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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nakamura degree Therapy Charity, MURI Break Records

Reflexiologi Nakamura, Acupressure and Chiropractic, held a 'Charity Nakamura Therapy' on Wednesday (07/21/2010). This event is by Dance Therapist Supervisor Nakamura as Reflexiologi held simultaneously in 27 outlets across Indonesia on akamura. This program also proves to the community as a place that Nakamura Acupressure and Chiropractic treatment, care about public health.

"If at the outlet outside of Batam, just like in Java, such as the mat is held in the village office and a public spot visited by many people, do not you if in our Batam hard to find a place like that, yes we organized this event happen in the BCS Mall, and even then the response was incredible, "says Dance.

Therapy mat Amal held yesterday was a day on Wednesday, also made by all branches throughout Indonesia Nakamura, this is done remedy record MURI, therapeutic categories for charities in Indonesia. Moreover Dance said, Nakamura also want to give to the community by providing sosialiasai free treatment for 15 minutes, about the benefits of acupressure therapy and Chiropractic from Nakamura. "We do this in addition to a record MURI also want to do an introduction about the benefits of therapy Nakamura, behold, a lot of which can be exploited from Nakamura services for health and fitness," Papar Dance.

Therapy offered by Nakamura recognized by the dance has provided many benefits for customers and those who had experienced acupressure therapy. Kiropraksi can be applied by Nakamura Maagh mengobato various diseases such as, migraine, hard to get offspring, disturbed sleep (insomnia), lumbago, rheumatic, non-current Haid, atsma, stress and so forth.

Nakamura has 10 service treatments that can be exploited by maasyarakat. Starting from the therapy throughout the body, mixed treatments, kiropraksi japan, kiropraksi neck and shoulders, facial acupressure, reflection japan legs, hands acupressure, acupressure therapy of children and ear candles. "One of the most favorite service in Nakamura is acupressure services subsidiary, which is very useful for children ages 3 to 15 years. Acupressure is useful to increase the concentration of small, memory, learning ability, appetite and stabilize the child's fitness, "says Dance.

Other services that are not less interesting is the acupressure face and ear candles that are beneficial to the health of the head, covering his face and ear area. This treatment can improve the series by Dancing on the face and sharpen the hearing and it felt lighter, other than that ear candles can also menghilangkaan headaches, insomnia, improve concentration da body balance.

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