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Friday, July 16, 2010

Last week the National Flora Flori (PF2N) official held

Last week the National Flora Flori (PF2N) Officially, on Thursday (15/07/2010) was officially opened by Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, Suswono. PF2N which took place on the plains Puetri Engku was followed by 181 participants from 31 provinces throughout Indonesia. While the participants from abroad came from Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

In his opening speech Indonesian Minister of Agriculture said it was time to meet the needs of Horticulture (fruit and vegetables) in the country, besides Indonesia also contributed 25 percent of fresh tropical fruits in the World.

"We should have been able to meet kebutuhan fruits and vegetables in the country, because the natural soil potency and yang is owned by Indonesia has been support of this, Departemen of Agriculture sendiri been trying to coordinate with all petan di production center and producer of vegetables in every province, masalah mungkin always There was commonplace and occur in developing countries like Indonesia, which is important in giving farmers can ease the start of planting, sowing seeds, harvesting and market access to market their products, "said Suswono, during a press conference at home on PF2N horticulture.

PF2N will last one week and ends on Thursday July 22, 2010. This PF2N activities according to the Mayor of Batam, Drs. Ahmad Dahlan as assisting minister declared aim is to promote the development and horticultural products, including the provision of information on investment opportunities in the field of horticulture and exploration of business cooperation between business actors. "In addition, the Director General of Horticulture will also do the signing of the MoU with Carrefour is witnessed by the Minister. Also there will be delivery of vegetable seeds of PT East West Seed Indonesia to the Directorate General of Horticulture, "said the Mayor.

At this time the implementation PF2N visitors can also attend seminars to improve the quality of ornamental garden plants that will be held on Friday (07/16/2010), the Hajj Information Center (PIH), Batam Centre. Who will be present as a conversation on the show as Dr. Suryo Wiyono, Expert IPB Biological agents, in addition there is also Ir. Rusidi, an expert in organic fertilizer PT Sang Hyang Sri. "They all will provide information on crop management and variety of information on Horticulture and opportunities to be had in this sector. This seminar can be followed by visitors PF2N da participants, "said Wako.

Ministry of Agriculture has also signed a MoU related access of agricultural products access provided by Carrefour. The signing was conducted by the Corporate Affairs Director of PT Carrefour Indonesia, Irawan kadarman. Kespahaman memorandum focuses on the development and empowerment of micro, small and medium enterprises in agriculture. "We try to facilitate access of farmers in Indonesia are carried out in all Carrefour's marketing, and this will be a milestone for the world's Carrefour and agriculture in Indonesia," said Irawan Kadarman.

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