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Friday, July 9, 2010

OG Home Grand Opening, Available Over 16 Thousand Household goods

Center housewares, OG Home is located on the ground floor batuampar Harbour Bay Mall, Thursday (7/8/2010) have been doing the Grand Opening. OG Home attendance, according to Moses Siregar, as Operational Manager OG Home, commit a variety of bonuses and the price attractive to visitors.

"Today we are giving 10 percent discounts on all types of goods sold. Start the cheapest price we even give a discount. There are more than 16 thousand kinds of goods household goods that we provide, "said Assistant Manager OG Home Batam, Moses Siregar.

Offers for the first 100 visitors who have shopped at least Rp100 thousand, the opportunity to receive attractive prizes which can be exchanged one tablespoon of cooking and then replaced his former OG Home with a set of new cooking equipment. "This is a rare opportunity for women and mothers who want to have a new cookware, frying aja take a long time and shopping at USD 100 thousand, then we will replace the old frying pan with a set of new cooking equipment," said Moses Siregar added.

This offer is valid for three days from 9 to 11 July. "The new cooking equipment is a set consisting of two tablespoons of cooking, eating four bowls and four spoons of soup," says Moses. Furthermore, Moses, said of bonuses and special price this is the beginning of their introduction to customers in Batam. OG Home also provides a special price for a variety of equipment made of Plastic and Stainless.

"In accordance with our motto, created a cheap and convenient shopping experience with excellent quality at OG Home, we provide a much cheaper price than the market price," says Moses. Various types of equipment housewares start eating, cooking, bathroom fixtures, accessories living room to a modern home appliances are available with prices ranging up to Rp8 Rp800 million per unit. "We dare to claim, OG Home became the center of home appliances cheapest and most complete in Batam with super quality," he said.

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