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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Residents Batam content Lebaran holiday to Movies

On entering the last days of the Eid holiday, many people chose cinema as a place of entertainment. Based on observations on Sunday (09/12/2010) yesterday, hundreds of people seemed to meet the waiting room 21 theater Nagoya Hill. People both young and old seem to queue to buy cinema tickets.

Said one ticket seller, actually blast the audience itself has begun since the previous day. Have as many as four movie theater, 21 theater Nagoya Hill himself plays a foreign film and three films own country.

According to him, now a film titled Expendables still a favorite candidate for the audience, which followed later by a religious film entitled the illuminator.

He said again, though Expendables have been for a month more, but this movie is still playing for an audience flow that would not go quiet. American mercenary themed movie is indeed a lot of showing scenes that trigger adrenalin.

Not only that, the movie that was produced was a talented actor Sylvester Stallone is the star-studded Hollywood. Call it Bruce Willis, Jet Lin even Hollywood actor who has become a Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also took part in this movie.

As for the audience who does not like action movies, mentioned prefer watching the Enlightenment who acted by Lukman Sardi. Islamic religious nuances this film tells the story of the struggle of a character named Ahmad Dahlan in the wrong direction to change direction in a big mosque named Kauman. Besides Lukman Sardi, names such as Saskia Adya Mecca and also participated Spice Leads Nidji this movie.

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