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Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot New Film Shown at "Istri Bo'ongan", Julia Perez Not Afraid of Controversy

Julia Perez di PPHUI Jakarta Foto : Wawan

Source OMG
KapanLagi.com Editor, Film - Sun July 4, 2010 09:11 EDT

Scenes 'bold' Julia Perez with her boyfriend, Gaston Castano in the movie ISTRI BO'ONGAN will be released on July 8 in theaters next, it is estimated would invite controversial. Pros and cons associated with the presence of strong Jupe in the political arena that digadang Pacitan elections became the Regent Candidate or Candidate Vice Regent.

"I'm ready for whatever it is. I always try to deal with the problem. Not because of this film I ran away," he explained in PPHUI Jakarta, Friday (2 / 7).

Jupe bluntly assessing the film as a film with very grown-up category - 17 years and over. "It's not little, it's filthy," he said lightly.

Anyway, Jupe said again, if the film is associated with its action in the political world, both absolutely no relation. Because the film was completed before deciding to go into the elections. "It's just that only now can be launched," he said.

"And here is my art work. This is a job to me. And I take full responsibility with what I do. So do not hook-associate this movie with politics," he continued. (KPL / WWN / boo)

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