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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fantasy Land has been opened in Harbourbay Mall

Shopping at the Mall Harbaurbay with your favorite sons and daughters are now more enjoyable. Because, there has been attending the central arena of children's game called Fantasy Land.

Fantasy Land that has been in operation since 10 September and this provides 5 types of games children are very interesting, one of the only such as windmills, and so forth.

The reason is, all games in Fantasy Land located downstairs Harbourbay mall is imported directly from China and everything is in new condition. Four of the five games are all driven by machines.

Winnie Ho Harbourbay Mall Director of Operations said, the presence of Fantasy Land is expected to spoil the loyal visitors Harbourbay Mall while shopping with son-daughter's pet.

Regarding the entry ticket, The management Harbourbay Mall provides price USD 5 thousand every once played, the price is valid from Monday to Friday. If you want to play as much, pengelolah provide unlimited ticket worth USD 22 thousand, with tickets costing your child can play as much.

Saturday and Sunday while the manager gives different prices. "If the weekend ticket price of $ 7 thousand, once played, if tickets unlimited or play as much seharganya USD 30 thousand," promo.

In addition, the Manager also offers interesting promo with shopping in all the multiples of USD 50 thousand Harbourbay Mall tenants get one free play in the Fantasy Land with how to exchange your shopping receipt dikonter information.

"Come on .. change your shopping receipt. Promo is valid 6 to 30 next September, does not apply multiples, and does not apply in the Amazon, Jurassic Island and Kids Zone Harbourbay Mall," Clearly, Jenny. Tuesday (14/09/2010) yesterday.

In addition to opening the arena game, Harbaourbay Mall will also soon open a karaoke places said Winnie Ho passed.

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