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Friday, July 16, 2010

Micro 112 Revolving Fund Can Help From Pemko

City Government (City Administration) Batam through the Department of Community Empowerment, Markets, Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (KUKM PMP) provides a revolving loan fund to 112 micro-enterprises, cooperatives and BMT in Batam. Department PMPK SMEs provide a revolving fund of Rp1, 5 billion during 2010. Batam Mayor Drs. Ahmad Dahlan when handed Loan Revolving Fund, the City Administration Building 4th Floor Wednesday (7/14/2010), states, these loans are loans and deposits that must be rotated in obey all the rules by the debtor.

Parties who receive such a revolving fund Base Motorcycle taxi Mega Mall of Rp40 million, the seller of broiler meat Tanjunguma of Rp40 million to Rp20 million seller of clothes and gardening businesses for Rp 5 million. The amount of the revolving fund initiated in 2010 amounted to Rp1, 5 billion. In addition, Pemko Batam also awarded five cooperative achievement, and appreciation to the cooperative, UEDSP and SMEs who are obedient. PMP KUKM Department also provides aid management tools to entrepreneurs soy and tofu.

Symbolically, the revolving fund loan transfer was submitted by Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan, at the ceremony commemorating the 63rd Day of Cooperatives. According to Dahlan, the presence of cooperatives in Batam quite alive, though the total population with the number of cooperatives that there has not been balanced. "Currently the number of cooperatives in Batam amounted to 753 consisting of 350 large cooperatives, credit cooperatives and cooperative employees. Meanwhile, the total membership of 753 cooperatives cooperatives as many as 97 thousand. "Papar Mayor of Batam, Drs. Ahmad Dahlan.

For the return of a revolving fund, Wako said the cooperative was not able to return on time. This is because micro-enterprises in Batam can not fully mensuporting needs of industry in Batam. Meanwhile PMP KUKM Pebrialin Kadis said the government continues to promote the increase in the number of cooperatives in Batam. "For example, by way of involving the community to hold events such as exhibitions of SMEs," said Mayor.

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