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Monday, September 20, 2010

Special Discounts For Type Matoa Villa Panbil

Interested in the region want to have the exclusive home Villa Panbil Mukakuning, so hurry to order this month. in this Lebaran, the developer again offer special prices for home purchases in the Cluster Matoa.

"There are special discounts for the purchase of post-Lebaran this house. Especially Cluster Matoa home purchase. This special price may be in the 50-10 percent discount from the selling price of the house," said Yaodeanto Handjaya, Deputy Director of Marketing and GA PT Nusatama Propertindo Panbil, Monday ( 20 / 9).

Yaodeanto added in addition to special rates apply for buyers who are interested can also choose the desired payment method, so prospective buyers can see directly the location and construction of his house.

"Those who are truly interested, then we can just discount the price would we give more," said Deanto invites.

Cluster Matoa at Villa Panbil has become the dream for which so far borjuisme expect the availability of affordable luxury homes more valuable. Houses Matoa type design consists of two floors like houses of Europe. Materials bangunannyapun materials not indiscriminate but quality selection.

"The price is still hundreds of millions of rupiah, but for certain types of prices can also be higher," said Deanto again.

The good response to the type of the property market in the Villa Panbil Matoa also because the only housing in a city on the concept of nature. Strategically located near the industrial area Mukakuning, and enclosed shopping centers Kepri Panbill Mall and the Mall.

Apart from the natural situation and feel healthier air any time, residents will be spoiled for various facilities. There are houses on stilts which is green, cool and natural with views directly overlooking the green and into the jungle nan fishing pond (fishing pond fish).

Interested wanted to have a house in Villa Panbil Matoa please contact the number 0778-371000, 0778-371012 and 371 333. Can also be contacted directly to marketing 0778-5122217, 0778-7290616, 0778-7287932, 0813-64566488.

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