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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Residents crowded-crowded Batam to Singapore F1 Watch

Density appears at the port of Batam Centre International Ferry on Sunday (25/09/2010). Passengers are seen Indonesian citizens who wish to Singapore, as well as tourists from Singapore's passengers who return on holiday in Batam

Hundreds of foreign tourists from Singapore and Malaysia for a vacation to Batam seemed crowded the departure gate to return to his country after a holiday weekend in Batam. They crowded depart back to Singapore, because it wanted to watch Formula One (F1).

"Vacation for a while before watching F1 tonight," said a prospective passengers want from Batam to Singapore.

It is also commonly seen when going into a global holiday. Travelers from Singapore and Malaysia it seems likely target of Batam as a vacation spot one or two days, rather than settle in the country.

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