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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Plaza Botania Recommend 3T Concept

Where do you shop? low prices and large selection. ? So the answer is only found if you are visiting and shopping at Plaza Botania Garden Batam Centre.

Indahwaty Bussines, Business Developmet Manager, PT Fanindo Botania Garden Plaza as the developer is now dare to bring up the "slogan 3T" with a sense Largest, Complete and Cheapest.

"Biggest, because in the region Botania Garden is a residential area and the largest business in Batam Centre. So is the market and other shopping centers. Meanwhile, Complete purposes, because all household goods available at our place. Furthermore, Cheapest, mean selling price of goods offered all of the wholesale price, and far cheaper than anywhere else, "said Indahwaty, Thursday

Indahwaty explain Botania Garden Plaza area there are now three big shops that provide clothing choices and pants with cheap price but quality. In terms of choice and we assure you the price here more affordable price.

There are children's clothes to adult clothes. Stay visible and if interested please buy, because prices are cheaper compared to shopping at malls or shops in Nagoya or a love match. The point here is closer but the quality remains the same.

"Clothes T-shirts for adults sold USD 10-15 thousand there. We see the model and the quality is all that good," said Belle invites.

Added indah again, not only of different clothing, also available various household products at Universal Homeware. "For our household products are also versatile low price guarantee, and certainly cost the same as the wholesale price in the Nagoya area and love match," he explained.

For the area of the Plaza itself is now the middle of a process of which the ground floor is almost finished installing ceramic. Dalan estimated the near future, the tenant will be designing and occupied it.

Special to market yourself, Beautiful explain the price of vegetables and fish are also sold at a competitive price compared to other markets in Batam Centre.

"In addition to that brought in more fresh fish, for products such as sugar and rice in the market we also sell cheaper. So, for the people around Botania Market, to meet the needs of living to come to our place," said indah end.

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