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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New concepts, Ratu Platinum stretcher Beyond Your Imagination Celebration

Café Queen of Platinum, located in Panorama Regency Hotel, is now presenting a new concept. Associated with changes in the cafe concept is now carrying the new tagline is 'celebrations Beyond Your Imagination'.

"Beyond Your Tagline Celebration Café Queen of Platinum with a new tagline for this exclusive Café. We do this in accordance with demand and a growing trend among clubber, and we menyusp market with new concept that more fresh, "said general manager of Café Aswie Platinum queen.

Still related changes in the concept, starting next July 1, 2010, the Queen will present OP Cafe Platinum Band from Jakarta, which is currently still performing at the Hard Cafe Shanghai. In addition, to pamper clubber Batam, in time management will also be bringing DJ-DJ Progressive, like DJ Romy, DJ Naro, DJ Wingky, DJ Hizzkia, DJ Marqiu, DJ Anton, DJ Alice Norin, Tiara DJ, and DJ Boim Ghtto. "Queen Platinum Cafe will realize the dreams of the clubber Batam as a party that can not be imagined, according to our motto 'celebration beyond your Imagination'," said Aswi, added.

For this concept, segmentation café with young professionals and clubbers in Batam is also presenting two bands as well as to entertain all the guests who enjoy a night at the Queen Platinum. Meanwhile, during this month, Queen Platinum has come up with the Red Carpet Cafe Band with the formation of eight personnel, four musicians, two female vocalist, and one male vocalist who is one of favorite bands at the Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta. In his performance, entertaining the clubber Red Carpet with party music R & B and Rock Legend. "Party of the clubber Batam increasingly excited by the presence of DJ Yanti from Jakarta," said Aswi asserted.

Queen Platinum own high-tech features. Good sound system, lighting, and equipment DJ Equipment Cerato sophisticated. This is according to Aswie an additional aspect to create a more comfortable and Queen Platinum-exclusiv seemed to her. "From the equipment side of it we have prepared and these are as our commitment to deliver quality entertainment from the Queen of Platinum,"

It was not complete when the Platinum Queen Café classmates only provide entertainment only, of any terms of services and products, Café provides a fairly large discount to any guest without time limits and specific requirements. Discounts are given at 20 percent for every guest who orders a drink. In addition to free drinks also charge only Rp 125 thousand, has been getting free drinks. Meanwhile, for the visitors, Café Queen Platinum also set specific rules. Like for example, visitors are not allowed to wear slippers while enjoying the entertainment at Café Queen of Platinum.

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