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Sunday, July 4, 2010

500 Participants from 57 Cities Follow Best Of The Best National Student Competition abacus SIP

More than 500 participants from 57 cities in Indonesia following the SIP national abacus competition at Pacific Palace Hotel, Batam, Tuesday (29/06/2010). The event titled Best of The Best National Student Competition was first held in 2010 in Batam. "In addition to looking at the best students among the best, the race was also pretty successful program Visit Batam 2010," said the owner of the SIP abacus Indonesia, Alexander KT at the Hotel Pacific Palace Batam.

The man who is familiarly called Alex was telling, participants who took part in the race this time is quite a lot. Even the numbers on the 500 people who came from 57 cities in Indonesia. "Enthusiastic participants extraordinary, almost all areas to send its delegation," he explained. Alex, who was accompanied by the owner of the abacus SIP Batam, Heri also mention there are 10 levels that will diperlombakan. Namely three for the Foundation, Intermediate and four for three to Advance.

Interestingly, the best participants in this race will join the international level abacus competition in Manila July 3, 2010 later. Not only that, in August later abacus SIP will also send a delegation to Japan to attend Camp abacus. "And Indonesia is the first time can be invitations Camp this abacus," he said.

Alex also explained the race that was held this SIP abacus is not just looking for the best students. Also arena or an arena for participants to actualize themselves. So what they learn can be developed again. In addition, regular competitions take place every year it will be one of pride, build confidence and generate enthusiasm to compete and train the winner from the outset.

"SIP abacus education system is to optimize a child's brain potential source of knowledge not only to count quickly, but a system that optimizes the potential of a child's brain," says Alex. (Source batamevent.com)

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