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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Buy Mansion Apartments Nagoya get bonuses Furniture

Buy an apartment type 57 in Nagoya Mansion and get furniture direct. The apartment stands in the Nagoya area offers a special promo for prospective apartment buyers type 57 during September 2010.

It is said by Herrera, one of Nagoya Marketing Executive Mansion, this special offer does not apply to the purchase of an apartment type 28 or 78. In addition to getting a variety of furniture direct, prospective buyers who make payment by cash installments gradually was able to get lighter.

"Offering a special place in September and only for type 57 only. Type itself has three rooms, furniture that we give will also vary. Starting from Queen bed, single bed, sofa, dining table, kitchen set, LCD TV 32 ', single door fridge, and wardrobe, "said Herrera.

Added also by him, specifically to the couch, prospective buyers can even choose the apartment directly sofa models that have been provided from ivana furniture. Payment can be done alone pronounce in three ways, namely cash, cash installment, or NAC (apartment ownership credit).

However, for prospective buyers who make payment in cash transactions gradually, expressed also by Herrera could get a lighter installments. If you usually many other houses and apartments provide only 24 quarterly installments, but a special promotion you can repay up to 36 times.

With the concept of a 4 star hotel standards in it, you too can enjoy the beautiful views of the city directly from your room. Not only that, various other facilities in the apartment Nagoya Mansion can also be utilized directly.

Starting from the fitness center, mini market, shopping street, where a safe and adequate parking, function room, swimming pool or you can use. In fact, Herrera mentioned, only Apartments Nagoya Mansion only foodstreet have facilities for the residents. Therefore for those of you who are interested do not miss this limited opportunity, please visit booth immediately Nagoya Apartments Nagoya Hill Mansion in the ground floor.

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