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Monday, September 20, 2010

Bellavista dream house in Batam Centre

You want a good house in Batam Centre, then the offer from the developer PT Putra Karyasindo Prakarsa (PKP) as the Bellavista housing developer in Batam Centre, can be observed. Currently, developers welcomed the blessing Lebaran enforce this promo discount purchase gifts directly to the park and electronics.

"A lot of promos and discounts, preferred method of payment tengantung prospective buyers.'s Special promo is valid until September 30, 2010," said Teguh M Basuki, Bellavista project leaders, some time ago.

Among these promotions, applies advances (DP) 0 percent and 0 percent interest payment. Another promo, free AJB fees, certificates and cash gradual BPHTB up 60 times.

Every purchase of a house in Bellavista can direct gifts of various LCD TV 37 inch to 42 inch LCD TV. Additional gift in the form of home theater. There are also several free gifts AC 1 PK also given bonuses front garden plus garden lamps and there is also a raffle coupon with multiples of 20 million rupiah grand prize prizenya first fruits of Suzuki APV cars, which is drawn at end of year 2010.

If you want more detail another time for three months hard cash discount plus 20 percent and 5 percent, to cash in stages during the 12-month 20 percent discount, for 24 months 10 per cent discount for 36 months and 5 percent price discount. There was even a gradual installments over 48 months to 60 months there is a special price.

While purchasing a mortgage Ekspress within 60 days, imposed a 15 percent discount, free cost AJB, HGB and BPHTB. Moreover, it can also direct buyers Cash Back at 5 percent multiplied by the value platfon approved mortgage banks.

How? You want to have home contact phone sales and marketing Belavista Cassablanca at 07787879400, 081270008171 and 081 261 027 007.

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