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Monday, July 12, 2010

U Bikers Festrack 2010, Return Comes In Batam

Field Tumenggung Abdul Jamal Batam city will soon be overrun by bikers. After achieving success in organizing last year's biggest festival for bikers, U Mild U Bikers Festrack 2010 will again present in the largest city in the Riau Islands. Various activities of the bikers, for bikers, by bikers and is ready to greet the bikers Batam on 17 and 18 July 2010.

U Mild U Bikers Festrack offerings, it is not a new arena for the bikers. After successfully held in Manado in May 2010 and, this time returning the U brand presence in Batam by offering unique activities, more fun and more involving bikers in every activity eventnya accordance with the theme of this year's U Bikers Festrack "Get More, Learn more, More Fun. "

Ahmad Nasyiruddin, Brand Manager of U Mild U Bikers say Festrack in the city of Batam in 2010 it will show something different from last year, by presenting various choices of activities for the bikers who packed more unique and more colorful. "U Bikers Festrack 2010 in Batam will be more involving bikers. The presence of this activity for the second time in Batam city we expect to accommodate the wishes of the bikers, in accordance with its commitment to promote the brand U automotive world two wheels at the Indonesia. I am sure, the presence of U Bikers Festrack back in 2010 in Batam, something new will be very long-awaited, "said Ahmad Nasyiruddin Nasyir familiar greeting.

Nasyir also added that involvement in any activity bikers Bikers Festrack 2010 U still be an interesting thing. "Fun City Rally, meet and greet with the International Freestyler in coaching clinic activities, and local exhibitions with freestyler freestyler foreigners are mainstays on the menu Festrack 2010 series U Bikers Batam. Diramaikan with Bikers Kampoeng jamboree with the concept, the more bikers in Batam will strengthen the feeling of brotherhood among fellow bikers, "he said.

Inside the Bikers Kampoeng there are interesting activities such as Safety Football Competition, a ball game in which players wear all safety equipment such as motors driving helmet, protector, and gloves that will be played by clubs biker Batam. No less exciting photo contest will be there with my narcissistic U Mild, Creativity bikers, bike wash for contest, and acoustic-style bikers.

For the sports fan stunt bikers on the bike, American Freestyler International action Aaron Twite course to be a long-awaited in Batam in the next 17 to 18 July. With its flagship tricks Kamikaze and the actions of another thrilling, 27-year-old man who has won various competitions stuntwars world is ready mengegerkan city of Batam.

Andra and The Backbone appearance on stage entertainment Festrack U Bikers 2010 Batam and the presence of U Mild Zone with various games in a fun and festive bazaars will also supplement the bikers this grand festival.

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