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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Police Attempt to Anticipate Stuck in Simpang Barelang

Batam residents who crowded into Barelang Bridge began to appear on the day the second day of the Eid. Enthusiastic residents go to make a tourist attraction along the way trans Barelang standstill.

Each year, congestion Lebaran season.
at Simpang towards Bridge-Tembesi Barelang Batuaji
always maintained traffic cop.

Congestion is a member of the patrol was forced to step in overcoming these street traffic flow. Residents who use the wheel either two or four wheels began to move freely toward the destination.

Watchlist tribunnewsbatam two patrol cars were deployed either forced to start from the intersection Barelang to go to the bridge I Barelang. Residents claimed the second day of Eid is a time to bring the family into a tourist attraction

"The event was the first day maafan sorry. The second day we planned deliberately invite the family into a tourist attraction.'ve Come to work Monday, so when would the right time," said the mother Ning MKGR Housing residents, Batuaji.

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