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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

50 Bikers Touring Batam to Tanjungpinang

Already round our determination to make touring from Batam to Tanjunguban and continue the journey into town Tanjungpinang. King any motorcycle I've been doing since the middle of Ramadan 2010. Such as modifying the exhaust sound back okay.

I along with an 50-riders had gathered at the office near Graha Yamaha Batam Centre. We of the two motorcycle club, the Son and Club Racer Kids Boms motor. Around 9:00 we arrived at the Port of Lake Punggur to get aboard RORO.

But antrinya long time. Friends already in could not wait to enjoy the Roro vessel, commonly used by people who want to cross from Java to Sumatra or from Java to Bali and Madura.

Hem, ternyatanya his ship slowly came. Perhaps because of heavy rain earlier that afternoon. We also had rain during almost at the Port of Punggur. Tickets already purchased. A motorcycle with two people the price is USD 53 thousand. If you own Rp 39 thousand. Simply present vehicle registration alone was able to climb aboard this Roro.

Approximately at 13.00 pm, we finally left, too. Relieved of this heart to enjoy the thrill ride Roro vessel. "Woi, we set off," said my friend who had already looked irritated waiting Roro ship it.

Waves of sloping with a little wobble really give the sensation for me the first time this ship. My friends were already busy with his own style. There take pictures ria, there which just ngorbor, there is also an up and down on the deck of the ship. Just fun deh.

We finally arrived at after traveling Tanjunguban Approximately one hour more. Rasayanya impatiently anxious friends gather ama motorcycle club in Tanjungpinang already menuynggu. With neat we trooped out of the clouds greeted motor. In the liver we also pray for no rain.

The weather was unpredictable. We had to stop several times because of rain and also to rest. Said my friend, the distance from Tanjunguban to 90 kilometeran Pinang. Waw, far too huh?! I do not know where we stopped, I do not know. If his command berhendi, I too stopped.

Yes, a tough field that I was able to pass and finally betemu with friends Pinang in Bintan Centre. As regards biker, some attractions were on display. There is also a freestyle contest between migrants and host. Deh really fun though a little body feels tired.

Perhaps this was the story of me for want of rest. Tomorrow we will tour to several tourist attractions here, the plan also will to Lagoi. Oh yes, with a contribution of Rp 130 thousand, we can already staying at the hotel. One room alone.

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