can contact the golf course Sukajadi in 0778 Number 7372001-2006.

Commitment to Service, Lock Panorama Regency Hotel 16 Year Fixed Existed

Panorama Regency Hotel (Formerly Melia panorama-ed) is one of four star hotels in Batam, which remained consistently present in Batam, by presenting a variety of hotel accommodation services and support for activities of the MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition). On July 12 keemarin, Panorama regency has turned into 16 years.

Relatife young age for a company feels it's special, "this is the age of maturation of us in serving the needs of tourists in the sector and the tourism industry. 16 years if likened to a teenager who still need to explore more about the service and professionalism in the tourism industry, "said Yanti, Marketing manager of Regency panorama.

In terms of facilities and the progress of Panorama, today said Yanti, Panorama has 185 rooms consisting of Type executive, deluxe and suites that can accommodate the president of the community and tourists in Batam. Furthermore, he also said, the development of the hospitality industry in Batam very rapidly, so that no unfair competition rarely occurs frequently among hospitality businesses in Batam. But not so with Panorama, Yanti added, Panorama Regency is always considered to be part of the success of competition in the hospitality services industry.

"If we think of competition as something that should be avoided, it seems we will never mature and will continue're concerned what will be done by the competitors, this will be boomerang untuk setiap jenis usaha, not only indusrtri hospitality but also all types of business , the competition should we sikapi with caution and always positive and willing to present berfikiran innovations and repair services or service to every guest, "said Yanti. He also said that Panorama itself has a good relationship with the hospitality business in Batam.

To enliven the 16-year anniversary of Panorama regency, in management brings its promos, but the most gress is the promo Publish Room Rate. A promo that was released to the public and tourists staying at the Panorama in the form of discounting by 50 percent. "The price of the room before the discount is Sin $ 145, after discount becomes Sin $ 72.5, the price include breakfast for two people and a variety of panoramic komplimentari regency," concluded Yanti.

New concepts, Ratu Platinum stretcher Beyond Your Imagination Celebration

Café Queen of Platinum, located in Panorama Regency Hotel, is now presenting a new concept. Associated with changes in the cafe concept is now carrying the new tagline is 'celebrations Beyond Your Imagination'.

"Beyond Your Tagline Celebration Café Queen of Platinum with a new tagline for this exclusive Café. We do this in accordance with demand and a growing trend among clubber, and we menyusp market with new concept that more fresh, "said general manager of Café Aswie Platinum queen.

Still related changes in the concept, starting next July 1, 2010, the Queen will present OP Cafe Platinum Band from Jakarta, which is currently still performing at the Hard Cafe Shanghai. In addition, to pamper clubber Batam, in time management will also be bringing DJ-DJ Progressive, like DJ Romy, DJ Naro, DJ Wingky, DJ Hizzkia, DJ Marqiu, DJ Anton, DJ Alice Norin, Tiara DJ, and DJ Boim Ghtto. "Queen Platinum Cafe will realize the dreams of the clubber Batam as a party that can not be imagined, according to our motto 'celebration beyond your Imagination'," said Aswi, added.

For this concept, segmentation café with young professionals and clubbers in Batam is also presenting two bands as well as to entertain all the guests who enjoy a night at the Queen Platinum. Meanwhile, during this month, Queen Platinum has come up with the Red Carpet Cafe Band with the formation of eight personnel, four musicians, two female vocalist, and one male vocalist who is one of favorite bands at the Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta. In his performance, entertaining the clubber Red Carpet with party music R & B and Rock Legend. "Party of the clubber Batam increasingly excited by the presence of DJ Yanti from Jakarta," said Aswi asserted.

Queen Platinum own high-tech features. Good sound system, lighting, and equipment DJ Equipment Cerato sophisticated. This is according to Aswie an additional aspect to create a more comfortable and Queen Platinum-exclusiv seemed to her. "From the equipment side of it we have prepared and these are as our commitment to deliver quality entertainment from the Queen of Platinum,"

It was not complete when the Platinum Queen Café classmates only provide entertainment only, of any terms of services and products, Café provides a fairly large discount to any guest without time limits and specific requirements. Discounts are given at 20 percent for every guest who orders a drink. In addition to free drinks also charge only Rp 125 thousand, has been getting free drinks. Meanwhile, for the visitors, Café Queen Platinum also set specific rules. Like for example, visitors are not allowed to wear slippers while enjoying the entertainment at Café Queen of Platinum.

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Batam Batik Fair

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Monday, July 12, 2010

U Bikers Festrack 2010, Return Comes In Batam

Field Tumenggung Abdul Jamal Batam city will soon be overrun by bikers. After achieving success in organizing last year's biggest festival for bikers, U Mild U Bikers Festrack 2010 will again present in the largest city in the Riau Islands. Various activities of the bikers, for bikers, by bikers and is ready to greet the bikers Batam on 17 and 18 July 2010.

U Mild U Bikers Festrack offerings, it is not a new arena for the bikers. After successfully held in Manado in May 2010 and, this time returning the U brand presence in Batam by offering unique activities, more fun and more involving bikers in every activity eventnya accordance with the theme of this year's U Bikers Festrack "Get More, Learn more, More Fun. "

Ahmad Nasyiruddin, Brand Manager of U Mild U Bikers say Festrack in the city of Batam in 2010 it will show something different from last year, by presenting various choices of activities for the bikers who packed more unique and more colorful. "U Bikers Festrack 2010 in Batam will be more involving bikers. The presence of this activity for the second time in Batam city we expect to accommodate the wishes of the bikers, in accordance with its commitment to promote the brand U automotive world two wheels at the Indonesia. I am sure, the presence of U Bikers Festrack back in 2010 in Batam, something new will be very long-awaited, "said Ahmad Nasyiruddin Nasyir familiar greeting.

Nasyir also added that involvement in any activity bikers Bikers Festrack 2010 U still be an interesting thing. "Fun City Rally, meet and greet with the International Freestyler in coaching clinic activities, and local exhibitions with freestyler freestyler foreigners are mainstays on the menu Festrack 2010 series U Bikers Batam. Diramaikan with Bikers Kampoeng jamboree with the concept, the more bikers in Batam will strengthen the feeling of brotherhood among fellow bikers, "he said.

Inside the Bikers Kampoeng there are interesting activities such as Safety Football Competition, a ball game in which players wear all safety equipment such as motors driving helmet, protector, and gloves that will be played by clubs biker Batam. No less exciting photo contest will be there with my narcissistic U Mild, Creativity bikers, bike wash for contest, and acoustic-style bikers.

For the sports fan stunt bikers on the bike, American Freestyler International action Aaron Twite course to be a long-awaited in Batam in the next 17 to 18 July. With its flagship tricks Kamikaze and the actions of another thrilling, 27-year-old man who has won various competitions stuntwars world is ready mengegerkan city of Batam.

Andra and The Backbone appearance on stage entertainment Festrack U Bikers 2010 Batam and the presence of U Mild Zone with various games in a fun and festive bazaars will also supplement the bikers this grand festival.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Exhibition Chevrolet, Captiva 7 Seater, Start USD. 306 Million

Four-wheeler market share in Batam increasingly significant. This was evident from the number of car brands that recently flooded the automobile market. This time people are given a choice again a top brand American dropout, namely Chevrolet. Chevrolet car dealership, PT Majesty Auto World re-introduced his tergress automotive products in the exhibition which was held for five days at the food street Nagoya Hill, since Wednesday (07/07/2010), up to five days ahead.

"This exhibition is organized to provide information kepaada our society will be a superior product that is new Chevrolet car edition. In this exhibition we show three variants yatiu Chevrolet Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Optra and Chevrolet Captiva. All the latest products with advanced features inside. The first goal of this exhibition can provide inspiration for people who want to have a new car, especially the Chevrolet brand, "said Rusli, Operational Manager PT Majesty Auto World.

It is said Rush, the exhibition which will last for five days, carried out in order to introduce sophisticated features embedded in each variant latest Chevrolet. "This car is very well suited to families, especially for large families because they have a lot of seats, ie seven seats," said Rusli.

Glance do not look at the differences between the Chevrolet Captiva gasoline or diesel, both exterior and interior. However, you will find VCDi logo on the back and heard the snoring of a typical diesel engine when turned on. Captiva diesel is only available in automatic transmission model with a revenue stamp to Batam worth 390 million market. Meanwhile, starting from the official price of gasoline Captiva USD 306 million to $ 309.6 million, with manual or automatic transmission choices.

SUV market in Indonesia, with a monocoque chassis, an apple-to-apple, Captiva actually compete with the Nissan X-Trail, Honda CR-V and Ford Escape. However, all of his opponent's absence with a diesel model. As a result, Captiva Diesel 'forced' to deal with the Toyota Fortuner diesel and Ford Everest that had ladder frame chassis. In addition, the capacity of a seven-seater Captiva is also commensurate with the Fortuner and Everest are also able to carry seven people.

Captiva present to the public the first time in the form S3X concept at the Paris Motor Show 2004. It was not until two years later greeted in the form of the Chevrolet Captiva at the Geneva Motor Show. Overall, the interior Captiva is quite satisfactory. However, its dashboard design was simpler than the X-Trail or the CR-V. Cabin quality still needs to dingkatkan. While in the cockpit, the rider can get a dynamic composition of sitting. We can move the seat to the front-rear and top-down well, so getting a better vision.

OG Home Grand Opening, Available Over 16 Thousand Household goods

Center housewares, OG Home is located on the ground floor batuampar Harbour Bay Mall, Thursday (7/8/2010) have been doing the Grand Opening. OG Home attendance, according to Moses Siregar, as Operational Manager OG Home, commit a variety of bonuses and the price attractive to visitors.

"Today we are giving 10 percent discounts on all types of goods sold. Start the cheapest price we even give a discount. There are more than 16 thousand kinds of goods household goods that we provide, "said Assistant Manager OG Home Batam, Moses Siregar.

Offers for the first 100 visitors who have shopped at least Rp100 thousand, the opportunity to receive attractive prizes which can be exchanged one tablespoon of cooking and then replaced his former OG Home with a set of new cooking equipment. "This is a rare opportunity for women and mothers who want to have a new cookware, frying aja take a long time and shopping at USD 100 thousand, then we will replace the old frying pan with a set of new cooking equipment," said Moses Siregar added.

This offer is valid for three days from 9 to 11 July. "The new cooking equipment is a set consisting of two tablespoons of cooking, eating four bowls and four spoons of soup," says Moses. Furthermore, Moses, said of bonuses and special price this is the beginning of their introduction to customers in Batam. OG Home also provides a special price for a variety of equipment made of Plastic and Stainless.

"In accordance with our motto, created a cheap and convenient shopping experience with excellent quality at OG Home, we provide a much cheaper price than the market price," says Moses. Various types of equipment housewares start eating, cooking, bathroom fixtures, accessories living room to a modern home appliances are available with prices ranging up to Rp8 Rp800 million per unit. "We dare to claim, OG Home became the center of home appliances cheapest and most complete in Batam with super quality," he said.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Philip Securities will be degree Socialization ORI

Philip Securities, a stock trading company that is a member of the Indonesia Stock Exchange, will hold a re-socialization of Indonesian Retail Bonds (ORI) to Batam community. Dissemination plans will be held on July 24, 2010 in the office of Philip Securities, Batam.

Johan Efendi as the Branch Manager of Philip Securities said, socialization ORI will later be held to solicit the public who wish to keep their assets at Philip Securities as an official institution designated by the Indonesian Stock Exchange as a dealer ORI.

"ORI or the Indonesian Retail Bonds are bonds issued by governments and are sold in retail / retail, because it is called Bonds (Bonds) Retail Indonesia. Minimum purchase Rp. 5 Million USD and addition of multiples. 1 Million, and now we are elected as a dealer ORI offered to the public through the scheme to buy "said Johan Efendi.

Generally, bonds can be interpreted as containing a statement of Securities owed certain amount of money within a certain timeframe of the party that issued the bonds to parties who purchase the bonds. "On debt, the issuer of bonds in this case the government or the State 'promise' to pay debt interest periodically until the end of the period or maturity of the bonds. Bonds are more familiar with the term fixed interest coupon nature and magnitude has been determined at the beginning '"adds Johan.

In order to attract investors or the owners of the fund, the interest coupon bonds when issued generally offer higher interest than savings accounts and time deposits prevailing at that time. In addition, bonds can also be traded prior to maturity. So when you buy a bond, then you enjoy the benefits derived from coupon payments of interest and also the difference between buying and selling prices in the middle of the road when you decide to sell the bonds you hold. "And of course you can get ORI at Philip Securities, with a limited supply schemes, we will conduct socialization to you regarding the introduction of what ORI and the benefits and advantages, as the record ORI is a zero risk investment asset, meaning that no risk at all in its implementation, "concluded Johan.

3 (Three) Store Comes In Batam, three growing Tighten Signal

GSM cellular operator PT Hutchison CP Telecommunications, Thursday (07/08/2010) inaugurated the 3rd to 26th Store, located in Batam Centre, the presence of 3 Store 3 is expressed as a commitment to provide maximum service to customers in the area of Batam.

3 Store Batam center operates every day from Monday - Sunday at 8:00 to 18:00 am. Following the inauguration, the three worked together with airline Mandala Airlines, providing special rates for customers of three airline tickets to destinations in Batam - Pekanbaru, Batam - Jakarta, Batam - Padang and vice versa from the third city to Batam for the reservation period began on July 8 to 31, 2010.

"With the presence of 3 Store in Batam, customers can easily access programs and innovative services from 3, and also give us the opportunity to memebrikan best service to customers and understand their communication needs," said Henry Panjaitan, GM Sales Distribution 3 Sumatera Region .

He also added, along with the presence of 3 Store in Batam, Hutchison also provides additional benefits such as special price tickets airline Mandala Airlines. The program is given as an appreciation of customers while providing convenience for customers who want to enjoy going home Ramadan back home in August or just vacation.

3 customers in Batam, Pekanbaru and Jakarta chance to get tickets Mandala Airlines plane with the flight route Batam - Pekanbaru, Batam - Jakarta, and Batam - Padang or otherwise from the city to Batam with saving rates start from U.S. $ 199 thousand nett one-way trip. "To get this special rate, customers can do the transaction at least USD 50 thousand, or three applications at three stores postpaid Batam, Jakarta and Padang," said Henry added.

Period transactions in the three stores and book a ticket from the steps 8 to 31 July 2010, and customers will receive an sms notification that it can be shown moved to the Mandala or Airport when purchasing airline tickets on routes that have been determined. "This special rate applies for reservation tickets for scheduled flights August 1 - 30 october 2010, except December 8 to 13 September 2010," said Henry.

And with the presence of 3 Store on this batam, Henry also guarantee third signal faster and faster and has covered nearly 80 percent. Broadband service in terms of three also did not want to compete with competitors. 3 offers tariffs for broadband services from Rp 25 thousand to unlimited amount of Rp 99 thousand.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot New Film Shown at "Istri Bo'ongan", Julia Perez Not Afraid of Controversy

Julia Perez di PPHUI Jakarta Foto : Wawan

Source OMG
KapanLagi.com Editor, Film - Sun July 4, 2010 09:11 EDT

Scenes 'bold' Julia Perez with her boyfriend, Gaston Castano in the movie ISTRI BO'ONGAN will be released on July 8 in theaters next, it is estimated would invite controversial. Pros and cons associated with the presence of strong Jupe in the political arena that digadang Pacitan elections became the Regent Candidate or Candidate Vice Regent.

"I'm ready for whatever it is. I always try to deal with the problem. Not because of this film I ran away," he explained in PPHUI Jakarta, Friday (2 / 7).

Jupe bluntly assessing the film as a film with very grown-up category - 17 years and over. "It's not little, it's filthy," he said lightly.

Anyway, Jupe said again, if the film is associated with its action in the political world, both absolutely no relation. Because the film was completed before deciding to go into the elections. "It's just that only now can be launched," he said.

"And here is my art work. This is a job to me. And I take full responsibility with what I do. So do not hook-associate this movie with politics," he continued. (KPL / WWN / boo)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

500 Participants from 57 Cities Follow Best Of The Best National Student Competition abacus SIP

More than 500 participants from 57 cities in Indonesia following the SIP national abacus competition at Pacific Palace Hotel, Batam, Tuesday (29/06/2010). The event titled Best of The Best National Student Competition was first held in 2010 in Batam. "In addition to looking at the best students among the best, the race was also pretty successful program Visit Batam 2010," said the owner of the SIP abacus Indonesia, Alexander KT at the Hotel Pacific Palace Batam.

The man who is familiarly called Alex was telling, participants who took part in the race this time is quite a lot. Even the numbers on the 500 people who came from 57 cities in Indonesia. "Enthusiastic participants extraordinary, almost all areas to send its delegation," he explained. Alex, who was accompanied by the owner of the abacus SIP Batam, Heri also mention there are 10 levels that will diperlombakan. Namely three for the Foundation, Intermediate and four for three to Advance.

Interestingly, the best participants in this race will join the international level abacus competition in Manila July 3, 2010 later. Not only that, in August later abacus SIP will also send a delegation to Japan to attend Camp abacus. "And Indonesia is the first time can be invitations Camp this abacus," he said.

Alex also explained the race that was held this SIP abacus is not just looking for the best students. Also arena or an arena for participants to actualize themselves. So what they learn can be developed again. In addition, regular competitions take place every year it will be one of pride, build confidence and generate enthusiasm to compete and train the winner from the outset.

"SIP abacus education system is to optimize a child's brain potential source of knowledge not only to count quickly, but a system that optimizes the potential of a child's brain," says Alex. (Source batamevent.com)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Devata Spa, Spa with Image Spa Sharia

With the concept of spa professionals, Devata Spa offers various treatments to people of Batam. In addition it also provides unique Spa others are pure massage and professional massage no-frills his plus-plus. Devata Spa itself more to apply the concept of sharia which lead to the spa.

In the implementation of sharia leads to the spa because we want the image that is built up during the positive to stay awake. The Company requires the order to each of its employees to worship according to religion and belief respectively. The Company also requires the recitation once a week, "said NS. Yudhistira, Area Manager Devata Spa.

Devata has five treatment rooms for spa services, which can accommodate seven people. Care products offered by Devata Spa is also a variety of packages and singles such as treatment. Package of spa services are usually more affordable and has been designed with customer requirements. "Our package there are some that are designed for the convenience of customers, using special aromatherapy from Bali, Devata Spa which is under the management of Club Arena this could be your choice," said NS. Yudhistira.

While that kind of treatment which was provided also has such a diversity of refreshment packages consisting of massage, reflection, warm stone massage, Ayurveda massage, slimming massage. For now Devata giving 30 percent discount for visitors who take refreshment package, "we launched a special discount for community and guest i Hotel where all services will get a free massage for 30 minutes.

To massagenya divided into two, there akupresure massge aromatherapy massage and relaxing. And then to have four choices scrubnya body scrubs rice, coffee scrubs, scrubs and Balinese Japanese guarantor. Traditional facials and facial represure. Devata Spa also has a milk bath, herbal bath and a special love for Eternity or asmaradana couple. "Said NS. Yudhistira. (Source batamevent.com)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Nagoya Hill House Mini Give Kids Special Rates and Discounts Up to 20%

To fill the holiday, the Mini Kids' House is located in Nagoya Hill Mall Floor G No. 15 provides special prices for a variety of children's toys and toy collection that became a hobby for most adults. "In welcoming the school holidays this time, we are of the Mini Kids House provides special pricing and discounts up to 20 percent for customers Mini Kids House and Remote Control Hobbies, the discount is due to expire until the end of July," said Rusti, manager of the opera.

Special pricing is meant by Rusti, is the discounted price of up to 15 thousand for beberpa types of toys that can help increase the creativity of children, such as the number kids smarter, Smart Block and Fun Racing. "For the price of the toys are normally around 150 rbu rp least expensive, and with the discount, customers will be saved in the amount of Rp 15 thousand or equal to the discount given to each item in the Mini Kids' House," said Rusty.

Besides that, according to Rusty, in welcoming these school holidays, was the Mini Kids House experienced a sales spike, especially for toys for children aged 5-15 years. "If you are using Remote Control toys are usually the purchase tu adolescents and adults, because they are more to the collection or hobby fulfilling their needs," said Rusty.

Kids Mini RC Hobbies House and also provides a variety of toys that serves to increase the motor aspect of children under five. Toys are also offered at special prices and for a specific article is discounted 15 percent. "It's a holiday so we want all the kids happy by playing the toys that will make them smart, call it playing while learning," Yates said.

Some of the latest of a series of toy airplanes that use the remote control are also available, and according to Rusty lately become a favorite toy is a toy car from small to large. For a toy that uses a remote Mini Kids House also provides batteries for free.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nongsa Beach is Beautiful

Nongsa as one of the favorite beach a tourist attraction in the city of Batam, located about 10 km from the stone aji or 30 km from mukakuning.Pantai Nongsa frequented by workers and communities batam city to tour together on the weekends.

Her beautiful ocean scenery and white sand on the beach Nongsa make everyone do not get enough to visit this beach, coupled with the breeze blowing the soothing and calming the soul and mind are tired after the move.

The water is clear and not too deep, ideal as an arena for water games such as swimming, surfing, sky or canoe. if you do not forget a visit to Batam, a time to yourself to visit the beach you will definitely enjoy Nongsa how beautiful this beach.

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